Sam Ovens Consulting – Scam or Real Deal?

Have you noticed the rising number of ads by Sam Ovens Consulting? If you have been keen enough about online/ internet marketing you probably have.

Maybe you saw this on Facebook, YouTube or another platform. This has got me thinking about this Sam Ovens guy. Is he the real deal as he claims or are the Sam Ovens scam rumours true?

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Overview On Sam Ovens

I first heard about Sam Ovens several years ago via a YouTube ad. What captured my attention was him making 6-figures from internet marketing consulting. Ever since he still continues to rake the high figures and his majority of students also seem to follow suit. Can you picture yourself making 6 or 7 figures from consulting?

After digging into his background, I discovered that he is from Auckland, New Zealand. At an early age of 24 years, the young entrepreneur had managed to successfully start and run 2 online businesses while operating from his parent’s home. He markets himself as a “digital marketing consultant” and claims that he can assist businesses make money and enjoy higher return on Investment (ROI) via managing ad spending and digital marketing. He is also the founder of SnapInspect, a successful property inspection app that is targeted at property owners and managers.

Is He Genuine or another Scam?

Like many other people, I’ve questioned the legitimacy of his strategy or consultancy. I mean, many people have been in the online business or internet marketing for many years. But, few can attest to making 6 or 7 figures from this venture. When you run a check on Sam Ovens via Google, you will come across all sorts of comments and opinions. Some people are skeptical about his strategy simply because he seems to handle quite a lot of businesses. Others call him a scam because they don’t seem to understand his strategy and how it helps to rake in the high figures.

His scenario is no different from that of Tai Lopez, another entrepreneur who was branded by some people as a scam. Deeper revelations however showed that Tai Lopez used millions to grow his online advertising brand just like Sam has done. Furthermore, the two entrepreneurs are known to offer lots of content for free. Who does that? Isn’t online marketing about making money and not giving stuff for free?

In addition to the above scenarios, I also came across other blogs and sites that shared similarities with Sam Ovens. However, I noticed that Sam, who is regularly featured in entrepreneur blogs and platforms, uses a clear step by step approach that shows all the necessary stages. In my views, Sam Ovens seems more genuine and isn’t another scam.

Would I invest In Sam Ovens Consulting?

Truth is I haven’t yet been part of the consulting training offered by Sam Ovens. Nonetheless, I’ve spent quite some time trying to gather all facts about him and his business. I did this to try and unearth any red flags or understand his strategy better. Reviews have indicated that quite a number of people have achieved success and are making good income. For instance, there is an individual who increased his earning from 17K up to 200k monthly after enrolling in this training. Others praise the system for being easy to follow and don’t require a person to be very knowledgeable about internet marketing or online business.

Nonetheless, there are those who complain that the customer support offered is poor while other says that getting refunds is rather sluggish.

In my years as an online marketer, I’ve come by two types of people. The first one takes a decisive action and learns a process then gauges it depending on the final results. The other person is too skeptical to try a system even if a blueprint is offered. It doesn’t matter if the steps are well-illustrated using a step-by-step approach. Such a person will never be able to experience the success simply because he never tried it out. Nonetheless, he /she will gauge a system to be scam without hard facts.

Final Thoughts On Sam Ovens

Taking all things into considerations, I can certainly say that Sam Ovens isn’t a scam and he is in fact someone you can learn a lot from.

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My Millionaire Mentor Scam – Pure BS!

Welcome to my review of My Millionaire Mentor. I’ve been taking a look and it’s pure BS so today I’m writing this review to expose it.

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With the hustle and bustle of life, very few people really pay attention to details. As long as one hears of an opportunity to get money, they rush to it with a velocity like that of an emergency response team. Take for example this scam known as My Millionaire Mentor. Despite the glaring facts that make it illegitimate, many are still falling for it. Look at my review and decide for yourself whether it’s real or scam.

My Millionaire Mentor Overview

The website lures you with fake promises of how you are going to make money online with its system of up sells. Whereby to make any up sells, you have to spend a lot of money which you are not guaranteed of profits since the system does not teach you how to do it. To get an example of how your invitation mails look like, you have to part with extra100$. This system does not have even a product to sell in the first place. It just claims that by watching the video you get $500 and that the mentor Ryan Mathews makes $11000 within half an hour. It further claims it has zero risks.

The website displays a lot of fake things to start with; Flashy airplanes, cars and mansions. It displays its type of internet marketing as easy to achieve and that you will have a lot of time to travel the world. This could have been true if it gave a span of a year but the site promises all that in a day! Ridiculous! The videos too are fake. None of it is genuine. They have just been downloaded from flikerr. I committed my time to research about them and found they have actually been changed to suit my millionaire mentor. The entrepreneur himself is not even real. If he was he could have already came out to defend his site or at least show us location of his estates and other assets.

My Millionaire Mentor = MOBE

My millionaire mentor and MOBE online system is one and the same thing because both deals with internet marketing. The only thing is; one is genuine the other is not. With MOBE, you have the real products to sell and have a support system to help you although to attain your money. My millionaire mentor doesn’t. It also gives you back a guarantee of your money as soon as you finish up with all the processes but in my millionaire mentor, the money is not guaranteed even after watching the video. The site does not even mention MOBE nor do its creator and I wonder why people might want to associate with it. All that the website mentions is how you can make money by watching videos and a testimonial of Ryan Mathews who is not even existent. The site is just not truthful or ethical.

My millionaire mentor just hired all its characters to act the entire thing out. And we know there are people who agree to do such immoral work to earn a few bucks. The lady doing the videos is actually an experienced actress in scamming; she has done it for two more online marketing scams. The founder, Ryan Mathews, hides his face and only allows us to hear his voice. Why? He should be proud he brought something revolutionary to the world. I mean $10000 dollars a day! With less or nothing to do? If this system actually worked, then all of us could be rich right now. Whenever you hear anything too good to be true, think deep.

Scams like my millionaire mentor makes money by promising you commissions for the up sells you make but very little. The more you and others promote their product, the more Ryan Mathews makes his bucks and give you a little. With time, there will be many of you selling and getting little commissions but he will be earning from all of you. You will be actually earning for having sold nothing. The driving force behind your sales will not be your passion or experience but an effort to earn back your money. This will continue for all those who will join and the scam will still spread. The only way to stop this is by not registering in the first place.

My Millionaire Mentor Conclusion

My Millionaire Mentor is a scam plain and simple. Don’t buy it.

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Tesler Software Scam – Don’t Believe It!

So you heard about Tesler Software from Tesler Investments? It is a scam website run by Steven Abrahams. The website tries very hard to convince you that is a genuine income source. Even their name, Tesler, is to fool some people into thinking that it might be somehow related to Tesla Inc.

Don’t be fooled though, I’m about to share everything.

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In reality, Tesla Inc. has nothing to do with them. Do they think of everyone as a fool? Do they think they can easily fraud everyone and no one will notice?

That’s exactly why we are here, to warn you about Tesler Investments, Tesler Software, Tesler App, or Anything named Tesler. It is a 100% scam website and app which will steal your money if you let it.

Tesler Software – SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

We cannot stress this enough. This system is a scam no different to others like Massive Online Paydays and EZ Money Team. Be sure to stay as much far away from them as you can. These kinds of binary trading scams seem to be growing a lot these days. If you are reading this article before getting tricked by Tesler or any of these schemes, you are really lucky. Fortunately, we are here to expose all these scams. If you have seen their sales video, all the people you have seen in the video are actors or associated with the scam. Steven Abrahams was also associated with a similar scam named Swarm Intelligence. You can check it out for yourself.

Truth About Tesler Software

Abrahams claims that Tesler helps people make money by 100% risk-free binary trading, the statement which in itself is quite alarming. He is outrightly lying and stating false facts to everyone is enough the reason to avoid this scheme. There cannot exist binary trading which is 100% risk-free. Whenever you hear such words, be sure that there is something suspicious.
In the video, have the seen the women he visited? She is surely an actor. No one would go to someone’s home unannounced with a complete camera crew. Everything you see in the video is staged and acted.

How Does Tesler Scam Work?

Are you pondering over how the scam works? First, they pick you and show you an extremely convincing sales video. The sales video surely appears very intriguing and promising. The scams are always designed to appear hyper-realistic. Then, they ask you to install the software and sign up. After you have signed up, you’ll be told to deposit money in your account. They will say that the more money you deposit the more profit you earn. They were obviously lying. In reality, the more money you deposit the money they scam out of you. Then, you are asked to deposit a minimum fund of $250 to start trading. After you have deposited your money, the bots start automatic trading on your behalf. You will have absolutely no control over the trades. You can’t even select the amount of money for each trade or the amount of money to be traded in a day. The system is designed in such a way to trade all your money as fast as possible. Within no time, you’ll be left with no money in your account. But, they said it was risk-free, right. Yes, and they lied. When you ask about it to them they say that you must have done something like choosing wrong settings for the software. The will encourage you to deposit more funds. They have sales people who can be very convincing in pitching that you should deposit more. No matter how many times or how much money you deposit you will always end with the same result, zero account balance. They have even scammed people of their life savings. In total, they have scammed in millions of dollars. This is considered as one of the worst financial scams.

Tesler Conclusion

Tesler software is a confirmed financial scam, which should be avoided. We are warning you again and again. Don’t be trapped in their fancy presentation and extremely tempting offers. Everything they tell you is a lie. The only thing they care about is getting maximum money out of you.

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Massive Online Paydays Scam – What A Joke!

Massive Online Paydays appears to be making very bold claims, clearly. For instance, there is a pretty big banner that informs you that there is a guaranteed payday of $500 today for you, but is it legit?

I’m sharing my full review below.

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Massive Online Paydays – Overview

I will also admit that bold claims of income and videos of sales “proof” do not please me at all, rather I find them annoying. In my opinion, such claims act as signs of scams. Sometimes, when the system is even genuine, it appears to be a scam while using these. Such stunts used to be effective even a few years earlier but now, not sure what you think, but every time I find such bold and big claims about such sizeable rewards or money that one can make, I instantly doubt it to be a big scam. I prefer seeing some sort of free-of-cost training educating a genuine and real method for earning money instead of such hype.

After getting closer to the matter, it becomes evident that this is a system that actually promotes the opportunity for Mobe business. It is almost same to the Massive Internet Profits and Online Profits Breakthrough. An Australian man named as Matt Lloyd started the Mobe business.

Most of the people who actually signed up for this opportunity of business then became affiliates who were paid every time they referred new users to Mobe & then websites such as Massive Online Paydays tend to be brought in by such affiliates. The main problem that I seem to have with such type of websites is that most of these websites do almost everything to get you sign up with the Mobe. I have even written about it in many of my previous reviews, after exposing many websites, that such websites are solely made by those that are super affiliates of the Mobe.

I am not implying that everyone of them is not good but a large portion of them are just found to lie blatantly about Mobe, to sell you this whole thing.

They keep talking about the amount of money one can make easily & how one is guaranteed to make $500. These all are actually a scam because while Mobe have a guarantee of $500, it is entirely impossible to make such amount the day one sign up & one will just have to spend literally $10000 for that guarantee to come into an effect.

The guarantee basically is that one start following the Mobe’s system of 21 steps & if he/she is implementing everything that they tell them & still don’t make any money they will give $500 to them. But actually it is completely pointless as if one doesn’t make any money; he/she will have most probably spent that $10000 on their products. After that, giving one back $500 for spending such a five-figured amount is actually not a big deal at all. They have already successfully made a good amount of money from them anyway (Mobe that is)

What Is Mobe?

I rather admire Matt Lloyd and am not against Mobe. As a matter of fact, I follow Matt Lloyd on Snapchat and believe that he did extremely well by building the Mobe to a huge & successful business.

My problem actually lies with those affiliates who evidently lie on their sites such as Massive Online Paydays. Though it is not clear if Matt Lloyd is actually being ignorant about these activities or not, I assume that he is well aware of them but somehow still believes that the end will justify these means. In simple terms, the affiliates can easily lie in order to make sales as he firmly believes that his company gives solid products as an end product.

My Conclusion

My opinion is that Massive Online Paydays don’t tell you the truth so that they can sell you Mobe and the majority of people won’t make money and will be left disappointed because they have been lied to which is why I won’t be recommending it to you.

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Cash Finder System – Scam System Exposed

The Cash Finder System is one of the latest money generating schemes that I am currently evaluating. Is it a bright new spot in the investment sector or is just a scam? Let’s take a closer look below!

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Cash Finder System Review

The present moment is witnessing a surge in the popularity of Cash Finder System and it is not necessarily a good thing. With more and more people getting aware of the system, the need to discuss about the loopholes of the system turns all the way more important. According to me, it is just a scam, quite similar to the ones like EZ Money Team and Global Affiliate Zone etc. It gets one interested by promising unbelievable amounts of money in exchange of little effort.

It is clear that the website claims that the subscriber can earn from three thousand dollars up to ten thousand dollars every day. It advertises the possibility as if it was as easy as just making big chunks and getting them rolled by the company. The whole system is a hoax and it hardly gives a cent back to the subscriber. As an experienced reviewer my opinion about this system is that the system is very close to a scam. All these similar systems have one thing in common, they offer very little value in exchange for the investment.

I find it better to check out other reviews before putting my thoughts into words, when it comes to reviews of such systems. The perspective with which others view the system and the reasons for their views interest me. But unfortunately, other reviews do not rate this system very highly and personally i can’t figure out how the company expects to turn the system into a profitable venture for the customers. It claims that one can easily earn five thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars in a day which is not possible in real life.

The Truth About Cash Finder System

But what is the real deal about this system? Where does the money come from? Where do the investments go to? After a close inspection and some necessary research I found that the whole system was actually based on real estate. It is hardly an online money making scheme. The system is about turning yourself into a real estate broker or more simply a middle man. The income is through commissions for getting properties sold. If you are the guy who is ready to invest a lot of time and really turn this into your full time profession, then it is the scheme for you. But as far as i am concerned, i would rather like to have some experience before jumping into a new profession.

To be honest, i found the idea extremely random and a touch peculiar. The fact that it is advertised as an online money making scheme and in reality it is not even an online activity marks it as peculiar for me. In my opinion the system is just a hoax and if you are interested in trying it, you are about to waste a lot of precious time. The resources that comes with the system like a list of online tools and few hacks are also not very helpful. Though some might argue that it is not altogether a scam and can actually be used to earn money, it is far too complicated to be used in any profitable manner.


The fact that i am not a very big fan of this system must be clear to everyone by now. The chances of the scheme helping you to earn any money is very less and it is improbable that it will succeed. The scheme is too complicated for a normal person to understand and use effectively.

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The Money Academy Scam System Exposed!

The Money Academy is a brand new scam that has been launched and I am writing this review to warn you beforehand from signing up.

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In my opinion, The Money Academy is just another scam where I believe you will lose your money. The ones who run the scheme promise that one can make a fortune but they never really tell you how it is done.

They have motivational sales videos that are hyped up with the rendition dictating struggles a particular person went through and how he/she finally overcame adversity to earn money. I believe that scenario sounds all too familiar to other scams I know for instance Massive Internet Profits and Big Profit System.

After writing over 100 reviews on this and another blog, I have become tired because they seem to be cut from the same cloth. This is in terms of every product and opportunity that I have reviewed. I have seen that there is not much change in the industry.

Cost of The Money Academy

At the beginning, one will be required to part with $49 and this is just for the start. This might appear like a small figure considering what you are promised but the reality is different. Upon further scrutiny, I realised that The Money Academy was just another sales system that promoted MOBE (My Online Business Empire) by Matt Lloyd.

Matt Lloyd is actually a good guy and his system is legitimate. However, many of the affiliates who promote his system are not exactly “ethical”. This is because they created overly hyped systems like The Money Academy which are based on nothing more than a sales video.

Another example which I already mentioned earlier in this review is Massive Internet Profits. That website promotes MOBE through one of the most hyped up videos ever made. Similarly, they display the videos full of fake testimonials in order to persuade you to sign up.

To be honest, I have never understood why they do this because Matt Lloyd actually has plenty of real testimonials for his system. So I wonder, why not just contact him and ask him if they could use the real testimonials instead of using the fabricated ones.

Going back to the question of how much it costs, the $49 is basically just an application fee to get signed up. The notion that one is guaranteed $500 is false because you are only guaranteed that money if you follow all the steps in their system.

It is crystal clear that they are not going to reveal this to you because they just want you to sign up and get you into their bandwagon in order to make money from you. The truth is, if you follow their entire step, it will cost you tens of thousands of US dollars. Ideally, they pay you $500 which is basically giving you a tiny fraction of the money you already spent.

The Truth about The Money Academy / MOBE

It should be noted that I do not wish to slam Matt Lloyd in this piece. Moreover, plenty of people have had success with his system. What I do not agree with is the people behind systems like The Money Academy which exist only to promote MOBE.

Matt surely must know that this is going on, after all he must partner with some of these people. I wonder, if it okay to lie to them in the beginning if he can deliver on his promises later on? Maybe, I do not really know for certain.

In conclusion, I do not recommend The Money Academy because this system does not tell the full story and is based on sorely getting you to sign up. Lastly, I also do not think that you will make the money that they stipulate.

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The Lotto Crusher System Scam Exposed

Lotto Crusher System is a system that claims to increase your chances of winning lottery. The site owner of this system claims to have won so many lotteries and now wants to share with us. (Yeah right…)

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Apart from just the wins the system is also a guaranteed entertainment. What left me wondering is why this person would want to share big information with us on how to win millions of dollars and not want to play, win and cash it for himself. The deal is probably too good to be true.

Why Lotto Crusher System Is A Scam

The system actually invites you with some video explaining how you can easily win the lotto. The guy behind it claims to have spent two years learning how to crack lotto numbers and was able to win 5 different times in a span of 3 months. What grabbed my attention was him explaining how he was held at gun point by some lotto store owner who thought he was using magic since he had won too much. What got me worried is the transparency of the video. There are no tickets or any form of prove to accompany his words. Why not use the tactics himself and win more lotteries than waste his time trying to convince us.

Lotto Crusher – The payments

The person behind this system claims to have won millions of lotteries and now wants to share with us. If it’s true he really cares for us why is he still digging into our pockets? Why not give us the tactics for free? Instead there are loads of cash you have to offer in exchange for the winning odds. Before you actually get the system there is a five day trial at a cost of $4.95. After the five days get a 30 day subscription which will cost you $39.99. Surely’ who is winning here? It’s no doubt the guys selling the system.

The calculations

Who is foolish enough to fall for these? What is the relationship between previous numbers and future wins? This totally can’t work. This guy uses statistical dates to enter 7 previous numbers that are then split to get possible winning numbers. You are then guaranteed a win using those numbers.Really? Every like-minded individual out there knows that winning a lottery is just sheer luck. There is no relationship between the past winning numbers and the next and it’s actually a waste of time to analyze the past numbers hoping to use them for winning next lotto. I totally agree with these people, I must say.

The testimonials

To lure us into believing the system works and chop off more of our hard earned money; the website of course have created some testimonials and reviews. These guys have paid some actors to give us fake testimonials. Actually the guys in the testimonial videos are found on Fiverr.


The pressure

The guy actually doesn’t what us to take some time and read more about the system before purchasing. The moment I opened the site, I quickly notice that time was tickling and I was informed that the site will be taken down after a limited time. The unsuspecting individuals will hurry and buy thinking they will run out of time. That is not true because when I closed my screen and came back after some time; the time just started over.


We all dream of winning lottery. Just the feeling of getting free millions without working hard enough is a dream of many people. However, am not saying that you should not try your lack with lotto; who knows, you could sleep broke and wake up a millionaire. What am really against is these guys who make us think that there are some tactics that can help us win. They are completely false information and if you happen to come across such information like the Lotto Crusher System; then my advice is run the opposite direction.

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Ps.. see other scams I’ve exposed like Massive Internet Profits

WIFI Millionaire by Matt Lloyd – Another Scam?

WIFI Millionaire is a new system made by Matt Lloyd. Would you like to know if this product is a scam? Read on as I am sharing my full review & opinion.

Before I start…

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What The WiFi Millionaire?

The WIFI Millionaire is another system by Matt Lloyd who is also the creator of Mobe. Before I delve into the WIFI Millionaire, I will introduce Mobe. Mobe is a highly successful company that was established a few years ago. This company has earned Matt Lloyd over $150 million, half of which has been shared with his affiliates. Mobe is essentially a digital marketing business that teaches affiliates how to run an online business. These affiliates then earn money by signing up to Mobe. Even with its challenges, the product is not a scam according to my observation.

With that introduction, let’s go back to the WIFI Millionaire. How is it connected to Mobe? In a few words, it is a supporting sales pitch platform whose aim is to promote the Mobe product. Indeed, it is a video strategy used by Matt and his affiliates to promote the Mobe opportunity.

There are a couple of other products in the market that are similar to it. These include Online Profits Breakthrough as well as 21 Step Millionaire coach. Both of them also promote the Mobe product. The key observation I have made is that the WIFI Millionaire is actually an official sales funnel supported by Mobe.

This is not the case with the other two, however. In fact, they come off as scams to me because they have used questionable data that generally puts Mobe in a bad light. Most of the claims made by the two companies never add up and there is no way of following up on anything, unfortunately.

How does the WIFI Millionaire Work?

As I have mentioned before, the WIFI Millionaire is a supporting sales product whose objective is to help Mobe get more traffic. Basically, Mobe offers products of high value which its affiliates promote and earn commissions on. As opposed to other kinds of business sales systems, products on offer at Mobe are actually quite expensive in monetary terms. This means that each sale attracts a substantial level of commission. Affiliates who buy these products and later resell them thus make some good cash at the end of the day.

Mobe offers the training required to sell its products to its affiliates. A Mobe affiliate is thus not involved in the sale of opportunities of low cost. Indeed, the opportunities for sale at Mobe are live events organized by Matt Lloyd which happen many times each year. Affiliates attend such events based on their level in the system as there are people at different levels.
I have watched a number of videos by Matt Lloyd. In one of the videos, he gives an explicit overview of what his business entails. He compared his model to franchising, although he noted that it was quite different to franchising especially on the cost side. His model is basically way less costly than franchising and also offers a lot more profit. The advantage of the model is that it is a verifiable venture which helps business-people make money reselling products legitimately.

Is WIFI Millionaire A Scam?

The WIFI Millionaire is definitely not a scam from where I stand. There are many checks that present this system as legit. I am quite aware that contrary opinions may exist on the internet, but it all really comes down to your own perspective of the multi-level marketing industry. Matt Lloyd has not explicitly officially presented his business as MLM, but the structure of the business helps us categorise the business as such. In short thus, for those familiar with similar businesses, this review acts as a fair representation of facts about the company.

The WIFI Millionaire – Final Thoughts

WIFI Millionaire is a unique product that has attracted a lot of attention. Would I recommend the WIFI Millionaire? Not exactly.

I personally believe there’s a better solution for you to make money.

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Digital Income Method – Scam or Real System?

Today I’m impartially reviewing Digital Income Method, Mack Mills’ latest system, with the view of establishing if it indeed works or it is yet another scam system.

Read on for the full details and my informed opinion on the system.

Before I start…

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What Digital Income Method Entails

After taking a closer look at this platform, I soon realized it’s not a scam; Mack is himself a legitimate person who has been the leading earner in several companies. Digital Income Method is essentially a sales platform designed to promote Digital Altitude. Mack has successfully developed and launched several such systems in the recent past, and proceeded to market different opportunities that thousands of people successfully.

A short while ago, Mack created the Daily Income Method for a MCA, the company which has performed very well, and people are already witnessing success with it. Unfortunately, most of the firms in the marketing field do not have what it takes to make sales system that can effectively market their goods and opportunity. Even those who try hard still fail miserably, and that is, precisely, where Mack excels. He has managed to venture, create systems and come up with able teams.

So, How Does The System Work?

Simple! Other than the system promoting the products and the business opportunity, it provides a platform so as to promote the products. It operates in the same way as Mack’s Daily Income Method in that you can use it to market Digital Altitude (instead of MCA). You gain entry into the Members area, where you have access to some marketing items like lead capture pages as well as his sales page, thus allowing you to make sales fast. Additionally, you get access to various other marketing resources that will subsequently help you drive traffic and hence make sales. Regarding systems of its kinds, Digital Income Method is excellent, and converts extremely well.

Earlier on, Mack developed another sales system, which did extremely well, for Digital Altitude, before revamping it, which explains the origin of name Digital Income Method. Having built a big team in the business, Mack appears to be making a making a comeback for the second time, plus he’s allowing affiliates to recommend his sales video and earn commissions on it.

The Meaning of Digital Altitude

Digital Altitude refers to the firm/business opportunity Mack’s Digital Income Method markets. Since its launch about one year ago (in 2016), the company which provides an opportunity to generate income by reselling its products has grown remarkably fast. It allows you to resell and earn as high as 60 percent commissions three levels deep.

Is the System in any way a scam?

No! Mack has been a prominent producer in the industry for very many years and has even emerged as the top earner in every company he has ever worked. Consequently, the system he develops indeed works. I even personally promoted several of his opportunities previously and made a lot of money with his unique sales presentations.

Besides, Digital Altitude, the company behind the sales system is not a scam. Even the few people who label it scam on the internet are promoting rival companies. The overwhelmingly positive reviews come from affiliates and hence represent the real picture. So, in my considered opinion, Digital Altitude isn’t a scam; it’s, however, worth noting that the system is a high-ticket opportunity meaning it can, possibly, cost you a fortune particularly if you want to earn commissions on all the products.

Pros and Cons

• Tried-and-tested system; Mack has previously developed other proven systems successfully.

• Automated selling system; the system does the intricate part for you

• Minimal startup costs; it doesn’t cost you a fortune to get started

• Several income streams

• High-quality sales material (which cost him 5-figures to create)

• Ability to earn huge commissions


Honestly, it is hard to identify any obvious negatives. However, for this review to have a balanced appearance, below are my the cons I have come up with.

• Limited marketing resources; novices may struggle to attain quality leads/traffic.

• Marketing system is not free; probably not quite a negative but several systems cost nothing with the system

• Limited training; it suits most people who have enough experience online

• Digital Altitude is a high-ticket company


Clearly Mack’s sales video works and can help you make more sales of Digital Altitude. I would recommend it however I have something else that I personally feel can help you make more money.

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EZ Money Team Scam – Another Big Scam!

EZ Money Team is an online income opportunity targeting people who want to make quick money easily through the internet. It claims to offer people more income and a happier living by working online.

Well today I’m taking a closer look and sharing my honest opinion.

Before I start…

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What makes EZ Money Team a scam?

The system is made up of cheats and liars who can lure unsuspecting individuals into spending their money with empty promises of getting rich quickly. It’s your typical “get rich quick” scam in my opinion and very similar to others I’ve exposed like Massive Internet Profits and Home Earning System.

Fake Testimonials

To start with, EZ Money Team has a bunch of fake testimonials which if you are not careful can mislead you into believing in it. They are full of hired individuals with fake photos that give their experience and account information that are too good to be true. A popular testimonial that will come across is that of Sarah who is a mother of three and has achieved so much with EZ Money Team. However, the photo of Sarah is the first thing to get you questioning since it’s actually a stock photo!

EZ Money Team Sales Video

Take a deep look on the sales video which claims to explain to you how to work with EZ Money system. If you pay good attention; the video does not give any important information that can help you venture into this money making business. The video only encourages you to purchase the system for as low as $49 which may not seem a bad deal considering the amount of money you are going to make in a few weeks.


Another thing that raises eyebrows is the endorsement from big companies which if you have a good knowledge about them; it is completely impossible for them to endorse a money making system.

EZ Money Team Links/Services

The system is linked with other services which are well known scams or provide poor services. The first link that EZMoney Team directs you to register for is a ClickSure account. Surely, what will I need the account for; considering it’s an affiliate network well known for scams. As if that’s not enough, you will also be required to register for Coolhandle account. This website building and hosting company is also well known for its poor services and several people have launched complains about it. These should be enough to help you have a second thought about the system.

Extra Purchases / Up-Sells

From a deeper perspective, you find out that EZ Money is only meant to feel the pockets of its owners and not you. Your purchase does not just end at the initial $49 that you pay to access the system; on the contrary, you need to carry out other purchases to fully operate the business and these are not explained in the video.


ClickBetter Payment

EZ Money system is sold via ClickBetter. This could be good news since you can have your money refunded back to you if you change your mind within 60 days of purchasing the training and many recommended accounts. The bad news is that any payment process run by ClickBetter raises eyebrows because money scams choose this payment process.

EZ Money Team – Fake Owner

Jeffrey Hart, the person behind the training videos is a fake. If you do a research about this person you will come up with nothing. You will however find the name Oscar Oritz which could be the real name but why is he using an alias?

EZ Money Team Conclusion

If you really want to make money online, don’t fall for enticing words like get rich quick or websites that make ridiculous claims without any proof or real testimonials. Earning decent money online like any other income opportunity requires patience and hard work.

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