Sam Ovens Consulting – Scam or Real Deal?

Have you noticed the rising number of ads by Sam Ovens Consulting? If you have been keen enough about online/ internet marketing you probably have.

Maybe you saw this on Facebook, YouTube or another platform. This has got me thinking about this Sam Ovens guy. Is he the real deal as he claims or are the Sam Ovens scam rumours true?

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Overview On Sam Ovens

I first heard about Sam Ovens several years ago via a YouTube ad. What captured my attention was him making 6-figures from internet marketing consulting. Ever since he still continues to rake the high figures and his majority of students also seem to follow suit. Can you picture yourself making 6 or 7 figures from consulting?

After digging into his background, I discovered that he is from Auckland, New Zealand. At an early age of 24 years, the young entrepreneur had managed to successfully start and run 2 online businesses while operating from his parent’s home. He markets himself as a “digital marketing consultant” and claims that he can assist businesses make money and enjoy higher return on Investment (ROI) via managing ad spending and digital marketing. He is also the founder of SnapInspect, a successful property inspection app that is targeted at property owners and managers.

Is He Genuine or another Scam?

Like many other people, I’ve questioned the legitimacy of his strategy or consultancy. I mean, many people have been in the online business or internet marketing for many years. But, few can attest to making 6 or 7 figures from this venture. When you run a check on Sam Ovens via Google, you will come across all sorts of comments and opinions. Some people are skeptical about his strategy simply because he seems to handle quite a lot of businesses. Others call him a scam because they don’t seem to understand his strategy and how it helps to rake in the high figures.

His scenario is no different from that of Tai Lopez, another entrepreneur who was branded by some people as a scam. Deeper revelations however showed that Tai Lopez used millions to grow his online advertising brand just like Sam has done. Furthermore, the two entrepreneurs are known to offer lots of content for free. Who does that? Isn’t online marketing about making money and not giving stuff for free?

In addition to the above scenarios, I also came across other blogs and sites that shared similarities with Sam Ovens. However, I noticed that Sam, who is regularly featured in entrepreneur blogs and platforms, uses a clear step by step approach that shows all the necessary stages. In my views, Sam Ovens seems more genuine and isn’t another scam.

Would I invest In Sam Ovens Consulting?

Truth is I haven’t yet been part of the consulting training offered by Sam Ovens. Nonetheless, I’ve spent quite some time trying to gather all facts about him and his business. I did this to try and unearth any red flags or understand his strategy better. Reviews have indicated that quite a number of people have achieved success and are making good income. For instance, there is an individual who increased his earning from 17K up to 200k monthly after enrolling in this training. Others praise the system for being easy to follow and don’t require a person to be very knowledgeable about internet marketing or online business.

Nonetheless, there are those who complain that the customer support offered is poor while other says that getting refunds is rather sluggish.

In my years as an online marketer, I’ve come by two types of people. The first one takes a decisive action and learns a process then gauges it depending on the final results. The other person is too skeptical to try a system even if a blueprint is offered. It doesn’t matter if the steps are well-illustrated using a step-by-step approach. Such a person will never be able to experience the success simply because he never tried it out. Nonetheless, he /she will gauge a system to be scam without hard facts.

Final Thoughts On Sam Ovens

Taking all things into considerations, I can certainly say that Sam Ovens isn’t a scam and he is in fact someone you can learn a lot from.

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