EthConnect Scam? Review Exposes Truth!

Welcome to my review of EthConnect!

EthConnect is a brand new opportunity in the cryptocurrency space who’s big brother is BitConnect.

Today I’m sharing my honest EthConnect review giving you the truth.

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EthConnect Review

EthConnect is brand new and currently in ICO stage but you can bet it’s going to grow big pretty soon just like it’s older brother BitConnect. The question on everyone’s minds is whether EthConnect is a scam.

I’ve been exposing scams left, right and centre lately. The most recent ICO scam I have exposed is BitPetite which I do not recommend.

ethconnect review

What is EthConnect?

The underlying clarification for what Ethconnect is on their site is somewhat indistinct. It says “Simply like Ethereum, we will concentrate on building up a blockchain time bank, which can be the place to store money related administrations, comparing to the present correspondences of banks.”

It merits remembering this has been deciphered from Japanese, so a few things seem to have been lost in interpretation.

It goes ahead to state that clients will have the capacity to keep up their security while obviously all exchanges being recorded on the blockchain as ordinary with different blockchains.

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What’s more, they say that exchanges in Ethconnect can be speeded up by paying a higher charge.

Ethconnect intends to take the Bitconnect stage precisely given the data on their site.

They intend to take after the four mainstays of the Bitconnect framework, those being:

1. Loaning

2. Exchanging

3. Staking

4. Mining

How about we investigate how each of those functions and how you can conceivably benefit from them:

EthConnect Loaning

This is the piece of the Bitconnect stage that produces the most intrigue and may likewise be with Ethconnect as well. They are offering marginally higher potential comes back from their loaning plan, saying you will have the capacity to acquire up to 45% contrasted with 40% with Bitconnect.

ethconnect reviews

The loaning venture program is fundamentally the same as Bitconnect’s, with a similar speculation sections and rewards for contributing higher sums.

However, the loaning time frames are different, with Ethconnect’s in effect impressively shorter, at from 179 days for a venture of amongst $100 and $1,000 (contrasted with 299 days for Bitconnect) and 89 days for a speculation of amongst $10,010 and $100,000 (contrasted with 120 days for Bitconnect).


It is presumably reasonable for expect that they will have their trade accessible on the stage that will enable you to purchase and pitch ECH and endeavor to benefit from the value developments. As they have implied, however, how well you do on this will depend essentially on your aptitudes as a dealer.


Again there isn’t much data on how this will function, but it would appear to be reasonable for expect they will duplicate an indistinguishable approach from Bitconnect and enable you to hold Ethconnect while additionally picking up intrigue while you do.

EthConnect Mining

The White Paper states “We give POW calculations so individuals can mine with the measure of the coin we allow.” Beyond that, we are not given substantially more in the method for detail, but if it duplicates the Bitconnect at that point, there will be the alternative of solo mining or pool mining.

Who’s Behind Ethconnect?

A vital inquiry when you are taking a gander at ICOs is who is behind the venture. Is it true that they are legitimate individuals with set up track records of achievement? It is safe to say that they are doing reputation face to face to advance their ICO?

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Taking a gander at Ethconnect, it is difficult to get subtle elements of who is behind it. There is nothing we could discover on their site or in the White Paper.

There is an address for some place in Japan however with a connection to the google outline that is at any rate something.

One critical inquiry is whether this is being produced by similar individuals behind Bitconnect, but that doesn’t seem to be the

In the meantime, it isn’t clear who is behind Bitconnect, so
it isn’t unfeasible this could be the situation. However, if it was the
situation we could expect more data and advancement to have risen out of
Bitconnect about it, and we haven’t seen any, so it looks impossible.

In spite of the fact that from one perspective it could be
viewed as stressing that there is no effectively identifiable data about the
proprietors of Ethconnect, then again that has not prevented Bitconnect from
being a colossal achievement.

Conclusion – Ethconnect ICO

The sensational accomplishment of Bitconnect – which has
seen its coins develop from around $0.15 per coin in its initial days to over
$200 per coin now has unmistakably prompted a lot of energy about whether
Ethconnect can match the accomplishment.

Is it possible? Of course but you need to consider the risks. Even today I still consider BitConnect to be very high risk and could collapse at any time to be quite honest and EthConnect will be no different.

You can invest here and make money but you shouldn’t do it blindly and don’t risk money that you can’t afford to lose.

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