Easy Marketers Club Scam – Avoid BS System!

Recently, I came across this new program, the Easy Marketers Club, which made claims that it would help you generate an income of over $600 a day.

Such claims do make you stop to think, can they be legitimate? So, I have gone through the system, and here is my honest opinion of what I feel this system is.

Before I start…

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Easy Marketers Club – What is it about?

So, when I landed on their website and watched their video, the message “SCAM!” clearly leapt out of the screen. The website as well as their video has all the ingredients of those Get-Rich-Quick schemes that promise much, but offer very little to its customers. The very first thing that strikes out is their claim that you can start making $600+ a day starting immediately. Well, even for a seasoned and experienced campaigner will take years to start making that kind of money on a regular basis. Even if you are one of those people who are smarter than the others and can achieve a lot in a short span of time, well, “Right away” is a little too short span of time!

I have found this system quite similar to the recently launched scam programs like Online Profits Breakthrough. Programs like these offer people hopes of earning a quick buck when in reality, you are far from making that kind of money as it takes a real system plus genuine hard work.

One of the major identifying aspects of the Easy Marketers Club is that they use fake endorsements and testimonials to promote their scams. These endorsements appear fairly genuine to the naked eye, but with a basic level enquiry, you will find that these are nothing but fake. The Easy Marketers Club makes claims that they have featured on a list of reputed magazines and tabloids that include Forbes, Time, and The Washington Post to name a few. Sounds too good to be true for a company that has only recently been launched! People fall for this scam easily after looking at those big names.

Using the names of such big brands is not an entirely wrong thing to do, but only if the company has actually featured on the pages of such esteemed magazines and tabloids. Simply using their names and logos to promote a fraudulent program is just another illegal practice that you must steer clear from.

So, how does Easy Marketers Club scam really work?

So basically, this program is promoted by affiliate marketers, who do it simply to earn commissions. The promotions are mostly done through emails. So when you see the ad in an email, you click on the ad that takes you to the landing page of the website. On the website, you will find all the preposterous claims about you making large sums of money daily, and then there will be a column where you can sign up. You will need to pay $97 upfront at the time of registering, after which, you will be taken through a number of up-sells that will promise you more ways to make money and get you to pay more. There are many companies that indulge in up-selling. However, the only difference is that the up-sells you pay for here will not bring you any value.

So, by the time you are through with the registration, you will have already paid a few hundreds of dollars in hopes to start making $600+ every day. That’s when the reality hits you! There is no way this program can help you make even a small fraction of that money. All you are left with is a lot of disappointment and anger along with a bunch of programs that is of no use to you in any way.

So, my opinion would be to steer clear from the Easy Marketers Club scam as this is just another of those earn-the-quick-buck frauds that is out there simply to steal your money.

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