AWOL Academy Scam? Proof It Works!

I joined AWOL Academy a few weeks ago so I thought now was the right time to share my honest review after working in the program for a few weeks.

If you’re wondering whether AWOL Academy is a scam then think again because I am telling you 100% that it’s not, just look at my income I’ve made in around 5 weeks…

That’s over $19,000 in commissions earned with AWOL Academy since I got started towards the end of March. If that’s not clear proof that this program is not a scam then I really don’t know what is.

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AWOL Academy – What Is It?

Okay so you know that it’s not a scam because I’ve proven that making nearly 20k in my first few weeks, but what exactly is it and how can it help you? After first coming across AWOL Academy a few weeks back I was instantly blown away by what they had to offer.

Running a blog on scams I’m naturally pretty skeptical when it comes to new systems but with AWOL Academy they had so much value that they were giving away for free without asking for money that I knew I was onto something good here.

With AWOL they focus on you the customer and your success. Other programs I’ve seen and even been a part of in the past have been all about the affiliates. In other words owners of other companies have created systems to help affiliates make money at the expense of the customers.

There are companies operating right now that don’t really care about their customers all they really care about is making money. With AWOL Academy it’s the complete reverse, their no.1 priority is their customers/members who join to learn more about affiliate marketing and online business.

Their training teaches you how to go from zero to making a full time income online and if you take them up on their special offer they will guarantee that you make 10k in 90 days (you have to follow the steps they lay out though).

AWOL Academy – Owners

In case you’re wondering who is behind this company it’s a guy known as Keala Kanae. Keala is an entrepreneur I first came across a few years ago when he was a top earner in another company online. He left that company and I didn’t hear much about him until recently when he started AWOL Academy.

It turns out that Keala has been traveling the world for the past few years living the life and making plenty of money too, and now he’s back with a vision to help regular people finally start making money online.

The whole “AWOL” brand started a few years ago and it starts for “Another Way Of Life”. In my opinion it’s a great way because making a full time income online certainly is another way of life and gives you a great deal of freedom that other businesses simply can’t give you.

AWOL Academy – The Training

The first part of the training with AWOL Academy is actually a 2 hour long free training workshop. This is one of the things I love about this company because they are giving you an incredible amount of value for free without asking you for any money upfront.

Other companies have what is known as a sales video where they instantly try and sell you into a program but not with AWOL. You are offered 2-hours of some of the best training I have seen when it comes to making money online with affiliate marketing, and only after that 2-hour training are you offered a chance to join AWOL Academy for just $99.

This $99 fee is one time and not monthly and it gives you access to a coach who will help you get started. You also get access to a bunch more step-by-step training for this $99 fee.

There are also higher priced products and services that AWOL Academy offers. I won’t go into detail on all of them because there’s actually a few programs they offer in addition to their $99 fee in case you want more hands on step-by-step training and this is also where they offer their special 10k in 90 days guarantee to you.

AWOL Academy – Is It A Scam?

It should be pretty obvious that it’s not a scam. I’ve made nearly 20 grand in 5 weeks so if that’s a scam then seriously I don’t know what I would have to make to actually call something legit.

The fact is AWOL Academy is the best program I have seen for making money online in years, in fact ever. Nothing in my honest opinion competes with it and I have reviewed literally 100’s of programs.

Should You Join?

To me it’s a simple yes! If you’re looking for the absolute best step-by-step training on how to make money online it’s a no brainer. I’ve been able to make nearly 20k my first 5 weeks following simple instructions.

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Extreme Home Paycheck – Scam or Legit?

Looking for a review of Extreme Home Paycheck? I’ve been doing my research and now I’m sharing my honest review. If you’re looking to learn the truth about this new system and want to read a real review instead of some fake review that just sells to you, then keep reading.

Before I start…

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Extreme Home Paycheck Overview

So what is the Extreme Home Paycheck? Is this system legit or is it just another money grabbing scam that won’t actually help you. Unfortunately it looks like it’s another scam, that’s my honest view of things.

After taking a closer look I noticed it looks extremely similar to other websites like Complete Profit Code. In fact it’s basically just a clone of this website. Upon further research I was able to discover many more websites just like this. Such as Home Online Profit Education and Home Jobs Now. They are all clones of each other and it’s actually pretty worrying to say the least.

These websites essentially seem to offer little value to the customer but make ridiculous claims about how much income you can make.

Fake Endorsements

One of the other things I noticed about their website was the fake endorsements from huge companies like CNN and more. These are not legitimate at all and they are only placed on the website to try and fool you into thinking that this is something legitimate.

Ultimately they use these to trick you and in my opinion this is unethical. They state that “work from home” has been featured on websites like CNN and sure of course it has, however the Extreme Home Paycheck system certainly has not been featured before, so I don’t like how they have used this.

Why Does This System Exist?

So you’re probably wondering what is actually behind this system, why does this website exist and why does it keep changing it’s name? After doing some further research I discovered that this website basically promotes a MLM/affiliate marketing opportunity.

The videos are created to pre-sell you into this opportunity and when you join you will be put through a series of up-sells to try and extract more money from you. It’s an interesting concept but ultimately they are just trying to force you into joining an MLM and luring you in with false income claims.

Realistically you will never earn the kind of money they claim. They just show you this to suck you in and fool you (that’s my opinion). If you were actually to go through all the training you would potentially end up spending 5-figures because that is how much all of the up-sells cost.

There are other programs out there like this which I have reviewed and exposed. They are known in the “make money online” industry as “pay to play” programs because essentially you need to buy into the business and buy all of the products (educational products like digital e-books, videos and also live in person events) and then you can re-sell them and earn high affiliate commissions however if you don’t own the products you can’t sell them.

To me this creates false purchasing because you end up buying a product so that you can earn money reselling it, instead of the way that 99% of businesses work where you buy a product because guess what? You actually WANT to own that product.

This is why I moved away from MLM style business opportunities and started promoting a straight up training program that actually teaches you real methods for building an income instead of selling you into what is basically a pyramid scheme where the products only exist so you can re-sell them.

Don’t get me wrong, I made money in those kind of programs in the past but the training is never very good and the whole company is built around affiliates making money. The focus is not really on giving the customer a good buying experience and to be honest a lot of these programs have a limited lifespan. They tend to last 1-2 years while the top affiliates make a fortune and then all of these people often move on to a hotter company and the old company starts to go downhill.

I won’t name names but this happened with an opportunity that I was involved with between 2013 and 2015. I made a lot of money but then the leaders of the company started to leave, then they changed the compensation plan and then the whole thing went to crap. Now the owner of that particular company looks like he’s losing his mind. Anyway….

Getting back to the point, Extreme Home Paycheck is a website that exists to pre-sell you into a business opportunity where you will be up-sold a bunch of products and if you’re lucky and a hard worker you MIGHT make money. Most people however will lose a lot of money.

Extreme Home Paycheck Conclusion

I am not recommending it. I don’t believe you will make the kind of money that they claim and I think there are better options out there for making money.

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iCoin Market Review – Another Scam?

iCoin Market is a new cryptocurrency opportunity that I’m reviewing today. I just got done reviewing a very similar opportunity known as iCoin Pro so it’s interesting that this one that looks near on identical has popped up.

Anyway I’m sharing all the details below and my full review and giving you my honest thoughts and opinion regarding this new opportunity.

Before I start…

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What Is iCoin Market All About?

It’s strange that I am writing a review as I literally just gone done on a similar named opportunity. It makes me wonder whether these opportunities are linked or whether they are separate and 2 different people just had the same idea. Anyway iCoin Market is essentially an opportunity built around cryptocurrency and to make money you just need to sign up and deposit some money and the kind people at iCoin Market will invest it for you.

I don’t know whether it’s false scarcity or whether it’s real but iCoin Market claims that it will only be open for the next 30 days or so. Basically it’s in a pre-launch phase now and you need to get in and then when they launch they will close the doors and it will be over. If you didn’t join during that period then you will have missed out and you won’t be able to get in.

I’ve seen a few people promoting this opportunity and my guess is that basically they will pile a few 1,000 people into their downline, hope that these people go and invest money, and then they will earn money on them too. Chances are that they will earn money in the form of cryptocurrencies because that’s basically how all of these new opportunities are working. You refer people much like you would in an MLM program and then you get paid in say bitcoin for example since that’s the most popular cryptocurrency.

Is iCoin Market A Scam?

Honestly I don’t know. I mean it looks an awful lot like a ponzi scheme to me. How do we know that the money going into this is actually being invested into cryptocurrency to make the returns and that your % returns aren’t simply coming from new investors joining. I guess we don’t really know and it’s far too early to judge whether this is the case or not.

Since iCoin Market literally just launched, or well just went into pre-launch because it hasn’t even officially launched yet so there is no clear way to know what is happening and whether this is a legitimate opportunity or just another scam but let me give you my honest opinion.

Are you a professional MLM recruiter? In other words can you join and opportunity and make a fortune by recruiting others? If you’re like most people then I would assume the answer is no.

And that basically leads me onto my point which is, unless you are a pro at recruiting others you might as well just invest in cryptocurrency direct and learn how it works, what you should invest in and go from there.

It’s still an extremely new market, there are no real “experts” to be quite honest and if you do your research right and pick the right coins then you can make money. Investing in something like iCoin Market in my honest opinion seems a little risky because who knows what the results will be. Literally these guys could invest your money into some dodgy coins and you could lose all the money you put in. And there is literally no way for them to know if that will happen or not because it’s so new, literally nobody knows.

I have friends involved in cryptocurrency who have 6-figures in the marketplace and have made plenty but even they don’t really know, they are riding a wave right now and anything could happen.

iCoin Market – Conclusion

I’m not going to recommend iCoin Market because to be honest I see it as a lottery. Do you really want to leave how much money you can make up to chance.

Personally I’d rather be in control and I recommend you do the same. So if you want to learn how to build a real, sustainable and CONTROLLABLE income online then check out my no.1 recommendation below…

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iCoin Pro Review – Another Scam?

ICoin Pro is a new opportunity built around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that I’m taking a closer look at today to learn more about and decide whether it’s just another scam jumping on the bandwagon of crypto or whether there is something real here that can help you make money.

Before I start….

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iCoin Pro – Honest Review

So here it is my honest review of iCoin Pro and I am sure it won’t be the last review I do on cryptocurrency MLM’s because there are many of these opportunities popping up right now clearly they are all jumping on the bandwagon surrounding all the cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin and others like ethereum.

Basically over the past few months cryptocurrencies have been in a huge bull market and basically lots of people have been making money plus bitcoin is starting to become more mainstream and accepted by the masses. So naturally MLM’s have been created to jump on the hype.

My Opinion Of iCoin Pro / Crypto

So let me give you my general opinion when it comes to iCoin Pro and cryptocurrencies in general. I am actually investing in them myself because I do see a future here and I think people are going to move more and more into it, so personally I am buying into certain coins for long term investments in the hope that one day I will look at my account and see some rather large gains.

To be honest it’s a bit of a lottery though. Right now there’s a huge bull market and basically everyone is making money. You have to make some serious mistakes or basically just sell at the wrong time in order not to make money.

The new opportunity iCoin Pro has jumped on the hype and created an opportunity where you can make money and actually get paid in bitcoin. This is pretty cool because bitcoin has definitely got a long term potential so to be paid in something that can actually grow over time is great.

Some speculators believe a single bitcoin could be worth 1 million USD in the next 10-20 years. And these are not any old speculators by the way, these are multi-millionaires and billionaires behind some of the most successful online companies so there is some basis to the argument. I certainly hope that bitcoin is worth that much in 10-20 years because I will become a very wealthy man from it without really doing anything (a bonus for sure).

How To Make Money With iCoin Pro

So how do you actually make money with iCoin Pro? So the first thing you need to do is actually join whoever told you about it. When you do that you actually need to spend some money and then you can earn more money by referring other people. Think of it as your typical MLM however instead of selling some random health products or whatever you are recruiting people who will be buying into coins like you.

This is essentially how you can make money here. It’s certainly not for everyone and to be honest, you’ll probably have more success by actually investing in cryptocurrencies direct if you actually do your research and research some good long term coins.

Is iCoin Pro A Scam?

I don’t really believe that iCoin Pro is a scam. I believe the company is jumping on the bandwagon and hype surrounding the cryptocurrency world and if crypto wasn’t getting so big the company probably wouldn’t have even come about. That being said I do think the claims of you making easy money from it are not exactly true, and it will take more than they claim to make cash. Also if you want to invest in crypto you can do your research and go through a legitimate broker to the market and do things that way.

This gives you much better protection in my opinion because you go through a proper broker where only you can log into your account, and there are many authentications. Plus you can store your cryptocurrencies offline if you want to so that they are safe and secure from being hacked.

iCoin Pro – Conclusion

After taking a closer look at iCoin Pro I don’t believe it’s a complete scam however I still won’t be recommending it. Ultimately if you want to invest in cryptocurrency then you can do that direct.

If you simply want a money making opportunity then I believe there are better options out there for you to make money, like my no.1 recommendation that you can check out at the link below…

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UDC System Exposed – Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle Scam!

The UDC System aka Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle is a system I came across recently that promotes another opportunity. I’m going to share my full review with you today and give you all the details.

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UDC System – Overview

To keep things simple I’m going to refer to the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle system as UDC System from now on. It’s just a shorter name to type and it’s easier than switching back and forth between 2 different names and confusing the heck out of you.

So what exactly is the UDC System? After taking a closer look I was able to find out that it’s a system that promotes a business opportunity called Mobe. There are a handful of similar systems out there that I have reviewed already like Online Profits Breakthrough and Massive Internet Profits.

These systems are created by affiliates of Mobe so that they can make more sales and sign up new customers. But what exactly is Mobe you say? It’s basically an online business opportunity and training platform.

Mobe was started by Australian entrepreneur Matt Lloyd a few years back and is primarily a company teaching digital marketing which also has an income opportunity attached. The income opportunity is that you can resell the Mobe products and earn high commissions.

Mobe is what is known in this industry as a high ticket opportunity which means one thing essentially…. it’s expensive! The products are high ticket products and when you buy them you can also become an affiliate and resell them. I’m not a customer of Mobe so I don’t know all the details about what you get but I know enough about it from seeing it over the years.

One thing I do know about Mobe is that it’s not a scam. Despite me calling out the UDC System as a scam it’s not because of Mobe it’s because of the lies that these systems tell you in order to sell you Mobe.

UDC System – Unethical Marketing Tactics

So the main reason I am calling out the UDC System as a scam even though I don’t believe the company it promotes (Mobe) is a scam is because of the unethical marketing tactics it’s using.

For example you are told that you can make a fortune and all you need to do is sign up and you can instantly start making $1,000’s. This is so unrealistic because the truth is to make money with Mobe you need to sign up, go through their 21 step training, speak to a coach, implement what they teach you, spend literally $10,000’s if you want to earn commissions on all the products and then actually launch your business which is most likely going to cost you more money in a marketing budget.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with investing money in a business and spending money on marketing costs but the simple fact is the UDC System claims you can just start earning $1,000’s straight away and that’s a lie.

The majority of people who join won’t make a penny and the ones that do certainly won’t make it straight away. I feel that the UDC System website is putting unrealistic expectations into potential customers and misleading people into signing up with Mobe.

To be honest I am seeing more and more of these kind of systems launching which are misleading people into joining Mobe. Clearly they are created by current affiliates of Mobe who want to drive more sales but in my opinion they are misleading people into joining and that’s not right.

I am also surprised that Matt Lloyd the founder of Mobe hasn’t taken action against these affiliates. I can only assume that he is okay with people being mislead into joining Mobe because he believes that they are getting a quality product with his company after they join.

UDC System – My Conclusion

I am not going to be recommending it because I honestly don’t think you will make the kind of money they claim and I would also rather recommend something to you that I am actually using to make money.

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Tai Lopez – Social Media Marketing Agency Program Review

Tai Lopez is one guy who has achieved a lot of success through social media. Just like many celebrities this guy has a lot of social media followers be it on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube.

Today I’m going to be sharing my review and opinion on Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency Program.

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Is Tai Lopez Legit?

Well, with all the fame and success, we can’t fail to recognize that there are a number of people who must doubt his legitimacy. To tell you the truth, if Tai Lopez was a scammer he wouldn’t last long in social media. The people he would have scammed would have already thrown him out; on the contrary, he is still rising in his social media presence and gaining more followers. He has gained the trust of many big names who had visited his home to have a chat with him about his success on social media. Let’s just start with him featuring on big publications like Entrepreneur as top social media person to follow. Tai has also has visits from top business people like Mark Cuban and Gary Vaynerchuk and has had a talk with former president Bill Clinton.

Actually, the list is endless if you want to count all the high profile people who have visited Tai for an interview. So ask yourself if he was really a scammer then these top celebrities would have been fools to hang around him. Do your research about him and find out more by yourself before doubting his legitimacy.

Why you should listen to Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez has been a great inspiration for most entrepreneurs seeking to improve their businesses through social media. He has managed to reach many followers through YouTube with his most popular videos getting up to 67million views. He has used social media to create deep brand engagement and has made a lot of money through it not to mention gaining serious exposure. So if you are an entrepreneur and you want to grow your business through Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram; the best person you should look for is Tai Lopez. Your social media marketing success is truly guaranteed if you follow and listen to him.

Social Media Marketing Agency Program

Tai Lopez social media marketing agency program is set to run for a period of 4 months and will be able to teach you how to start social media marketing program for small businesses.

The program is set to teach you a lot of things about social media marketing and if you take the lessons serious then you will be several steps ahead with your business.

Some of the things that you are going to learn from the program include:

· How to get your first $1,000 a month client within 4 months

· The right and best way to use free videos to help any small business

· How to automate your social media marketing agency so you can scale and make more money

· How to setup the new business even if you have never started a business before

· How to set up multiple types of packages for your clients, so you can offer premium services

· How to choose a company name, purchase a domain and setup a website for attracting clients

· The best equipment to use for social media marketing

· Why naming your new social media business using your own name is a mistake (and what to choose instead)

· How to make any business interesting, even if they’re a mortuary

· How to setup email marketing funnels for small businesses

· How to speak to business owners and use the language they respond to

· What type of businesses will pay you the most

· How to find clients and convince them to pay you

· The best way to track your social media marketing

Bonuses for the program

There are a lot of bonuses that are Tai has put across for you that are worth more than what the program will cost. The bonuses include:

1. A free ticket for one of the live events which will be valid for a year. The ticket value is $1200-$1400.

2. Access to a lesson of high to create a cool lifestyle valued at $497.

3. Adding your name and contact to a site dedicated to expert who took the program training.

4. Access to a live 2-hour interactive workshop hosted by Brandon Carter and Raymond Duke.

5. Get a free copy of Brandon Carter’s book titled Money to Blow.

Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency – Conclusion

If you are looking to make money with social media there is no better place to learn how than with Tai’s Social Media Agency Program.

Before you leave..

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Complete Profit Code – Unethical Scam!

Today I’m looking at a new system called Complete Profit Code.

With the current hard economic terms, everyone is looking for ways to make that extra money or save up where they can. Sadly, there are con artists who use this to their advantage with systems like Complete Profit Code and today I’ll be sharing the real truth about it.

Before I start…

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Complete Profit Code – Overview

Nowadays, there are so many online jobs that are very appealing to the eye. They make people believe that if you enroll with them, one makes a lot of money at their own comfort. I am very intrigued by such scams and try my best to expose such schemes to people. Some of the scams I have recently revealed include the Easy Marketers Club and the WIFI Millionaire that really steal from many unsuspecting people. I am now going to look at this new scam in the market known as Complete Profit Code and how it is not real.

As the name suggests, this system looks like something that many people can benefit from. I have come to believe that it is actually the exact opposite. They use very sweet words to convince people to invest into it and many people have fallen prey to it even without knowing. They will tell you how your life is going to be better in an instance. In my opinion, this is not true as even billionaires like Bill Gates did not become rich overnight. They worked hard and smart over some period before they could enjoy the fruits of their labor.

They are aware that if they asked people for a lot of money at once, it would raise suspicions and not many people will consider going into it. So they simply ask for about $97 which is quite cheap to many people. After making the first payment, the con work starts through their up-sell videos that tempt one to invest more money. These up-sells they are offering are not real at all and you will never get them.

Another reason why I know that Complete Profit Code is a scam is because of the way it works. They claim that everyone can get a chance to work with as they have no limitations of vacancies or skills needed for the job. According to my research, I am well aware that companies always seek out for professionals who will lift their business up and this makes skill and training necessary qualifications. Furthermore, in as much the company may be generous and willing to employ many people, it is impossible to hire the whole world. I believe there is a limited number of employees that the company needs.

Typical Scam System – Fake Endorsements

To sweeten the deal and make it look genuine, they state that they have been endorsed by big companies and even media outlets like CNN and Fox. I have done my research and as I was suspecting, these supposed endorsers have never even heard about Complete Profit Code. What this system is actually doing is illegal since they are falsely using the name of the brands without any authorization. I noticed that they publicly declare on their website announcements how they are featured on these channels. This is a total lie and do not be deceived by such.

I was amazed to see pictures of people linked with Complete Profit Code on the internet. For a moment, I may have even thought about investing in it as it looked so real. Those people were smiling and happy with what they had made from this system. I also noticed statements made by people who had apparently benefitted from it. It was just like the reviews on EBay on various products. Unfortunately, I came to find out that none of these was valid in any way. They had probably used different names or paid people to falsely testify. As for the pictures, they even went the extra mile and copy pasted pictures of random people on the internet and photo-shopped those pictures well.

Complete Profit Code Conclusion

All in all, Complete Profit Code does not benefit anyone. If you have been using it, be sure that you are going to lose a lot of money. Based on my review, it is without a doubt that it is indeed a scam, avoid it!

Before you leave…

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Daily Income Method – Scam System?

The Daily Income Method is a new system created by Mack Mills but is it any good and can you earn money with it? I’ve been taking a look and now I’m sharing my full review, revealing all the details.

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Daily Income Method – What Is It?

After taking a closer look I was able to find out that the Daily Income Method is basically a sales system that promotes MCA (Motor Club of America). Mack Mills created the system and made it available to other people who want to promote their MCA businesses.

One thing for sure is it’s not a scam, it’s actually a genuine system that if used correctly can help you make good money with MCA and also additional commissions from the resale of Daily Income Method. I’ve reviewed many systems in my time online, and Mack’s is legitimate, it’s not your typical make money scam like Home Earning System or 21 Step Millionaire Coach.

How Does Daily Income Method Work?

As you can see from the screenshot above there are 2 steps. The first thing you will do is land on the website and watch the sales video from Mack. Mack is very convincing and he’s created many sales systems in the past for MLM companies as he’s always been a top earner in the industry for the past couple of decades.

The first step after watching the video is to join MCA. Once you have joined MCA you can then get the Daily Income Method system. With step 2 you are basically getting setup with your very own private link to promote Daily Income Method where the “Step 1” and “Step 2” links are your own unique affiliate links. That means when you drive traffic and promote your unique link you will be able to drive signups to MCA and also sell Mack’s system. You’ll earn commissions from MCA and also commissions from people buying Mack’s system to promote themselves.

It’s clever and Mack has done this before with other MLM companies. The good thing about this particular system that Mack has created is that MCA have actually approved his sales video. That means you can promote it knowing that you are not at risk of losing your account at MCA. All the commissions you make will be yours, and there’s no risk at all.

Negatives For Daily Income Method

Are there any negatives for Daily Income Method? After careful consideration I found a few negatives as I will detail now. If you are a complete newbie then I think you’ll struggle to make money with this system. That’s because you are buying a sales system to promote MCA and if you don’t know how to drive traffic and sales you might struggle.

Sure there’s some training in the back office but this isn’t very detailed. In my opinion Daily Income Method is better suited to someone who is already involved with MLM and understands the business, rather than a complete newbie who just wants to make money online.

Is Daily Income Method Working For Others?

Yes, it definitely is working for others. Mack has personally made a small fortune not only from selling his system but also by referring many people into MCA and building a huge team.

I’ve seen many success stories though from a range of different people. It’s clear to me that this system is working for people. I think the fact that it’s so simple makes it easy to make money as long as you can drive traffic.

Drive traffic to your unique link and you’ll make money with it. That is a given.

Daily Income Method – Conclusion

In my opinion the Daily Income Method is not a scam.

That being said if you are a complete newbie looking to make money online I personally believe that there are better ways.

Before you leave go ahead and check out my no.1 recommendation for making money and access the 100% free training!

High Ticket Income System – Unethical Scam?

Welcome to my High Ticket Income System review.

A few days ago I came across a new system known as High Ticket Income System (HTI Elite) which claims that it can easily help you make high ticket commissions so today I’m sharing my honest opinion.

Before I start…

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I am always on the look out for systems which can help people earn more. I also make sure I determine whether the systems I come across are genuine or scams. So in the last few days I have been taking a look at this new system to establish whether it is real or it is just another scam.

High Ticket Income System Overview

When I came across High Ticket Income System I started by checking the people promoting it. I noticed that one of the most established and respected internet marketer was promoting it and this triggered my curiosity. After going through this particular system I noticed that it has a lot of similarities with other systems which I have reviewed such as the WIFI Millionaire and AWOL Academy.

About High Ticket Income System

One of the primary things I have noticed about this new system is that it uses a model known as licensing which is the same model used by the other systems such as Home Earning System. This particular model involves gaining the ability to resell products of other people at higher commissions. This is almost similar to affiliate marketing but in licensing you earn higher commissions. Unlike in affiliate marketing, in licensing you cannot resell other people’s products until you first pay for them. This means that you must have money to pay for the products you intend to resell before you actually resell them. However, even if you have to pay you will be able to make your money back within a short time after you resell the products. On top of this you will be able to make more money than you would have made through affiliate marketing.

If you use this system you will also enjoy the benefit of using a proven system. This is facilitated by the fact that you will receive done for your sales funnels which include high converting funnels with programming. There is also no hosting and will be ready to begin generating leads for you. On top of this you will be able to conveniently track all your commissions since you will also get a tracking software. The importance of this might not be easily seen by beginners. But if you are more experienced in online marketing you will understand the importance of tracking to making more profits. If you are not sure where your sales are coming from you will not know what is producing the desired results and what is not. As a result you might be concentrating on an aspect which is not working and this will most likely lead to failure. Even though sales videos are in funnels and nowadays everyone uses videos, you also get the sales videos.

The negatives of High Ticket Income System

Using a licensing model like the one used in this system you get to enjoy a lot of benefits. But like all things that have advantages there must be disadvantages. The main negative aspect of this model is that you must have money to buy the products prior to reselling them. This is unlike in affiliate marketing where you can sign up and start promoting products without having to pay anything. Most of the products that use licensing model are the high end products and as a result you can expect to spend a significant amount of money. Furthermore, you will need a lot of money to buy all the products before you can start reselling them. Another negative aspect of licensing model is that you will need to recruit others so that you can make more money. Just like in MLM programs the number of people you recruit will determine the amounts you earn. This is because in licensing you are a product of the product and therefore you need to do recruitment.

High Ticket Income System – Final Verdict

High Ticket Income System is not a scam. I have in the past exposed many scams which are out to get your money but this particular system is not one of the scams.

That being said I won’t be recommending it. Instead check out my recommendation below and learn how I make 5-figures a month!

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Auto Home Profits – Scam Exposed!

Auto Home Profits is a total scam that’s only out to rip money off you, that’s if you let it. You shouldn’t believe their lies. I have been scrutinizing them and what I have discovered is that it’s another scam full of glaring lies and if you keep reading I’ll share all the details.

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Why Auto Home Profits Is A Big Scam

Just take a look at their website, and you will see what I am talking about. It’s full of exaggerations and fake testimonials. Like this idea that you can earn $379 a day by clicking away at your computer screen. Of course, you can earn real money online, but what I am saying is it’s not with the kind of work Auto Home Profits claims to help you to do.

You would have to create a really successful online business to achieve anything close to that amount, not some clicks and surveys. This easy money should itself raise red flags that Auto Home Profits is another of the scams I regularly feature here such as Massive Online Paydays.

If it were even remotely possible to work from home like this, so many people would be into it because who likes to commute to work every day? That’s why I am warning you not to believe the BS that’s on their website. Or you will lose out your money and gain nothing out of it. The process they introduce you to is too simple, no sweating for that amount of money. But you will only regret later when you find yourself making not even a single cent, and having lost your money.

Do not be duped by the glowing testimonials on their website either; they are fake! Like how someone just earned 1000$ just by making a few clicks. I looked at them and couldn’t believe any; they’re probably all made up. And the images are mostly likely taken from the internet. You know how easy it is, and the figures are equally easy to make up, and they know the huge figures of income will rouse your interest. They figures are simply to lure you into registering with them.

On their website, they even claim to have featured on authority news sites. This is total lies as far as I know and you shouldn’t be deceived into believing it. Even if they claim to have been on the CNN website, because from my research they haven’t. It is another blatant lie that clearly points to their being a total scam. They know that associating with the media giants will make them appear credible. It’s only a way to scam people, they have never been on such sites.

How Auto Home Profits Scams You

They will tell you how they will help you secure a ‘ work from home’ job and earn an unimaginable amount of money in a single day. To make it attractive and entice you into it, they will say how simple it. It involves 3 steps. You create an account, copy a link that they send you, then copy and submit customer details from Netflix and Amazon. The details will be used on a site that they create for you. As far as I know, you cannot make any income out of this utter BS. What they are doing is using the names of these big companies to make you believe you will make money. They know that big names can easily act as a trap. With my online experience of many years, I can assure you no money can be made out of this. You will only lose money.

Auto Home Profits Conclusion

Don’t believe this scam. Auto Home Profits is a scam, and if you invest your money into it you will only end up regretting it.

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