Home Internet Income Club – Scam Exposed?

Welcome to my review of Home Internet Income Club.

Let’s cut right to the chase because I’m exposing Home Internet Income Club as another scam that keeps getting rehashed over and over.

I’m sharing my full review below giving you all the details.

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Home Internet Income Club Review

Today I am investigating a new scam known as Home Internet Income Club. Why am I so convinced that this website is a scam?

Simple… it’s because I have already seen it and exposed it on many occasions under different names, and the owners of the website keep rebranding it and changing the name to fool more people, but they’re not fooling me.

home internet income club website

Here is what the website looks like although it does have a few different variations. You can see that huge claims at made and they say within 5 minutes you can be making real money.

That is a complete false statement and one that I see time and time again. Fortunately for you I have reviewed many of these programs and I understand exactly what to look for when it comes to scams.

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Home Internet Income Club – Clone Websites

So I mentioned how this website is just a complete clone of other websites as the owners keep renaming the website and changing a couple of things. A few examples are the entrepreneur jobs club and also secure job position and you can see how similar the websites are below.

Notice how it’s a complete clone? The website is literally identical and I’ve seen it getting promoted through some very unethical means such as fake news articles like financial money times website.

Home Internet Income Fake News?

This particular website that I noticed was promoting scams like Home Internet Income Club appeared to look like the Forbes.com website however it was definitely NOT the Forbes website. It was simply a clone of their website with a fake news article on.

The news article contained “recommendations” from very well known entrepreneurs however this article is fake. It’s very unethical because successful entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban and others appeared in the article recommending Home Internet Income Club and an easy way to make money online but the reality is that these kind of people would never put their name to a website like this!

How Does Home Internet Income Work?

I feel that it’s important I explain exactly how this website works, what is actually on offer here and why I don’t recommend getting involved.

The sad truth is that Home Internet Income Club isn’t 100% a scam because it “could” make you money, however in my experience the chances of you making money are pretty slim and also like I already mentioned I hate the way this website is promoted, I think it’s unethical.

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That being said, let me explain more…

So the Home Internet Income website is listed on a number of affiliate networks. This means that people can sign up to the affiliate network and promote the Home Internet Income Club website as an affiliate.

What happens is the affiliate drives traffic (people) at the Home Internet Income Club website and if someone signs up they get paid.

Chances are you probably heard about this website from one of the affiliates as they usually promote the website via email marketing and other methods. These methods are not necessarily bad methods however there are a lot of unethical marketers out there who just spam emails in the hope to sign people like you up, so perhaps you received a spammy email about it?

When you sign up, the owner of the website pays the affiliate a commission for signing you up. What happens next could end up costing you a lot of money because you are pushed into high ticket business opportunities.

Home Internet Income promotes websites like MOBE which is a digital marketing training company and is a “high ticket” business.

What is High Ticket?

It’s expensive basically! Whilst MOBE is not technically a scam it could end up costing you 5-figures. It’s a 21 step training program and you are assigned a coach to help you move through the steps.

Like I say it’s a legitimate business opportunity however it has its pitfalls because 1) it’s high ticket and costs a lot and 2) it’s pay to play which means you need to actually buy the products to be able to resell them.

The products can cost 5-figures and if you aren’t willing to invest this level of money then you will basically end up losing out on a lot of commissions. Plus your “coach” is actually just a sales person.

Sure they might make a lot of money but their job is to up-sell you into the higher priced products that MOBE has on offer.

It’s these kind of programs that Home Internet Income Club websites like to funnel people into because they make the owners the most money.

Home Internet Income Club Conclusion

It should be pretty obvious from my review that I am not recommending this website. I think it’s unethical and is constantly being renamed to fool more people. Chances are in a few weeks the Home Internet Income website will be gone and replaced with a new clone!

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