Tesler Software Scam – Don’t Believe It!

So you heard about Tesler Software from Tesler Investments? It is a scam website run by Steven Abrahams. The website tries very hard to convince you that is a genuine income source. Even their name, Tesler, is to fool some people into thinking that it might be somehow related to Tesla Inc.

Don’t be fooled though, I’m about to share everything.

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In reality, Tesla Inc. has nothing to do with them. Do they think of everyone as a fool? Do they think they can easily fraud everyone and no one will notice?

That’s exactly why we are here, to warn you about Tesler Investments, Tesler Software, Tesler App, or Anything named Tesler. It is a 100% scam website and app which will steal your money if you let it.

Tesler Software – SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

We cannot stress this enough. This system is a scam no different to others like Massive Online Paydays and EZ Money Team. Be sure to stay as much far away from them as you can. These kinds of binary trading scams seem to be growing a lot these days. If you are reading this article before getting tricked by Tesler or any of these schemes, you are really lucky. Fortunately, we are here to expose all these scams. If you have seen their sales video, all the people you have seen in the video are actors or associated with the scam. Steven Abrahams was also associated with a similar scam named Swarm Intelligence. You can check it out for yourself.

Truth About Tesler Software

Abrahams claims that Tesler helps people make money by 100% risk-free binary trading, the statement which in itself is quite alarming. He is outrightly lying and stating false facts to everyone is enough the reason to avoid this scheme. There cannot exist binary trading which is 100% risk-free. Whenever you hear such words, be sure that there is something suspicious.
In the video, have the seen the women he visited? She is surely an actor. No one would go to someone’s home unannounced with a complete camera crew. Everything you see in the video is staged and acted.

How Does Tesler Scam Work?

Are you pondering over how the scam works? First, they pick you and show you an extremely convincing sales video. The sales video surely appears very intriguing and promising. The scams are always designed to appear hyper-realistic. Then, they ask you to install the software and sign up. After you have signed up, you’ll be told to deposit money in your account. They will say that the more money you deposit the more profit you earn. They were obviously lying. In reality, the more money you deposit the money they scam out of you. Then, you are asked to deposit a minimum fund of $250 to start trading. After you have deposited your money, the bots start automatic trading on your behalf. You will have absolutely no control over the trades. You can’t even select the amount of money for each trade or the amount of money to be traded in a day. The system is designed in such a way to trade all your money as fast as possible. Within no time, you’ll be left with no money in your account. But, they said it was risk-free, right. Yes, and they lied. When you ask about it to them they say that you must have done something like choosing wrong settings for the software. The will encourage you to deposit more funds. They have sales people who can be very convincing in pitching that you should deposit more. No matter how many times or how much money you deposit you will always end with the same result, zero account balance. They have even scammed people of their life savings. In total, they have scammed in millions of dollars. This is considered as one of the worst financial scams.

Tesler Conclusion

Tesler software is a confirmed financial scam, which should be avoided. We are warning you again and again. Don’t be trapped in their fancy presentation and extremely tempting offers. Everything they tell you is a lie. The only thing they care about is getting maximum money out of you.

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