The Money Academy Scam System Exposed!

The Money Academy is a brand new scam that has been launched and I am writing this review to warn you beforehand from signing up.

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In my opinion, The Money Academy is just another scam where I believe you will lose your money. The ones who run the scheme promise that one can make a fortune but they never really tell you how it is done.

They have motivational sales videos that are hyped up with the rendition dictating struggles a particular person went through and how he/she finally overcame adversity to earn money. I believe that scenario sounds all too familiar to other scams I know for instance Massive Internet Profits and Big Profit System.

After writing over 100 reviews on this and another blog, I have become tired because they seem to be cut from the same cloth. This is in terms of every product and opportunity that I have reviewed. I have seen that there is not much change in the industry.

Cost of The Money Academy

At the beginning, one will be required to part with $49 and this is just for the start. This might appear like a small figure considering what you are promised but the reality is different. Upon further scrutiny, I realised that The Money Academy was just another sales system that promoted MOBE (My Online Business Empire) by Matt Lloyd.

Matt Lloyd is actually a good guy and his system is legitimate. However, many of the affiliates who promote his system are not exactly “ethical”. This is because they created overly hyped systems like The Money Academy which are based on nothing more than a sales video.

Another example which I already mentioned earlier in this review is Massive Internet Profits. That website promotes MOBE through one of the most hyped up videos ever made. Similarly, they display the videos full of fake testimonials in order to persuade you to sign up.

To be honest, I have never understood why they do this because Matt Lloyd actually has plenty of real testimonials for his system. So I wonder, why not just contact him and ask him if they could use the real testimonials instead of using the fabricated ones.

Going back to the question of how much it costs, the $49 is basically just an application fee to get signed up. The notion that one is guaranteed $500 is false because you are only guaranteed that money if you follow all the steps in their system.

It is crystal clear that they are not going to reveal this to you because they just want you to sign up and get you into their bandwagon in order to make money from you. The truth is, if you follow their entire step, it will cost you tens of thousands of US dollars. Ideally, they pay you $500 which is basically giving you a tiny fraction of the money you already spent.

The Truth about The Money Academy / MOBE

It should be noted that I do not wish to slam Matt Lloyd in this piece. Moreover, plenty of people have had success with his system. What I do not agree with is the people behind systems like The Money Academy which exist only to promote MOBE.

Matt surely must know that this is going on, after all he must partner with some of these people. I wonder, if it okay to lie to them in the beginning if he can deliver on his promises later on? Maybe, I do not really know for certain.

In conclusion, I do not recommend The Money Academy because this system does not tell the full story and is based on sorely getting you to sign up. Lastly, I also do not think that you will make the money that they stipulate.

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