Entrepreneur Jobs Club Scam – Avoid It!

Entrepreneur Jobs Club (aka entrepreneurjobs.club) website has recently launched and today I am sharing my honest opinion to warn you from getting started with this system as I believe it’s a scam.

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Entrepreneur Jobs Club Review

Today I stumbled upon a new website called the Entrepreneur Jobs Club. The website is entrepreneurjobs.club and it’s already fooled a few people in my opinion into parting with their money.

It’s promoted through a number of websites that look like news website however they are fake. These are known as news advertorials and they appear as real news articles telling stories of success but these are not real.

Here is an example:

entrepreneur jobs club fake forbes article

As you can see this looks like the Forbes website right? But it’s not! This is a fake website that is fooling you into believing that Forbes has put this article together recommending Entrepreneur Jobs Club.

This is the website link for the article above:

As you can see it is not the official Forbes website. The website also claims that the people on Shark Tank who are big well known business celebrities like Mark Cuban are recommending Entrepreneur Jobs Club.

Just take a look at this statement:

entrepreneur jobs club fake disclaimer

The disclaimer states that the Shark Tank judges are recommending this program because people need a way to protect themselves from what’s coming and the Entrepreneur Jobs Club is the best way they’ve ever seen.

I guarantee that if Mark Cuban came across this article he would be furious that someone is using his brand to promote a scam.

What Is Entrepreneur Jobs Club?

The most likely way you will learn about this system is from one of these fake articles that promote it as a good system for making money. When you navigate through the article they will forward you onto the official website for Entrepreneur Jobs Club which looks like this:

What you need to know about this website is that it’s a complete clone of other websites like extreme home paycheck. Just take a look and you will see that it’s literally identical, nothing has changed.

The same is true for other systems like home earning system and freedom cash system. They are all clones and offer zero value, they will only end up sucking you in with their fake claims of income and false endorsements.

As you can see the work from home opportunities have been featured on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, USA Today and ABC. If you read this though you will see that it doesn’t say “Entrepreneur Jobs Club” has been featured.

It simply states that Work From Home has been featured which of course it has because all of these publications regularly feature real, genuine people who have managed to make an income from home.

They would not feature a scam system like this.

How Does Entrepreneur Jobs Club Work?

So the website claims that it’s some kind of system that will help you to make a fortune from home and that it’s easy. They claim it’s endorsed by some of the top business people in the USA. In reality it’s not, and these are all just claims. What will really happen is they will suck you into a business opportunity and try and extract as much money from possible.

One of the most popular ones I have seen being promoted by these websites is the Mobe business opportunity. It’s a high ticket opportunity that has been promoted through many scam websites like this.

They recruit you into the business opportunity so that they can make a lot from you by up-selling you high priced products and services. MOBE for example is a business opportunity in the digital marketing space.

They will teach you digital marketing and how to make money by recruiting other people but the catch is that you can’t earn commissions unless you actually buy into the products yourself.

It’s known as a pay to play business opportunity. Meaning unless you first buy into the products you will be selling you can’t sell them, or you can but your commissions amounts will be very small. Aspire Today is another example of this kind of opportunity that deploys the same tactics.

I personally moved away from these kind of businesses because I think they are unethical and unrealistic. For example: They lure you in with huge claims of income that are super unrealistic for the average person, and they legitimise what they do by showing off people who make a lot.

The problem is these people who make a lot are professional internet marketers. They know how to drive traffic and sell. The average person doesn’t do that. I am a big believer that you can learn how to do it, and anyone can come from nothing to success, but the claims websites like Entrepreneur Jobs Club make of easy money are simply not true.

And the fact they use fake endorsements from celebrities and use fake news articles to promote the opportunity is another red flag.

Verdict & Recommendation

I am not recommending Entrepreneur Jobs Club.

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