Freedom Checks – Scam Exposed? [Honest Reviews]

Interested in honest Freedom Checks reviews?

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Freedom Checks and people are wondering whether it’s really legit or another scam.

I’ve been investigating it to learn more and see what other Freedom Checks reviews are saying and now I’m sharing all the details.

Before I start…

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Freedom Checks Review

Whilst searching through my emails I came across one that was asking me about an opportunity called Freedom Checks. This person was asking me if this was really the real deal or whether it was a scam.

The Freedom Checks website makes some incredible claims and says that you can earn huge checks of $24,075, $66,570 and a huge $160,923.

My initial thoughts were that this MUST be a scam, however I decided to investigate and really see what it was all about.

Could these “Freedom Checks” really be legit?

freedom checks reviews website

Doug Smith claims to have cashed in a check for $24,075 which is one of the smaller ones, and Mike Reed has been able to cash in a huge check of $160,923.


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These success stories do sound amazing but when searching for Freedom Checks reviews there is no real information out there. Nobody who has actually invested and sharing an honest story.

All you see is a couple of websites sharing information about Freedom Checks but no hard information about it, so that’s why I decided to do some more digging and find out the real truth about it.

Apparently Freedom Checks aren’t just for average people. Even hedge fund managers are getting in on the action with 1 getting a $7.1 million check every year.

With so much hype, what the heck is Freedom Checks all about?

Freedom Checks – How Does It Work?

After doing some digging I came across information that shared how 568 agencies from across the USA are sending out these Freedom Checks to people that invest in them.

The total up for grabs is estimated at around $34 billion, and it doesn’t matter what your age or background is. As long as you are able to invest money you can actually get these kind of returns and get your slice of the pie. At least that is what is claimed.


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Also it’s got nothing to do with the government, 401k’s, Medicare or social security.

That does make you wonder what in the world is Freedom Checks all about and where is this incredible amount of money coming from?

example of a freedom check

The company who is sharing all the information about Freedom Checks is known as Banyan Hill Publishing.

I have not been able to find out much about them but on the surface they do seem to be legitimate. Their website shares investment advice and looks professional.

They have shared information on how to actually get these Freedom Checks which is a term they have come up with themselves. I suspect it’s for marketing purposes seen as it’s a rather catching name!


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Introducing Matt Badiali…

I was able to find out that Matt Badiali is the reason these Freedom Checks have come about because he is an expert at mining, energy and agriculture. For the past 2 decades he’s been known as an expert in these fields and has taught geology at Duke University and others too.

Whilst this information may sound a bit random stick with me as I will explain. Matt has travelled the world, and been to all kinds of different places. He’s a well travelled guy who has spent time around the worlds top CEO’s.

Matt was the one who came across the Freedom Checks because he released a video about it and everyone has been wanting more information. He shared how people can potentially earn 5, 6 and even 6-figures in Freedom Checks with zero work at all and of course it raises a few eye brows.

These Freedom Checks apparently come from US energy companies who are involved in fracking. This is because there has been a huge decrease in the amount of Oil being imported to the US and it’s created a huge demand for fracking instead.

This means that companies have invested heavily into this and are looking for other investors to come on board too.


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How Can You Profit With Freedom Checks?

This begs the question, “how can you profit with freedom checks?” – I wondered this too but here is where it gets interesting.

Apparently the companies involved in fracking must pay out huge returns to investors because they are legally obligated to pay out over 90% of their profits back to investors.

Matt has stated that over $34 billion is up for grabs and many of these returns will be paid in the next 12 months. He claims that huge returns of 5,889%, 8,839% and even 39,832%. These gains are utterly ridiculous but apparently they are achievable by getting involved in Freedom Checks.


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Is Freedom Checks Just Another Scam?

There has been a huge amount of hype surrounding Freedom Checks and naturally this has meant a lot of people are wondering whether Freedom Checks scam rumours are true.

This is natural for sure, when someone claims you can make such huge returns you are naturally going to be skeptical. I am skeptical for sure. My opinion is that it’s really hard to tell and I will explain…

The company who has shared information on these Freedom Checks is only allowing you to learn more about it via their investment newsletter that costs $49 to get started with.

I am not a cynical person however let’s face it, when $49 is being asked for (plus probably other up-sells) you do have to question how honest the information is.

Perhaps they have just hyped up Freedom Checks so they can get more people jumping on their investment newsletter?

I’ve seen this kind of thing happen time and time again where a specific trading strategy or investment type is hyped up, and to actually find out more about it you need to sign up to an investment newsletter potentially spending $1,000’s a year to get more information about it.


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Here’s the honest truth…

Matt Badiali is probably an honest guy, but there’s really no way of knowing unless you are prepared to sign up to the investment newsletter and also make an investment into the Freedom Checks companies.

I am naturally skeptical that these returns are possible and I haven’t actually seen any REAL reviews sharing information on this.

Freedom Checks Conclusion

Freedom Checks is not something I would recommend because to be quite honest I have no clue whether it is legitimate or not. All I know is that in order to participate you need to join their investment newsletter.

Plus, you will need to spend money investing in these companies to see a return. I think the whole “Freedom Checks” thing initially sounds like you are getting free money, but you are definitely not.

My advice: investment money that you can afford to lose and you never know, you could end up seeing a huge return from it.

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