Instant Income Generator Scam – Avoid It!

There’s a new system that I recently came across known as the Instant Income Generator and it’s a complete waste of your time, but I’ll get to that in a moment in my full review.

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Instant Income Generator? Yeah Right!

The Instant Income Generator is a “new” scam claiming it can help you make $1,000 a day but the real truth is you won’t ever make that kind of money from a nasty scam system like this. I say this is a “new” system because in reality it’s not new at all it’s just a rehashed scam.

The original name of the scam is the Home Earning System and if you actually click through to the checkout of this website you’ll see that is the product still being recommended here. The Instant Income Generator doesn’t even exist, it’s just a new website to promote the Home Earning System scam.

The truth about the Instant Income Generator is that they are just trying to fool you into joining their scam system Home Earning System. They exhausted that scam already and now they have rebranded it to scam some more people. It’s quite sad really and it’s a shame that these programs manage to gain so much traction but the truth is many people are looking for systems for making money online and can easily fall for scams like this.

How Does The Scam Work?

So you probably heard about it via email am I right? Most people hear about scams like this via email because email marketing is an easy way for scams like this to spread. I have nothing against email marketing by the way, it’s a great way to actually sell products and services however scammers abuse it by building email lists of people who want to make money and then promoting scam systems to them.

To be honest I never really understand it. To me it’s a lazy way of making money because these scammers could make far more money if they promoted a genuine product or service. Instead they go the easy route and fool people into giving them money for crap products and services. It’s a real shame but I guess that’s why we have so many scam systems like Instant Income Generator because it’s “easy money” for them.

Something else that I noticed which often happens on the websites for scam systems was a bunch of fake endorsements. They are claiming that their scam system has been featured on Fox News and CNN amongst others. The reason they are doing this is again to fool you. They know the majority of people will never check whether they were featured.

They put these endorsements on the website because subconsciously people trust websites that have big brands on them. There’s nothing wrong with doing it but when it’s done unethically like this to promote a scam then it’s not fair and it’s further proof that it’s a joke of a system.

Instant Income Generator Conclusion

I am not recommending it, because it’s a complete scam.

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