Digital Income Method – Scam or Real System?

Today I’m impartially reviewing Digital Income Method, Mack Mills’ latest system, with the view of establishing if it indeed works or it is yet another scam system.

Read on for the full details and my informed opinion on the system.

Before I start…

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What Digital Income Method Entails

After taking a closer look at this platform, I soon realized it’s not a scam; Mack is himself a legitimate person who has been the leading earner in several companies. Digital Income Method is essentially a sales platform designed to promote Digital Altitude. Mack has successfully developed and launched several such systems in the recent past, and proceeded to market different opportunities that thousands of people successfully.

A short while ago, Mack created the Daily Income Method for a MCA, the company which has performed very well, and people are already witnessing success with it. Unfortunately, most of the firms in the marketing field do not have what it takes to make sales system that can effectively market their goods and opportunity. Even those who try hard still fail miserably, and that is, precisely, where Mack excels. He has managed to venture, create systems and come up with able teams.

So, How Does The System Work?

Simple! Other than the system promoting the products and the business opportunity, it provides a platform so as to promote the products. It operates in the same way as Mack’s Daily Income Method in that you can use it to market Digital Altitude (instead of MCA). You gain entry into the Members area, where you have access to some marketing items like lead capture pages as well as his sales page, thus allowing you to make sales fast. Additionally, you get access to various other marketing resources that will subsequently help you drive traffic and hence make sales. Regarding systems of its kinds, Digital Income Method is excellent, and converts extremely well.

Earlier on, Mack developed another sales system, which did extremely well, for Digital Altitude, before revamping it, which explains the origin of name Digital Income Method. Having built a big team in the business, Mack appears to be making a making a comeback for the second time, plus he’s allowing affiliates to recommend his sales video and earn commissions on it.

The Meaning of Digital Altitude

Digital Altitude refers to the firm/business opportunity Mack’s Digital Income Method markets. Since its launch about one year ago (in 2016), the company which provides an opportunity to generate income by reselling its products has grown remarkably fast. It allows you to resell and earn as high as 60 percent commissions three levels deep.

Is the System in any way a scam?

No! Mack has been a prominent producer in the industry for very many years and has even emerged as the top earner in every company he has ever worked. Consequently, the system he develops indeed works. I even personally promoted several of his opportunities previously and made a lot of money with his unique sales presentations.

Besides, Digital Altitude, the company behind the sales system is not a scam. Even the few people who label it scam on the internet are promoting rival companies. The overwhelmingly positive reviews come from affiliates and hence represent the real picture. So, in my considered opinion, Digital Altitude isn’t a scam; it’s, however, worth noting that the system is a high-ticket opportunity meaning it can, possibly, cost you a fortune particularly if you want to earn commissions on all the products.

Pros and Cons

• Tried-and-tested system; Mack has previously developed other proven systems successfully.

• Automated selling system; the system does the intricate part for you

• Minimal startup costs; it doesn’t cost you a fortune to get started

• Several income streams

• High-quality sales material (which cost him 5-figures to create)

• Ability to earn huge commissions


Honestly, it is hard to identify any obvious negatives. However, for this review to have a balanced appearance, below are my the cons I have come up with.

• Limited marketing resources; novices may struggle to attain quality leads/traffic.

• Marketing system is not free; probably not quite a negative but several systems cost nothing with the system

• Limited training; it suits most people who have enough experience online

• Digital Altitude is a high-ticket company


Clearly Mack’s sales video works and can help you make more sales of Digital Altitude. I would recommend it however I have something else that I personally feel can help you make more money.

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