My Millionaire Mentor Scam – Pure BS!

Welcome to my review of My Millionaire Mentor. I’ve been taking a look and it’s pure BS so today I’m writing this review to expose it.

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With the hustle and bustle of life, very few people really pay attention to details. As long as one hears of an opportunity to get money, they rush to it with a velocity like that of an emergency response team. Take for example this scam known as My Millionaire Mentor. Despite the glaring facts that make it illegitimate, many are still falling for it. Look at my review and decide for yourself whether it’s real or scam.

My Millionaire Mentor Overview

The website lures you with fake promises of how you are going to make money online with its system of up sells. Whereby to make any up sells, you have to spend a lot of money which you are not guaranteed of profits since the system does not teach you how to do it. To get an example of how your invitation mails look like, you have to part with extra100$. This system does not have even a product to sell in the first place. It just claims that by watching the video you get $500 and that the mentor Ryan Mathews makes $11000 within half an hour. It further claims it has zero risks.

The website displays a lot of fake things to start with; Flashy airplanes, cars and mansions. It displays its type of internet marketing as easy to achieve and that you will have a lot of time to travel the world. This could have been true if it gave a span of a year but the site promises all that in a day! Ridiculous! The videos too are fake. None of it is genuine. They have just been downloaded from flikerr. I committed my time to research about them and found they have actually been changed to suit my millionaire mentor. The entrepreneur himself is not even real. If he was he could have already came out to defend his site or at least show us location of his estates and other assets.

My Millionaire Mentor = MOBE

My millionaire mentor and MOBE online system is one and the same thing because both deals with internet marketing. The only thing is; one is genuine the other is not. With MOBE, you have the real products to sell and have a support system to help you although to attain your money. My millionaire mentor doesn’t. It also gives you back a guarantee of your money as soon as you finish up with all the processes but in my millionaire mentor, the money is not guaranteed even after watching the video. The site does not even mention MOBE nor do its creator and I wonder why people might want to associate with it. All that the website mentions is how you can make money by watching videos and a testimonial of Ryan Mathews who is not even existent. The site is just not truthful or ethical.

My millionaire mentor just hired all its characters to act the entire thing out. And we know there are people who agree to do such immoral work to earn a few bucks. The lady doing the videos is actually an experienced actress in scamming; she has done it for two more online marketing scams. The founder, Ryan Mathews, hides his face and only allows us to hear his voice. Why? He should be proud he brought something revolutionary to the world. I mean $10000 dollars a day! With less or nothing to do? If this system actually worked, then all of us could be rich right now. Whenever you hear anything too good to be true, think deep.

Scams like my millionaire mentor makes money by promising you commissions for the up sells you make but very little. The more you and others promote their product, the more Ryan Mathews makes his bucks and give you a little. With time, there will be many of you selling and getting little commissions but he will be earning from all of you. You will be actually earning for having sold nothing. The driving force behind your sales will not be your passion or experience but an effort to earn back your money. This will continue for all those who will join and the scam will still spread. The only way to stop this is by not registering in the first place.

My Millionaire Mentor Conclusion

My Millionaire Mentor is a scam plain and simple. Don’t buy it.

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