Massive Internet Profits Scam – Pure BS System!

Massive Internet Profits is a new money making scam system. It claims you can make a fortune with just a few clicks but ultimately it’s BS and today I’m going to expose it and share the real truth with you.

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Massive Internet Profits – “Massive Scam”

The only thing massive about the Massive Internet Profits system is what a massive scam it is. I’ve been taking a look at it and I literally have nothing good to say about it. To me it’s quite obvious what a huge scam it is.

It’s really similar to other scam systems I have exposed recently such as Online Profits Breakthrough and Home Earning System. Essentially you are told you can make a fortune without lifting a finger. All you need to do is sign up to Massive Internet Profits, spend your hard earned money and then you can access their system that will make you a fortune, yeah right!

Deceptive Marketing Tactics

One of the things I noticed about Massive Internet Profits is that they are using a bunch of deceptive marketing tactics to try and sell you their program. The first and main thing I noticed (apart from the wild income claims) was the use of these big brands appearing as endorsements.

They make a statement that “Working From Home” has been featured on the likes of CNN, USA Today, Forbes and even Huffington Post. The problem is that the system Massive Internet Profits has never been featured by these large publications and they are simply using this to trick you.

Big brand names are used on websites to give you the visitor trust that what is being offered is legitimate. There is nothing wrong with doing this and many companies do it however the companies that do it properly have actually been featured and/or endorsed by these big brands.

Massive Internet Profits has never been featured by these brands so it should not be using them to try and deceive you into buying their system.

How Does Massive Internet Profits Scam Work?

So let me share exactly how this scam works and how you most likely heard about it so you understand and most importantly you know how to avoid these kind of things in the future.

Massive Internet Profits is what is known in the work from home / make money online industry as an “offer”. It’s known as this because it’s an “offer” that other affiliates can promote and get paid commissions from when a sale is made.

The creators of the Massive Internet Profits website list their offer on a bunch of popular affiliate networks where other affiliates can sign up and promote it.

This happens all the time and it’s a pretty normal but the problem with some networks is that they tend to list a bunch of scam systems quite happily and you get affiliate signing up to promote who don’t care about what they sell.

The people who promote systems like Massive Internet Profits don’t care about you, they just see you as a number and as a sale. As long as they make money they don’t care about your success at all.

Many of the scammers who were involved with binary options which has now started to die have gone back to promoting get rich quick scams which is what they used to do before binary options, so you are only going to see more and more systems like Massive Internet Profits pop up.

In the last week alone I’ve seen about a dozen new scam systems launch.

Massive Internet Profits Conclusion

Obviously I am not going to recommend this system. If you sign up and spend your hard earned cash I can guarantee you’ll never see a return on your investment and you can say bye bye to that money.

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