EZ Money Team Scam – Another Big Scam!

EZ Money Team is an online income opportunity targeting people who want to make quick money easily through the internet. It claims to offer people more income and a happier living by working online.

Well today I’m taking a closer look and sharing my honest opinion.

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What makes EZ Money Team a scam?

The system is made up of cheats and liars who can lure unsuspecting individuals into spending their money with empty promises of getting rich quickly. It’s your typical “get rich quick” scam in my opinion and very similar to others I’ve exposed like Massive Internet Profits and Home Earning System.

Fake Testimonials

To start with, EZ Money Team has a bunch of fake testimonials which if you are not careful can mislead you into believing in it. They are full of hired individuals with fake photos that give their experience and account information that are too good to be true. A popular testimonial that will come across is that of Sarah who is a mother of three and has achieved so much with EZ Money Team. However, the photo of Sarah is the first thing to get you questioning since it’s actually a stock photo!

EZ Money Team Sales Video

Take a deep look on the sales video which claims to explain to you how to work with EZ Money system. If you pay good attention; the video does not give any important information that can help you venture into this money making business. The video only encourages you to purchase the system for as low as $49 which may not seem a bad deal considering the amount of money you are going to make in a few weeks.


Another thing that raises eyebrows is the endorsement from big companies which if you have a good knowledge about them; it is completely impossible for them to endorse a money making system.

EZ Money Team Links/Services

The system is linked with other services which are well known scams or provide poor services. The first link that EZMoney Team directs you to register for is a ClickSure account. Surely, what will I need the account for; considering it’s an affiliate network well known for scams. As if that’s not enough, you will also be required to register for Coolhandle account. This website building and hosting company is also well known for its poor services and several people have launched complains about it. These should be enough to help you have a second thought about the system.

Extra Purchases / Up-Sells

From a deeper perspective, you find out that EZ Money is only meant to feel the pockets of its owners and not you. Your purchase does not just end at the initial $49 that you pay to access the system; on the contrary, you need to carry out other purchases to fully operate the business and these are not explained in the video.


ClickBetter Payment

EZ Money system is sold via ClickBetter. This could be good news since you can have your money refunded back to you if you change your mind within 60 days of purchasing the training and many recommended accounts. The bad news is that any payment process run by ClickBetter raises eyebrows because money scams choose this payment process.

EZ Money Team – Fake Owner

Jeffrey Hart, the person behind the training videos is a fake. If you do a research about this person you will come up with nothing. You will however find the name Oscar Oritz which could be the real name but why is he using an alias?

EZ Money Team Conclusion

If you really want to make money online, don’t fall for enticing words like get rich quick or websites that make ridiculous claims without any proof or real testimonials. Earning decent money online like any other income opportunity requires patience and hard work.

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