MOBE Scam? The Truth About My Own Business Education!

You’ve probably heard about My Own Business Education formerly My Online Business Empire (MOBE) and wondering if it’s a legit business opportunity or simply one of the many online scams?

If you’re looking for an honest review that reveals all you need to keep reading because I’m going to share all the details.

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How MOBE came to be

MOBE was co-founded by internet marketer Matt Lloyd. Prior to MOBE I hadn’t heard much about him. However, as the business took off, I took a keen interest in it and why so many people were joining in. I’ve watched most of his free videos and in my opinion; Matt seems like a good guy. His training videos also offer immense value and are straight to the point and easy to understand. The best part is that most of them are free.

Matt’s story is similar to that of many successful online marketers. It starts with struggling to make money online and then finally succeeding. His success is attributed to selling high ticket offers which attract huge commissions. MOBE is actually focused on teaching you how to make money like he did.

My Own Business Products

This offer has an entry offer and a number of up-sells. Here’s a breakdown.

My Top Tier Business (MTTB) valued at $49

Joining MOBE requires you invest $49 for the MTTB. This gives you access to a video series that involves 21 steps you need to get started building an online business. To continue accessing MTTB, you’ll be charged a recurring monthly subscription of $19. Although MTTB gives you the basic training needed to start and run a successful online business, I wouldn’t count on it alone to make you a lot of money. That’s where the up-sells come in.

MOBE Licensing Kit valued at $297

Investing in this offer gives you access to a 7 day training course which teaches you how to sell high ticket offers for huge commissions. Unlike affiliate marketing where all you need is promote products for commissions, the licensing model requires you buy the products and sell them at higher prices. This means that you can earn commissions of up to 90% per sale.

MOBE Inner Circle valued at $99 to $299 per month

This offer enables you to sit at the table of the internet marketing industry’s top earners and learn from them.

MOBE Business Summit Event

This offer has two options. The first is valued at $97 which gives you access to the summit via live stream. The other is valued at $497 for a VIP ticket. Here, internet millionaires will share their secrets about how they drive traffic and generate sales from their online businesses.

My Own Business Education Up-Sells

MOBE has additional up-sells which cost thousands of dollars. These give you access to live training mastermind events offered by internet millionaires. I also discovered that you can easily earn back your investment by promoting these mastermind events and earning commissions on every person that pays to attend the events.

My Own Business Education – Comp Plan

Joining MOBE allows you to earn commissions on a variety of levels. Whether you’re recruiting people to the business or selling their products and services, you’re assured of earning a commission. But rather than explain the whole concept, here’s a video of Matt Lloyd explaining the compensation plan.

Is MOBE a scam or legit?

Simply put, NO. Although some people will claim the contrary, from my research on the business, it’s a legit offer that will teach you how to get started and run a successful online business. That being said there are a number of affiliates running extremely dishonest websites to promote Mobe such as online profits breakthrough and massive internet profits.

MOBE – Final Words


In my opinion MOBE isn’t a scam but you do need to go into it knowing that success won’t happen overnight. It will take hard work, time & money.

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