Davor Coin Scam – Ponzi Scheme? [Full Review]

Have you been looking for a review of Davor Coin?

Are you afraid that Davor Coin could just be another ponzi scheme scam?

I’ve been taking a closer look, and now I’m sharing my honest review giving you all the details, read on.

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Davor Coin Review

I couldn’t believe that people were still interested in the Davor Coin when I first heard someone talk about it. I realized that it is high time people learned from other people’s mistakes, especially on hearing that the Davor coin platform, whose website is Davor.io, allows users to earn money by lending it out.

The two were the largest cryptocurrency platforms just before they collapsed. If I were to be brutally honest, I would use the term ponzi scheme, because, in reality, they were not a genuine lending program.Things got worse for both of these programs were hit by the cease and desist emerging from the Texas state.

The closure of US operations was first announced by USI Tech, then BitConnect followed suit a week later.

This saw the price of BCC, the BitConnect Coin drop to less than $19 all the way from $400. It is interesting to note that they claim the launching of their BitConnectX ICO will still go ahead as planned. I would be surprised if anyone would be confident enough to invest it.

USI Tech was in the process of using the ICO to launch Tech Coin, a tradable cryptocurrency. Although it initially had the potential to do really well, I doubt if this will be happening in as much as they aim to target Canada/ non-US investors.

With all this going on, the masses are still attracted to the Davor Coin. Can you imagine that an advert appearing on Google claims that the rate at which Davor Coin is rising cannot be compared to that of BitConnect? It is not easy to fathom how this has happened considering the recent past occurrences.

What Is Davor Coin Anyway?

Having expressed my lack of confidence and concerns regarding DavorCoin, I honestly don’t think it much will change in the long run. It looks so similar to the other recently collapsed schemes.

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I am still going to dig a little dipper into the coin, just to ensure you get to understand what it is all about in detail.

DavorCoin claims that by investing in their coin you become a part of an ambitious project in the cryptocurrency space. The face of its website looks legit, with them trading on CoinExchange. As of the time I was doing this review, their exchange rate stood at $91.19 per DAV on CoinMarketCap.com

The website claims to have a 24/hour volume totaling to $3.6 million, which is way less than the mere $189,000 stated on Coin Market Cap. it is worrying how different these figures are, and I honestly cannot say which one is correct.

DavorCoin endeavors to supersede both BitCoin and Ethereum, the two biggest cryptocurrencies with the largest market caps. I don’t know how possible this is because reading through their White Paper, I couldn’t pick any similarities between Ethereum and DavorCoin. It does not mention any use of smart contracts, a feature that has seen Ethereum gain an upper hand over BitCoin. This feature has seen many ICO’s launched off the Ethereum platform.

I wouldn’t want to bother you with the details because should it happen that you are new to the Cryptocurrency world, you might end up being more confused. However, just have this in mind, that there is no way davorCoin can match up to Ethereum.

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Davor Coin White Paper

I was surprised to find out that the DavorCoin’s White paper is only a page long!

How do they expect to explain in detail what will be offered by the cryptocurrency in a single page? A White Paper usually bears the key selling points and is usually what potential investors use as a prospectus. It is supposed to cover what the coin’s core purpose is and provide all the necessary details. A majority of the White Papers I have come across range from 30-40 pages long, with some going even beyond 100 pages! DavaCoin’s White Paper is just a page long, sigh!

Why do I say DavorCoin Is Just Like BitConnect?

Having closed down its operations recently, BitConnect proved to be a ponzi scheme. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that this DavorCoin is just a clone of the failed BitConnect ponzi scheme. Why do I say so?


Have a look at this:


This image sourced from the DavorCoin website explains how the coin will work.

On BitConnect’s site, this is what had been listed:


Do you notice that the only difference is the fact that DavorCoin does not mention mining but has an affiliate program? Apart from that, the rest of the concept is just a mirror of the other.

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Still not convinced that DavorCoin is just a BitConnect clone?

This is how their lending platform operates, and the time it will take you to gain the mentioned interest and recover the capital invested.


On BitConnect’s site, this is what had been listed:


It’s just a clone!

I should have said enough by now in this review.

Having seen how successful BitConnect was in its scheme, DavorCoin just wants to replicate it. Just like all ponzi schemes do, BitConnect has for sure witnessed its downfall!

DavorCoin Conclusion

Having taken a keen interest in DavorCoin, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that it is just a BitConnect clone hoping to make a kill in its scheme. There are high chances that the owners of BitConnect fled off with more than $1 billion BitCoins from its investors. This is very likely to happen with DavorCoin considering the rate at which it is growing. How else can a program paying a whole 1% interest per day sustain itself?

More and more people are flooding the platform even at its infancy stage. if you decide to invest, invest wisely and be open-minded. Be prepared to lose everything!

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