The Advert Platform Scam – Avoid It!

The Advert Platform has been making a lot of noise lately especially in the social media sites trying to lure people into joining it but is it legit? I don’t think so and I’m sharing the real truth on this page.

Before I start…

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The juicy massages surrounding it about making a lot of money by clicking ads could easily invite anybody who wants quick money making business without too much effort.

However, before you take a huge step of joining it, first take your time and read my review.

The Advert Platform is launching for the third time after collapsing two times under the name MyAdvertising Pays that initially launched in 2013. The former system was a money making platform that required members to invest $50 and receive a $55 ROI. The members earn profit by selling and marketing affiliate membership. You were required to click other affiliate’s online adverts up to 10 times per day for you to earn profits and then get paid.

Because the company is launching in a brand new name, there are no new changes, the concept is still the same the only addition is that you can now share ads through posts on Facebook and Twitter. In my opinion, the lack of any significant changes gives it maximum chances of suffering the same fate as the previous one.

This scheme had no external source of income; just affiliates clicking on each others adverts. However, they claim you can reach a big number of people if you share posts on Facebook and Twitter. They say this will help the advert generate more traffic by reaching thousands of these social sites users and a result roll in a lot of money. According to them, if you are successful you could make up to $1000 to $10000. Tell me if this is not a get rich quickly scheme.

To juice it even more; these people claim you have to buy credit packs which cost 24.99 euro. You just don’t buy one, you have to buy more and more packs in fact, buy as much as you can to improve your membership status. Elite members are the ones who buy up to 100 credit packs; sapphire members buy 600 packs while ruby members buy a total of 900 packs. You will get titled the Royal Crown Ambassador Diamond if you buy a total of 1,500 packs.Who is making money here? If you calculate the total packs versus the money you will spend on them; you would not want to risk loosing such amount if the company is to close down again or if for one reason or another they refuse to pay.

If you look beyond the money making part of this system; consider how you will bore your followers with advertising messages and sharing posts about this scheme. Personally, I won’t hesitate to block any friend or follower of mine who keeps bombarding my timeline with ads. If you take a closer look; there are no advertisers who will use this platform for their adverts because it’s not a legit platform.Only the members of the system are the ones viewing the ads. Unless you are also part of the money making side of the system; you wont advertise here.

To tell you the truth, just like My Advertising Pays; The Advert Platform is not going to pay its affiliates. So if you think you will get some good income to help you live a luxurious life then am sorry for you. You will continue enriching the folks who run this platform and help them live up to their big dreams of buying new cars and big houses as you keep draining the little money you have in your pockets.

To defend themselves when previous affiliates inquired on why they were not paid; the company is quick to blame the payment processor VX Gateway. They say VX Gateway had stolen the money that affiliates had invested in the company. Well, the truth about the matter is yet to be unveiled since there is still a law suit stuck in the court for quite some time.

If you really think like me; then you will agree with me that a name change doesn’t mean any great changes. The scheme is still the same and unsuspecting members who join it will still end up with loses like the earlier members. Of course you will start by making some money but later loose all your profit when you think have made a lot.

Conclusion = Scam!

Obviously I will never recommend a system like this.

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