Global Affiliate Zone – Scam or Genuine System?

I was looking at the Global Affiliate Zone (known also as GAZ) and I was wondering is this a platform that is going to help me to increase my income online or it is just another scam? After checking this site thoroughly, I’ve decided to share my full review.

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Overview of the Global Affiliate Zone

GAZ is an online dedicated training program, that can help you learn how you can generate an online income. It comes with a list of great features, like training courses and webinars, that focus on giving you the best online marketing ‘tools’ to boost the performance of your company and has the most successful results.

When you subscribe to this online training platform, you get the chance to learn the most effective ways, in order to be able to start making online good profits as soon as possible.

For example, through this program, you can be taught various internet marketing strategies that can help you increase the traffic on your website. You can actually do this by running ads to several social platforms, like Facebook or Twitter. The program is designed in every detail, so you can easily learn all the strategies and how you can implement it as soon as possible.

What I think of Global Affiliate Zone

Even though many people have a negative reaction to these kind of online programs, my first reaction was a positive one; I recognized from the beginning some of the guys that were involved with the program. So, I already knew that these people had already made some incredible results online, but I had to get a better look at GAZ myself. It’s certainly similar to another program that I am a part of called AWOL Academy.

So, I checked it in every detail, in order to understand the program better and what it had to offer me. One of the first things I concluded is that the program was designed in the most detailed way and I could really learn how I could start my own business online and what I had to do in order to be profitable.

Making money online can be easy, but you need to know the right way to do it. If you have all the appropriate information, as well as all the right ‘tools’, you can definitely start generating a good online income.

More specifically, this program gives you all the rights ‘tools’ you need; you don’t have to try to figure out how to do it yourself. The only thing you have to do is to join the program and you will be able to set and run your business in the most successful way.

Amazing ‘tools’ you can get by joining a free training webinar:
– Tutorial videos

– How to run successful Fb ads

– Live training

– How to boost your business

– A special sales team to help you all the way

– Personal coaching

Is it a Scam?

After checking this site thoroughly, I don’t believe it’s a scam. After all, I know how to review a site and how to understand if an online platform is a scam or not. The Global Affiliate Zone is definitely not a scam. Instead it’s a genuine program, that offers great online solutions to its members.

Keep in mind, though, that it’s not a magic site, where by pressing just a button you can generate amazing amounts of money and be successful in just one second. It’s a well structured online platform, that offers you reasonable results. So, if you are looking to find ways to gain online traffic for your business and to acquire more customers, you definitely found the best program.

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Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Review

Welcome to my review of Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program which is one of Tai Lopez’s new programs for making money while you travel.

I’m going to share the details about Tai’s program so you know exactly what it’s all about, but first things first check out my recommendation…

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Who Is Tai Lopez?

So rather than jump straight into the review of Tai’s program let’s talk a little about Tai Lopez so you know whether he’s legit. He is someone that certainly has a lot of haters but that’s natural. It’s estimated Tai Lopez has reached around 30% of people online. That is a pretty crazy number and let’s face it there are a lot of idiots in the world so it’s no surprise he has haters.

The bottom line is nobody who “is anybody” is actually hating on Tai. The guy’s been featured by big companies like Entrepreneur and Forbes. He’s even hung out with celebrities and billionaires like Mark Cuban.

Tai’s an expert in my opinion. And I think his lifestyle, income and the sheer amount of people he’s reached on social media proves that. His Traveling CEO Program teaches you how to make money from things like social media and really who better to learn from that him? He’s reached millions of people and makes a fortune from it. It’s estimated he makes the most money from social media after the Kardashians. That is just nuts!

Here’s some of the stats he’s achieved:

  • 635M minutes watched on his YouTube videos
  • $21.7M in social media marketing testing
  • One of the top 15 TedX talks of all time
  • His YouTube videos are used by college professors to teach marketing

Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program – Overview

So what do you actually get when you decide to join the Traveling CEO program? I’ve been checking out the details on the program and it’s broken down into 4 core months.

Month 1 – The Battle Plan

You’ll learn the basics of making money while traveling. The first month is about adopting the mindset of a Traveling CEO. It’s a month long because it’ll take some time for your mind to reset from all the misguided things you learned about money in school.

Month 2 – Travel Secrets

The next month is about sharing the things you wished you knew sooner about travel. You’ll discover tips for how to travel like a pro instead of an amateur who wastes time while on vacation.

Month 3 – How To Become A Traveling CEO

Once you have adopted the mindset and know the traveling secrets you’ll discover how to apply¬†the Traveling CEO lifestyle to any business. Tai will show you things like how to manage people, how to network, and how to do all the things most CEO’s do – while you travel the world.

Month 4 – How To Subcontract The Hard Work

The 4-month program wraps up with scaling your Traveling CEO business by getting other people to do the work for you. You’ll learn how to get contracts from business owners, while you’re traveling, and outsource the work to freelancers or subcontractors. The beauty of doing this is you can literally get paid to network.

Traveling CEO Program – Thoughts…

As you can see the program is pretty detailed and it’s broken down into 4 core months. Theres tons of support and you even get bonuses for joining too. You get a 4-month guarantee, access to a private community, 1 year unrestricted access to the program (in case you need more than 4 months) and a personal concierge group. It’s a pretty cool program that’s for sure.

Is The Traveling CEO A Scam?

Definitely not. I have reviewed many systems over the past few months like Copy My Websites and I can easily spot scams. The Traveling CEO is certainly not a scam.

Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

I honestly think Tai’s programs are awesome so if you want to buy it go ahead. Alternatively ¬†check out my recommendation for making money below.

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