Tai Lopez – Why He’s NOT A Scam!

You must have come across Tai Lopez on his very famous ad on YouTube “Here is My Garage” or even on one of the many other ads that he posted on Facebook, and are now wondering whether the rumours of him being a scammer are true.

Well, I personally do not believe that to be true, and today, I am going to explain to you why.

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Tai Lopez- Revealed

Tai with his Ferrari, Aventador & Rolls!

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So, what is the deal with Tai Lopez and his ads and videos? People may have the idea that just because he tries to sell courses which teach you to get success in business and life, he is trying to scam you! However, if you watch his videos on YouTube, you will find that almost all his videos offer so much for FREE! Sometimes, he does promote his webinars, but on most occasions, it is pure content that he is sharing with you. He shares his experiences and thoughts with you through his videos, and once in a while, pitches a webinar that he may be conducting in the near future. How is that a scam?

Moreover, you can see from his videos that he has connection with a list of celebrities that also includes billionaire Mark Cuban. Now, such big people would not really associate themselves with a scammer, would they?

There have also been rumours that the house featured in Tai’s videos is a rented property in Beverly Hill. Who cares? Does it really matter if that house is his or a rented property? Besides, a property like that would easily have a rental tag of $50K per month, if not more! So, even if he is renting it, he has got some serious cash to simply rent a property like that to make videos. But even then, how it makes him a scammer is beyond me as plenty of people rent properties. Even one of my favourite business people Grant Cardone who has over $500 million in Real Estate recommends renting as he rents where he lives and buys for investing!

Unraveling Tai’s Business model

So, let’s try to understand Tai’s business model. There are people who believe that Tai never describes his current business as much he does other offline businesses. Well, the video you watch of him is his business. Tai has become a brand in the entrepreneurship world where he offers several coaching programs that will help you achieve success in a number of areas in life. Be it business or social media and even a healthy lifestyle, Tai has a way!

He also has affiliations with a number of popular people and organizations whom he promotes from time to time. However, he mostly does the promotion of his own products and services through his webinars.

My opinion on Tai Lopez

In my opinion, Tai Lopez is a great and he is clearly an expert in the art of internet and social media marketing more than he is some kind of business guru! Whether you like his ideas and products or not, you have got to give it up for this guy for he sure knows how to market his products. He has become a huge success story on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram among others through his extensive marketing capabilities.

It is certainly not easy to do what he has done with his channels on these platforms, especially considering the fact that he is in the industry of development of business, lifestyle or personality.

Conclusion- Tai Lopez is NOT a scammer

If there is anyone who thinks that Tai is a scammer, then he or she clearly has no understanding of how his business model works, and probably have not opted for any of the courses that he offers. He has followers in millions, and it even includes a number of celebrities, and you cannot to do that by scamming your way through. He is one of those unfortunate ones to be considered a scammer simply because he works in an industry full of them. However, it would only take a person to go through his free videos on YouTube to understand that he offers plenty of value simply for free!

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