Extreme Home Paycheck – Scam or Legit?

Looking for a review of Extreme Home Paycheck? I’ve been doing my research and now I’m sharing my honest review. If you’re looking to learn the truth about this new system and want to read a real review instead of some fake review that just sells to you, then keep reading.

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Extreme Home Paycheck Overview

So what is the Extreme Home Paycheck? Is this system legit or is it just another money grabbing scam that won’t actually help you. Unfortunately it looks like it’s another scam, that’s my honest view of things.

After taking a closer look I noticed it looks extremely similar to other websites like Complete Profit Code. In fact it’s basically just a clone of this website. Upon further research I was able to discover many more websites just like this. Such as Home Online Profit Education and Home Jobs Now. They are all clones of each other and it’s actually pretty worrying to say the least.

These websites essentially seem to offer little value to the customer but make ridiculous claims about how much income you can make.

Fake Endorsements

One of the other things I noticed about their website was the fake endorsements from huge companies like CNN and more. These are not legitimate at all and they are only placed on the website to try and fool you into thinking that this is something legitimate.

Ultimately they use these to trick you and in my opinion this is unethical. They state that “work from home” has been featured on websites like CNN and sure of course it has, however the Extreme Home Paycheck system certainly has not been featured before, so I don’t like how they have used this.

Why Does This System Exist?

So you’re probably wondering what is actually behind this system, why does this website exist and why does it keep changing it’s name? After doing some further research I discovered that this website basically promotes a MLM/affiliate marketing opportunity.

The videos are created to pre-sell you into this opportunity and when you join you will be put through a series of up-sells to try and extract more money from you. It’s an interesting concept but ultimately they are just trying to force you into joining an MLM and luring you in with false income claims.

Realistically you will never earn the kind of money they claim. They just show you this to suck you in and fool you (that’s my opinion). If you were actually to go through all the training you would potentially end up spending 5-figures because that is how much all of the up-sells cost.

There are other programs out there like this which I have reviewed and exposed. They are known in the “make money online” industry as “pay to play” programs because essentially you need to buy into the business and buy all of the products (educational products like digital e-books, videos and also live in person events) and then you can re-sell them and earn high affiliate commissions however if you don’t own the products you can’t sell them.

To me this creates false purchasing because you end up buying a product so that you can earn money reselling it, instead of the way that 99% of businesses work where you buy a product because guess what? You actually WANT to own that product.

This is why I moved away from MLM style business opportunities and started promoting a straight up training program that actually teaches you real methods for building an income instead of selling you into what is basically a pyramid scheme where the products only exist so you can re-sell them.

Don’t get me wrong, I made money in those kind of programs in the past but the training is never very good and the whole company is built around affiliates making money. The focus is not really on giving the customer a good buying experience and to be honest a lot of these programs have a limited lifespan. They tend to last 1-2 years while the top affiliates make a fortune and then all of these people often move on to a hotter company and the old company starts to go downhill.

I won’t name names but this happened with an opportunity that I was involved with between 2013 and 2015. I made a lot of money but then the leaders of the company started to leave, then they changed the compensation plan and then the whole thing went to crap. Now the owner of that particular company looks like he’s losing his mind. Anyway….

Getting back to the point, Extreme Home Paycheck is a website that exists to pre-sell you into a business opportunity where you will be up-sold a bunch of products and if you’re lucky and a hard worker you MIGHT make money. Most people however will lose a lot of money.

Extreme Home Paycheck Conclusion

I am not recommending it. I don’t believe you will make the kind of money that they claim and I think there are better options out there for making money.

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