WIFI Millionaire by Matt Lloyd – Another Scam?

WIFI Millionaire is a new system made by Matt Lloyd. Would you like to know if this product is a scam? Read on as I am sharing my full review & opinion.

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What The WiFi Millionaire?

The WIFI Millionaire is another system by Matt Lloyd who is also the creator of Mobe. Before I delve into the WIFI Millionaire, I will introduce Mobe. Mobe is a highly successful company that was established a few years ago. This company has earned Matt Lloyd over $150 million, half of which has been shared with his affiliates. Mobe is essentially a digital marketing business that teaches affiliates how to run an online business. These affiliates then earn money by signing up to Mobe. Even with its challenges, the product is not a scam according to my observation.

With that introduction, let’s go back to the WIFI Millionaire. How is it connected to Mobe? In a few words, it is a supporting sales pitch platform whose aim is to promote the Mobe product. Indeed, it is a video strategy used by Matt and his affiliates to promote the Mobe opportunity.

There are a couple of other products in the market that are similar to it. These include Online Profits Breakthrough as well as 21 Step Millionaire coach. Both of them also promote the Mobe product. The key observation I have made is that the WIFI Millionaire is actually an official sales funnel supported by Mobe.

This is not the case with the other two, however. In fact, they come off as scams to me because they have used questionable data that generally puts Mobe in a bad light. Most of the claims made by the two companies never add up and there is no way of following up on anything, unfortunately.

How does the WIFI Millionaire Work?

As I have mentioned before, the WIFI Millionaire is a supporting sales product whose objective is to help Mobe get more traffic. Basically, Mobe offers products of high value which its affiliates promote and earn commissions on. As opposed to other kinds of business sales systems, products on offer at Mobe are actually quite expensive in monetary terms. This means that each sale attracts a substantial level of commission. Affiliates who buy these products and later resell them thus make some good cash at the end of the day.

Mobe offers the training required to sell its products to its affiliates. A Mobe affiliate is thus not involved in the sale of opportunities of low cost. Indeed, the opportunities for sale at Mobe are live events organized by Matt Lloyd which happen many times each year. Affiliates attend such events based on their level in the system as there are people at different levels.
I have watched a number of videos by Matt Lloyd. In one of the videos, he gives an explicit overview of what his business entails. He compared his model to franchising, although he noted that it was quite different to franchising especially on the cost side. His model is basically way less costly than franchising and also offers a lot more profit. The advantage of the model is that it is a verifiable venture which helps business-people make money reselling products legitimately.

Is WIFI Millionaire A Scam?

The WIFI Millionaire is definitely not a scam from where I stand. There are many checks that present this system as legit. I am quite aware that contrary opinions may exist on the internet, but it all really comes down to your own perspective of the multi-level marketing industry. Matt Lloyd has not explicitly officially presented his business as MLM, but the structure of the business helps us categorise the business as such. In short thus, for those familiar with similar businesses, this review acts as a fair representation of facts about the company.

The WIFI Millionaire – Final Thoughts

WIFI Millionaire is a unique product that has attracted a lot of attention. Would I recommend the WIFI Millionaire? Not exactly.

I personally believe there’s a better solution for you to make money.

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