Power Mining Pool – Ponzi Scam? [Honest Review]

Welcome to my Power Mining Pool review.

I will be sharing my honest opinion, hence if you’ve been looking for more information about this eco-friendly company that promised a 60% ROI to its investors, you are at the right place.

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Power Mining Pool Review

Honestly speaking, websites that are the likes of Power Mining have failed to win my confidence. I recently received a promotional email from someone that was trying to convince me that I could make a kill by investing in it. The promise was guaranteed bitcoin income. This prompted me to go over to their website to find out more. With the rate at which cryptocurrency has grown in 2017, I have been recently very interested in it. A number of issues, however, raised my eyebrow and I will be explaining why.


I wouldn’t want to label it a scam only for it to turn out to be legit. It “COULD”be legit. However, the fact that they guarantee daily payouts makes me doubt it. It has a program very similar to other scam programs that I have recently exposed, the likes of Bitclub.

The huge cryptocurrency rise has seen Power Mining promise its potential investors more money than they will actually invest, as they claim that they will source the money from mining Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. I began suspecting the company the moment I noticed that they have an affiliate opportunity where affiliates will earn lots of money by recruiting other people.

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I proved this to be true because I got to hear about Power Mining Pool through an affiliate. This person was banking on earning money once I deposited, and was making it look like a really good opportunity. Bitconnect has the same approach. The person referring you gets to earn a decent amount of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin once they got to recruit you.

Is Power Mining Pool Really a Scam?

This has not been established yet because affiliates are already earning decent amounts from this opportunity. The high risk associated with such a goldmine is blanketed by the fact that an assurance of payment has already been established. One thing one should have in mind is that most scams make sure they pay at the beginning, so as to lure more people in. Once people have invested a lot, the program collapses leaving them in disbelief of what just happened to their life savings.

My Honest Opinion…

Having been in the online space for quite a while, opportunities have come and gone. I strongly believe that companies such as Power Mining are just taking advantage of the BitCoin hype hence using it to make money. It is not the first scamming company and definitely, many more are to come. There mouth watering affiliate program lures millions of investors and top marketers. Such opportunities rarely have any money in them hence seek to make it from the people that are gullible enough to invest.

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When the “ad pack” opportunity hit the market, many were convinced that they would earn the guaranteed percentage return. many were lured into investing in “advertising packs” that claimed to share the fortune they were making with its investors. It only took a few years for everyone to realize they had been scammed by a ponzi scheme!

Bitcoin is the new buzz word companies such a Power Mining Pool and others I have reviewed are using to get people hooked. It seems advertising and forex no longer have the charm they have always had because, well, cryptocurrency mining is what is currently trending.

Power Mining Pool  Conclusion

I personally wouldn’t dare invest in this company. I could be wrong about it being a scam, but I’d rather be safe. This is a company whose features points it to a possibility of vanishing overnight! By investing in such a company using BitCoins, the probability of even tracing your money is nil because that’s just how BitCoins is.

Rather than recommend something that I might regret I’d rather show you a legitimate way to make money below.

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