Free Profit Code Scam – Don’t Waste Your Time!

I’ve just been taking a closer look at the Free Profit Code website and let me tell you what a complete scam it is. This website is a joke and it won’t make you a penny at all. Read my review below and learn why.

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Free Profit Code – Hosting Scam

After doing a little bit of research (it didn’t take me long) it quickly became obvious I was dealing with another hosting scam with Free Profit Code. Once I tell you about this you’ll find it useful because you’ll be able to easily spot these kind of scams as you move forward.

The scam starts with you visiting the Free Profit Code website where they tell you that you can earn literally $1,000’s in a few minutes a day and starting right away. This is a huge red flag anyway because it’s impossible to earn this kind of money with no experience online.

Online businesses are amazing and in some ways much easier than offline businesses however they are not magic pills and there is no such thing as a magic system that can put 20k a week into your bank like they are claiming.

The truth is it’s all a farce to get you to sign up to the expensive web hosting they recommend. They have partnered with a company called CoolHandle. I don’t really know the quality of their website hosting but my guess would be it’s pretty standard, yet they charge extremely high prices.

You are told by the Free Profit Code website that you can literally clone their best websites. It’s similar to other scams like 700 Profit Club and Copy My Websites. The problem is it’s impossible to simply clone a profitable website and start making money and your web hosting should never be that expensive. The only time you need expensive web hosting is when you have a website that gets literally 10,000’s of visitors a day otherwise standard hosting is fine.

Standard hosting by the way costs anywhere from $10 to $50 a month and you can pay for it monthly. You don’t have to pay for it annually or over an even bigger period of time like the Free Profit Code website tells you. This is just part of the scam to get you to spend a lot of money.

If you do end up signing up to their hosting that’s when you’ll be able to finally get access to your new website hosted on your new fancy Cool Handle hosting but obviously it’s pure BS and you won’t make a penny. It’s usually after a few days when people haven’t made the 20k in a week as promised that they realise they’ve been scammed. Especially when literally zero money comes in at all!

Honestly don’t waste your time with this piece of crap scam. The Free Profit Code is not free and it won’t make you a penny. It’s just another scam designed to prey on newbies who want to make money.

Loads of similar scams have launched like this lately and it seems that many scammers who were involved in binary options have started creating these “make money / get rich quick” scam websites instead.

Conclusion For Free Profit Code

Honestly don’t waste your time. You’ll only end up spending a few $100 and making nothing back in return. You’ll waste a bunch of time on a scam system that won’t give you a return.

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