The Job Quitter System – Unethical Scam?

Is The Job Quitter system just another unethical scam or can it help you make money?

Today I’m revealing the honest truth and giving you the exact reasons that I recommend you stay well away from The Job Quitter.

Before I start…

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The Job Quitter System Review

I review a lot of systems online and The Job Quitter is certainly nothing new from what I can see. When you regularly expose scams you can quickly know what is something potentially legitimate and what to avoid.

In my opinion The Job Quitter system has all the tell tale signs of a scam that you need to avoid. Things like huge income claims without any legitimate proof apart from fake doctored screen shots and videos.

Plus another huge giveaway that I will touch on is the use of fake testimonials which I have exposed on a number of scam websites like home internet income and more.

These websites claim to be able to offer you the dream online business but in reality that’s most often not the case. Even the most legitimate systems out there take hard work and dedication. You’re unlikely to be an overnight success as nobody is in anything really.

the job quitter website

How Does The Job Quitter Work?

As you can see in the image above the website claims that you can copy a $3,226 per day money making method but it never actually talks about specifically what the method is and how it works.

It’s these kind of video sales letters that frustrate me because genuine products and systems will happily explain more about how it works and why it’s a good fit, plus show real testimonials of income.

That’s what I like about a friend of mine Keala Kanae who runs AWOL Academy because instead of creating hyped up video sales letters to create his products he puts together high quality free training webinars.

Webinars are such a better way of selling because you can offer free value upfront to people first and then offer them a paid product if they enjoyed the free value you gave.

With The Job Quitter its all sales hype and BS. Smoke and mirrors some people might call it and it’s a recipe for an unhappy customer if you ask me which is why so many complaints are coming in about The Job Quitter.

When you sign up you’ll be asked to pay a fee in order to access their amazing system but in reality when you access it you’ll be disappointed.

Not only that but you’ll be asked to pay more money. The initial fee which I believe is $49 although it varies depending on which version of the website you came through is actually just the start.

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Once you’re in they’ve got you hooked and they will do their best to sell you other products, services and systems that you most likely don’t need.

The Job Quitter Up-Sells

The up-sells for The Job Quitter are what I am talking about here. There are numerous up-sells with these kind of programs that range from anywhere to $50 to $500+.

Up-sells are a normal part of business and even huge companies like Amazon have up-sells. If you’ve ever ordered from Amazon they will say suggest other products at the checkout that other customers have bought.

I have often looked at these and ended up buying them. These are what you call a legitimate up-sell that actually benefits you as a customer however scam websites like The Job Quitter use this tactic to sell you more junk!

And it’s often easy to get pushed into buying the products because you are told it will increase your income, so who cares if it costs $500 if you are going to be able to make $50k?

The problem of course is that you never end up making that kind of money and only end up frustrated, broke and confused as to why the job quitter system didn’t actually help you make money.

The Job Quitter Testimonials

I touched on this briefly earlier in this review of the job quitter but the testimonials on offer are most certainly 100% fake. It’s common practice unfortunately with these fake scam systems.

Scammers go to websites like and order fake testimonial services. They can pay as little as $5 bucks to get a testimonial from someone saying how they made a fortune using The Job Quitter.

Obviously this is not true but unfortunately if you are a newbie looking at this website then you could easily get sucked into the false promises thinking you will end up making money and then be hugely disappointed.

The Job Quitter Conclusion

In my honest opinion The Job Quitter system is a waste of your time. It just doesn’t make any sense to spend your hard earned money on this system when there are far better alternatives that actually WORK.

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