Freedom Checks – Scam Exposed? [Honest Reviews]

Interested in honest Freedom Checks reviews?

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Freedom Checks and people are wondering whether it’s really legit or another scam.

I’ve been investigating it to learn more and see what other Freedom Checks reviews are saying and now I’m sharing all the details.

Before I start…

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Freedom Checks Review

Whilst searching through my emails I came across one that was asking me about an opportunity called Freedom Checks. This person was asking me if this was really the real deal or whether it was a scam.

The Freedom Checks website makes some incredible claims and says that you can earn huge checks of $24,075, $66,570 and a huge $160,923.

My initial thoughts were that this MUST be a scam, however I decided to investigate and really see what it was all about.

Could these “Freedom Checks” really be legit?

freedom checks reviews website

Doug Smith claims to have cashed in a check for $24,075 which is one of the smaller ones, and Mike Reed has been able to cash in a huge check of $160,923.


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These success stories do sound amazing but when searching for Freedom Checks reviews there is no real information out there. Nobody who has actually invested and sharing an honest story.

All you see is a couple of websites sharing information about Freedom Checks but no hard information about it, so that’s why I decided to do some more digging and find out the real truth about it.

Apparently Freedom Checks aren’t just for average people. Even hedge fund managers are getting in on the action with 1 getting a $7.1 million check every year.

With so much hype, what the heck is Freedom Checks all about?

Freedom Checks – How Does It Work?

After doing some digging I came across information that shared how 568 agencies from across the USA are sending out these Freedom Checks to people that invest in them.

The total up for grabs is estimated at around $34 billion, and it doesn’t matter what your age or background is. As long as you are able to invest money you can actually get these kind of returns and get your slice of the pie. At least that is what is claimed.


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Also it’s got nothing to do with the government, 401k’s, Medicare or social security.

That does make you wonder what in the world is Freedom Checks all about and where is this incredible amount of money coming from?

example of a freedom check

The company who is sharing all the information about Freedom Checks is known as Banyan Hill Publishing.

I have not been able to find out much about them but on the surface they do seem to be legitimate. Their website shares investment advice and looks professional.

They have shared information on how to actually get these Freedom Checks which is a term they have come up with themselves. I suspect it’s for marketing purposes seen as it’s a rather catching name!


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Introducing Matt Badiali…

I was able to find out that Matt Badiali is the reason these Freedom Checks have come about because he is an expert at mining, energy and agriculture. For the past 2 decades he’s been known as an expert in these fields and has taught geology at Duke University and others too.

Whilst this information may sound a bit random stick with me as I will explain. Matt has travelled the world, and been to all kinds of different places. He’s a well travelled guy who has spent time around the worlds top CEO’s.

Matt was the one who came across the Freedom Checks because he released a video about it and everyone has been wanting more information. He shared how people can potentially earn 5, 6 and even 6-figures in Freedom Checks with zero work at all and of course it raises a few eye brows.

These Freedom Checks apparently come from US energy companies who are involved in fracking. This is because there has been a huge decrease in the amount of Oil being imported to the US and it’s created a huge demand for fracking instead.

This means that companies have invested heavily into this and are looking for other investors to come on board too.


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How Can You Profit With Freedom Checks?

This begs the question, “how can you profit with freedom checks?” – I wondered this too but here is where it gets interesting.

Apparently the companies involved in fracking must pay out huge returns to investors because they are legally obligated to pay out over 90% of their profits back to investors.

Matt has stated that over $34 billion is up for grabs and many of these returns will be paid in the next 12 months. He claims that huge returns of 5,889%, 8,839% and even 39,832%. These gains are utterly ridiculous but apparently they are achievable by getting involved in Freedom Checks.


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Is Freedom Checks Just Another Scam?

There has been a huge amount of hype surrounding Freedom Checks and naturally this has meant a lot of people are wondering whether Freedom Checks scam rumours are true.

This is natural for sure, when someone claims you can make such huge returns you are naturally going to be skeptical. I am skeptical for sure. My opinion is that it’s really hard to tell and I will explain…

The company who has shared information on these Freedom Checks is only allowing you to learn more about it via their investment newsletter that costs $49 to get started with.

I am not a cynical person however let’s face it, when $49 is being asked for (plus probably other up-sells) you do have to question how honest the information is.

Perhaps they have just hyped up Freedom Checks so they can get more people jumping on their investment newsletter?

I’ve seen this kind of thing happen time and time again where a specific trading strategy or investment type is hyped up, and to actually find out more about it you need to sign up to an investment newsletter potentially spending $1,000’s a year to get more information about it.


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Here’s the honest truth…

Matt Badiali is probably an honest guy, but there’s really no way of knowing unless you are prepared to sign up to the investment newsletter and also make an investment into the Freedom Checks companies.

I am naturally skeptical that these returns are possible and I haven’t actually seen any REAL reviews sharing information on this.

Freedom Checks Conclusion

Freedom Checks is not something I would recommend because to be quite honest I have no clue whether it is legitimate or not. All I know is that in order to participate you need to join their investment newsletter.

Plus, you will need to spend money investing in these companies to see a return. I think the whole “Freedom Checks” thing initially sounds like you are getting free money, but you are definitely not.

My advice: investment money that you can afford to lose and you never know, you could end up seeing a huge return from it.

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Power Mining Pool – Ponzi Scam? [Honest Review]

Welcome to my Power Mining Pool review.

I will be sharing my honest opinion, hence if you’ve been looking for more information about this eco-friendly company that promised a 60% ROI to its investors, you are at the right place.

Before I start…

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Power Mining Pool Review

Honestly speaking, websites that are the likes of Power Mining have failed to win my confidence. I recently received a promotional email from someone that was trying to convince me that I could make a kill by investing in it. The promise was guaranteed bitcoin income. This prompted me to go over to their website to find out more. With the rate at which cryptocurrency has grown in 2017, I have been recently very interested in it. A number of issues, however, raised my eyebrow and I will be explaining why.


I wouldn’t want to label it a scam only for it to turn out to be legit. It “COULD”be legit. However, the fact that they guarantee daily payouts makes me doubt it. It has a program very similar to other scam programs that I have recently exposed, the likes of Bitclub.

The huge cryptocurrency rise has seen Power Mining promise its potential investors more money than they will actually invest, as they claim that they will source the money from mining Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. I began suspecting the company the moment I noticed that they have an affiliate opportunity where affiliates will earn lots of money by recruiting other people.

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I proved this to be true because I got to hear about Power Mining Pool through an affiliate. This person was banking on earning money once I deposited, and was making it look like a really good opportunity. Bitconnect has the same approach. The person referring you gets to earn a decent amount of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin once they got to recruit you.

Is Power Mining Pool Really a Scam?

This has not been established yet because affiliates are already earning decent amounts from this opportunity. The high risk associated with such a goldmine is blanketed by the fact that an assurance of payment has already been established. One thing one should have in mind is that most scams make sure they pay at the beginning, so as to lure more people in. Once people have invested a lot, the program collapses leaving them in disbelief of what just happened to their life savings.

My Honest Opinion…

Having been in the online space for quite a while, opportunities have come and gone. I strongly believe that companies such as Power Mining are just taking advantage of the BitCoin hype hence using it to make money. It is not the first scamming company and definitely, many more are to come. There mouth watering affiliate program lures millions of investors and top marketers. Such opportunities rarely have any money in them hence seek to make it from the people that are gullible enough to invest.

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When the “ad pack” opportunity hit the market, many were convinced that they would earn the guaranteed percentage return. many were lured into investing in “advertising packs” that claimed to share the fortune they were making with its investors. It only took a few years for everyone to realize they had been scammed by a ponzi scheme!

Bitcoin is the new buzz word companies such a Power Mining Pool and others I have reviewed are using to get people hooked. It seems advertising and forex no longer have the charm they have always had because, well, cryptocurrency mining is what is currently trending.

Power Mining Pool  Conclusion

I personally wouldn’t dare invest in this company. I could be wrong about it being a scam, but I’d rather be safe. This is a company whose features points it to a possibility of vanishing overnight! By investing in such a company using BitCoins, the probability of even tracing your money is nil because that’s just how BitCoins is.

Rather than recommend something that I might regret I’d rather show you a legitimate way to make money below.

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Davor Coin Scam – Ponzi Scheme? [Full Review]

Have you been looking for a review of Davor Coin?

Are you afraid that Davor Coin could just be another ponzi scheme scam?

I’ve been taking a closer look, and now I’m sharing my honest review giving you all the details, read on.

Before I start..


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Davor Coin Review

I couldn’t believe that people were still interested in the Davor Coin when I first heard someone talk about it. I realized that it is high time people learned from other people’s mistakes, especially on hearing that the Davor coin platform, whose website is, allows users to earn money by lending it out.

The two were the largest cryptocurrency platforms just before they collapsed. If I were to be brutally honest, I would use the term ponzi scheme, because, in reality, they were not a genuine lending program.Things got worse for both of these programs were hit by the cease and desist emerging from the Texas state.

The closure of US operations was first announced by USI Tech, then BitConnect followed suit a week later.

This saw the price of BCC, the BitConnect Coin drop to less than $19 all the way from $400. It is interesting to note that they claim the launching of their BitConnectX ICO will still go ahead as planned. I would be surprised if anyone would be confident enough to invest it.

USI Tech was in the process of using the ICO to launch Tech Coin, a tradable cryptocurrency. Although it initially had the potential to do really well, I doubt if this will be happening in as much as they aim to target Canada/ non-US investors.

With all this going on, the masses are still attracted to the Davor Coin. Can you imagine that an advert appearing on Google claims that the rate at which Davor Coin is rising cannot be compared to that of BitConnect? It is not easy to fathom how this has happened considering the recent past occurrences.

What Is Davor Coin Anyway?

Having expressed my lack of confidence and concerns regarding DavorCoin, I honestly don’t think it much will change in the long run. It looks so similar to the other recently collapsed schemes.

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I am still going to dig a little dipper into the coin, just to ensure you get to understand what it is all about in detail.

DavorCoin claims that by investing in their coin you become a part of an ambitious project in the cryptocurrency space. The face of its website looks legit, with them trading on CoinExchange. As of the time I was doing this review, their exchange rate stood at $91.19 per DAV on

The website claims to have a 24/hour volume totaling to $3.6 million, which is way less than the mere $189,000 stated on Coin Market Cap. it is worrying how different these figures are, and I honestly cannot say which one is correct.

DavorCoin endeavors to supersede both BitCoin and Ethereum, the two biggest cryptocurrencies with the largest market caps. I don’t know how possible this is because reading through their White Paper, I couldn’t pick any similarities between Ethereum and DavorCoin. It does not mention any use of smart contracts, a feature that has seen Ethereum gain an upper hand over BitCoin. This feature has seen many ICO’s launched off the Ethereum platform.

I wouldn’t want to bother you with the details because should it happen that you are new to the Cryptocurrency world, you might end up being more confused. However, just have this in mind, that there is no way davorCoin can match up to Ethereum.

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Davor Coin White Paper

I was surprised to find out that the DavorCoin’s White paper is only a page long!

How do they expect to explain in detail what will be offered by the cryptocurrency in a single page? A White Paper usually bears the key selling points and is usually what potential investors use as a prospectus. It is supposed to cover what the coin’s core purpose is and provide all the necessary details. A majority of the White Papers I have come across range from 30-40 pages long, with some going even beyond 100 pages! DavaCoin’s White Paper is just a page long, sigh!

Why do I say DavorCoin Is Just Like BitConnect?

Having closed down its operations recently, BitConnect proved to be a ponzi scheme. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that this DavorCoin is just a clone of the failed BitConnect ponzi scheme. Why do I say so?


Have a look at this:


This image sourced from the DavorCoin website explains how the coin will work.

On BitConnect’s site, this is what had been listed:


Do you notice that the only difference is the fact that DavorCoin does not mention mining but has an affiliate program? Apart from that, the rest of the concept is just a mirror of the other.

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Still not convinced that DavorCoin is just a BitConnect clone?

This is how their lending platform operates, and the time it will take you to gain the mentioned interest and recover the capital invested.


On BitConnect’s site, this is what had been listed:


It’s just a clone!

I should have said enough by now in this review.

Having seen how successful BitConnect was in its scheme, DavorCoin just wants to replicate it. Just like all ponzi schemes do, BitConnect has for sure witnessed its downfall!

DavorCoin Conclusion

Having taken a keen interest in DavorCoin, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that it is just a BitConnect clone hoping to make a kill in its scheme. There are high chances that the owners of BitConnect fled off with more than $1 billion BitCoins from its investors. This is very likely to happen with DavorCoin considering the rate at which it is growing. How else can a program paying a whole 1% interest per day sustain itself?

More and more people are flooding the platform even at its infancy stage. if you decide to invest, invest wisely and be open-minded. Be prepared to lose everything!

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My Online Dream Biz – Another Scam System?

Today I’m reviewing My Online Dream Biz ( which is a new website claiming it can help you make $3000 to $6000 per month.

If you’re looking for an honest review keep reading, because I am sharing the real truth about My Online Dream Biz unlike other blogs.

Before I start…

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My Online Dream Biz Review

I heard about My Online Dream Biz via an email promotion and after landing on the website I noticed that it’s making some very big claims about the amount of income you can earn. Whilst it’s not talking about millions it does state that you can earn around $6,000 per month with very little work.

These kind of claims do seem unrealistic considering the website states that you can basically earn this without doing any work. Let me be clear that you can earn a lot of money online and generate a 6-figure income but it’s not going to happen from clicking a few buttons as they suggest.

To be honest the website reminds me of One Click Pay Day which also makes some very bold claims and other similar scam websites.

my online dream biz website

How My Online Dream Biz Works

I watched the whole video and one of the biggest things that hit me was actually the guy in the sales video who is called “Jason” because I recognise this man and I can tell you that he is an actor.

This person has been in dozens of sales videos for scam systems over the past few years which tells me that the real owner of this website has simply hired him to create this video.

This instantly does not give me much hope for My Online Dream Biz since I have witnessed this man claiming that he’s made millions before in other sales videos for a number of different systems even though you can (or could) find him on selling testimonial services.

The Price…

If you decide to sign up to My Online Dream Biz it will cost you $99. In the video Jason says that he is going to give you $400 at the end of the video which is an incentive to keep watching.

Lots of people I am sure will do this because they want to get $400 for doing nothing but it’s a bit of a disappointment when the $400 is simply a discount off the price of My Online Dream Biz.

Jason says that the price was $499 but since you watched the video he is giving you a discount of $400 so it’s only $99. This is a bit of a joke to be honest because the price was most likely never $499. I would take an accurate guess that the price has always been just $99 and this whole thing about getting 400 bucks is just a scam to get you to watch the whole video.

The Up-Sells

After you actually spend that initial $99 to get access to the My Online Dream Biz members area you’ll first have to go through a few up-sells. They try and extract more money from you because it’s been proven you’re more likely to buy more products after you first buy a product.

Hopefully that makes sense, basically if you have ever been on websites like Amazon you’ll know that they recommend other products to you when you are at the checkout phase of your order. This is because those products might be of interest to you and often they actually are.

With My Online Dream Biz they are doing the same thing but the negative here is that the products on offer actually aren’t going to help you. They’ll claim that they can help you make a bunch of extra cash but in reality they won’t do that.

Inside the members area for My Online Dream Biz it will be very much the same. More confusing training and recommendations to get tools that you don’t even need. It’s all designed to extract more money from you.

Once you become a customer too I can guarantee that you will receive endless email promotions for other products and systems. Many of these might be high ticket programs like Borderless Income System that could potentially set you back 10’s of $1,000’s.

My Online Dream Biz Conclusion

As soon as I landed on the website I had doubts that this was a real system for making money simply because of the actor being used in the sales video. This guy has appeared on more scam websites than I can remember.

That doesn’t exactly fill one with confidents about a system and after further investigation My Online Dream Biz is definitely not something that I would recommend.

There may be other blogs out there telling you it’s an amazing system but I guarantee that these people are affiliates who will get paid if you sign up. I will never recommend a program like this and only recommend proven ways to make money that I have personally tested myself.

A good example of this is my no.1 recommendation for making money online as it’s made me over $150k this year already.

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Borderless Income System – Real or Scam?

The Borderless Income System is a brand new website but can it really help you make money or is it just another scam?

Today I’m sharing my honest review and the real truth.

Before I start…

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Borderless Income System Review

Borderless Income System is a new website created by Ewen Chia who is an internet marketer. The website actually claims that he is the number 1 super affiliate in the world or at least that’s what people call him.

I have known about Ewen for many years and you’ll be happy to know that he is actually the real deal when it comes to making money. He’s something of a veteran when it comes to making money online as he’s been in this space for many years. I remember as far back as 2007 seeing him online selling his courses on how to make money.

It seems that after all these years he’s still at it however this time he’s making money as an affiliate marketer instead of actually creating his own products. Despite actually being a product creator in the past he’s now part of a business opportunity which is why he appears in the sales video for Borderless Income System.

So what exactly is the Borderless Income System? Well the truth is that’s just the name of the website that the video is on. There is no such thing as the “Borderless Income System” instead when you sign up you are forwarded into a company called MOBE which stands for My Online Business Empire.

Borderless Income System = MOBE

So what is MOBE all about?

My Online Business Empire is a business opportunity in the digital marketing space. They teach you how to make money online and have a number of products that teach you marketing methods.

They will teach everything from list building to selling high ticket products and even how to structure your business, taxes and lots more.

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Behind all the products though is ultimately a high ticket business opportunity. You can join for $50 but this is really just the start of things. The products can actually set you back 5-figures and if you want to make money you’ll need to own them as you only earn the maximum commissions if you own the products.

These kind of products are known as “pay to play” programs because if you don’t own the products your commission levels are limited.

I have seen MOBE promoted through a number of different websites. One of which is Online Profits Breakthrough and there are many others too. What basically happens is that people join the affiliate program for MOBE and end up creating their own sales videos / websites to promote the opportunity.

MOBE has managed to attract some top affiliate marketers who have made literally millions with the system. But they have also attracted some negative attention due to the fact that the opportunity is very expensive.

Is Borderless Income System A Scam?

I don’t believe that Borderless Income System is a scam.

There are numerous reasons for this:

  • The business opportunity being promoted is MOBE which has a track history
  • Ewen Chia is a well known affiliate marketer who has been around a long time

Borderless Income System Conclusion

After investigating the Borderless Income System website to see what it’s all about I’m happy to say it’s not a scam however I won’t be recommending it.

Why am I not recommending it?

Quite simply because I am not an affiliate and I personally believe there’s a better option when it comes to making money online.

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One Click Pay Day – Scam or Legit?

Looking for a review of One Click Pay Day?

I’ve been investigating this new scam website and now I’m ready to expose the truth. If you’re looking for an honest review of One Click Pay Day then keep reading as I share all the details.

Before I start…

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One Click Pay Day Review

I just got done looking at a new system called One Click Pay Day and I have to be honest this is a complete joke of a system and 100% a scam. There is absolutely no way that you will make a penny from this system and I highly recommend you avoid it.

The good news for you is that you’ve landed on my blog where I give REAL reviews, not the BS that you read on most review blogs. While other blogs out there are telling you One Click Pay Day is amazing I am giving you the real truth that it’s a get rich quick scam that doesn’t deliver.

The One Click Pay Day website claims you can use a weird hack to siphon money into your account, but what is this hack? The hack doesn’t exist, it’s just some sales hype they made up to get you excited.

This website is your typical get rich quick scam website that claims it can help you to make millions with just a few clicks but of course they only want you to pay a few bucks to access it.

Why would they give you it for a few bucks if it can make millions? The return on investment would be huge. Surely if this was a real system that could help you make millions they would be selling it for at least $100k, maybe more?

After investigating the website it was obvious that it’s a scam. Not only are the claims of income ridiculous but the testimonials are 100% fake. This website uses a bunch of testimonials from actors.

The people claiming to actually make money have definitely not made a penny as they are always being featured on these money making scam websites claiming to have made a fortune yet you can go over to and do a search for testimonials and find these people.

The truth is the owner of the website has paid $5 or maybe $10 to get these people to give fake testimonials saying they made a fortune when in reality they haven’t made a penny.

How One Click Pay Day Works…

So let me just explain a little about why this website exists and how it actually works. So they suck you in with the claims of making a fortune which obviously gets you excited to wonder how it works.

When you sign up you need to spend money. I think it costs around $40 to access their system but to be honest they change the price a lot. There is one version of this website that charges you $97 whilst the other only $47 and then if you try and exit the page when you are purchasing they give you a bunch of other discounts.

After you sign up you are forwarded to other videos known as up-sells which will try and get more money out of you. Up-sells are not always a bad thing, and legitimate companies like Amazon use them.

If you’re ever bought on Amazon you’ll see that they recommend other products too that go well with the product you have bought. This is helpful but with One Click Pay Day they just ram some more crap down your throat.

If you decide to buy this you could end up spending a few $100 and then you will eventually be able to access the One Click Pay Day members area. Now you’re ready to start making money right? Wrong!

You’ll get access to a bunch of pointless training and steps that basically aims to extract even more money from you. Plus they’ll push you into joining other programs too that can cost a lot and don’t really help you.

One Click Pay Day Verdict

It’s a complete waste of your time in my opinion and won’t help you make a penny let alone the money they claim it can.

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12 Day Millionaire – Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my 12 Day Millionaire review.

12 Day Millionaire is a brand new website claiming it can help you make a fortune from just 3 clicks but is that really true? Of course not, this system is a complete scam and today I’m revealing everything.

Before I start…

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12 Day Millionaire Review

I’ve been investigating this new system to learn more about it and to be honest what I have found is not good at all. This is a complete clone of other systems like copy my cashflow. It’s literally no different apart from it has a new name and a few changes to the website.

Here is what the website looks like and as you can see it’s pretty spammy looking. I watched the whole video and to be honest I am blown away by the ridiculous claims that this system makes.

In this review I will detail the main points that have alarmed me and share my reasoning why I am not recommending it because ultimately it won’t help you to make money. I want to help you make money by offering genuine systems that really do work, and unfortunately 12 Day Millionaire is not one!

12 Day Millionaire – Fake Testimonials

The first thing I noticed after watching the video was the usage of fake testimonials in the 12 Day Millionaire video. After reviewing many of these kind of scam websites you tend to notice the fake testimonials as the scammers often re-usage testimonials or hire the same people.

Every single testimonial in the sales video is fake. You can literally go to a website called and hire anyone of these actors to give a fake testimonial and this is what has happened here.

The 12 Day Millionaire website literally has testimonials from the biggest scam testimonial givers in the industry. I have lost count of how many of these people have already appeared in similar videos claiming to have made millions which is a real shame because a lot of people won’t notice this and will only end up falling for it.

Fortunately for you I am experienced enough with exposing scams to know that 12 Day Millionaire is a fraud and not worth your time at all.

How Does 12 Day Millionaire Work?

Well the truth is the 12 Day Millionaire doesn’t work. It won’t help you make a penny at all but I will get to why in a moment. Let me explain…

The 12 Day Millionaire is your typical get rich quick scam website. It baits you in with promises of easy income from doing literally nothing but the reality is far different. When you actually get access to the members area after paying your $37 you will basically get a load of BS that won’t help you.

There are a few videos and instructions on what you need to do, but nothing that will actually help you make money. In the sales video you are told that the owner Josh is giving you all of this best performing websites but this never happens. Where are the best performing websites that he claims he is giving you so that you can literally just start making money?

The truth is these websites don’t exist. Josh is a made up person and the real owner of the 12 Day Millionaire website makes money by scamming people like you into buying his crap products. That’s the simple fact and it’s what many of these so called “gurus” are actually doing.

12 Day Millionaire Conclusion

After taking a closer look at the 12 Day Millionaire website I can conclude that it’s a waste of time and won’t help you make a penny. Rather than spend anymore of your time looking at this scam system I hope you will avoid it and move on.

Why not check out my no.1 recommendation below?

It’s helped me generate over $150k this year alone:

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Freedom Cash System – Scam or Legit?

Freedom Cash System just launched but is it a real money maker or another scam? After taking a closer look I am now ready to share the details in my full review which you can read below.

Before I start…

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Freedom Cash System Review

When I first landed on the website I was pretty skeptical of the system. It looked really bad to be quite honest because it looked “too good to be true” if you know what I mean.

By the way you should not confuse the Freedom Cash System with Freedom Checks which is a completely different system. Hit that link in case you are looking for the “Freedom Checks” review.

For example – they claim they’ll give you $500 after you sign up. Why would they do this? If you pay $97 to access their system why would they turn around and give you $500 just like that.

After doing some digging and speaking to people who have actually signed up already we found that obviously non of them got the $500. It was actually a stupid claim that was made and it’s not accurate or honest.

Here is the claim as you can see. They put together a super nice looking check with “YOUR NAME HERE” and $500. My honest opinion is that this is going to mislead people into signing up which is probably what they want.

Let’s face it, if you have $200 bucks left in your account, you are desperate, you owe bills and you need money and then this system says they’ll give you $500 you are going to think, okay I’ll pay $97 to get $500.

In reality though that person is going to not be able to pay the bills because they won’t ever get the $500 and they might even get suckered into a few more up-sells that the program has.

Freedom Cash System = MOBE?

When I did some more research online I found that Freedom Cash System might have something to do with MOBE which is another business opportunity I have reviewed on this blog.

There have been a number of websites that promote this business opportunity like ultimate laptop lifestyle and home earning system. Not all of the websites that promote it make ridiculous claims of income but unfortunately most of them do.

I suspect that they believe that since their product (MOBE) is not a scam they can effectively lie in order to get you to sign up. I have seen this kind of marketing used for a number of business opportunities.

What Is MOBE?

MOBE is a business opportunity that has grown a lot in the past couple of years. If you sign up you will need to buy the products in order to be able to resell them. This is very similar to other programs and MLM style systems.

If you buy all of the products (which will cost you a small fortune) you will have the best earning potential as you can resell them. You might be wondering how you can resell a product, but basically these are digital products so once you buy and own the product once you will be granted license rights to resell it and earn high commissions doing so.

The products teach digital marketing and the most expensive products are actually live events that they hold at a number of hotels and resorts around the world. When they hold these kind of events they fly in expert speakers and trainers to teach you on the subject of digital marketing. Often the top affiliates in the company will share their strategies.

Is It A Scam?

I have reviewed the opportunity and I have friends involved in it. I do not believe that it is a scam however I do think that some of the top affiliates are using unethical marketing methods such as using websites like Freedom Cash System to recruit new members.

Is Freedom Cash System A Scam?

Whilst the product behind the system can potentially help you make money I believe that the way it is marketed makes it a scam. The claims they make about giving you $500 and how you can make a fortune is simply a lie.

I am tired of these kind of systems that make extremely bold claims and rarely back them up with any kind of legitimate guarantees.

Conclusion – Check Out My Recommendation

In conclusion I am not going to recommend the Freedom Cash System as I do not believe you will make the money they claim.

Before you leave…

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Freelance Marketing Secrets – Scam or Real?

Is Freelance Marketing Secrets a scam or is it the real deal? I’m sharing my honest opinion right here…

So the man behind it is Mr Keala Kanae. He’s the founder of AWOL Academy and he created the free e-book Freelance Marketing Secrets to teach people how to make money as affiliate marketers.

By the way… if you haven’t got your copy of Freelance Marketing Secrets then you should go here and download it for free.

After reviewing 100’s of different programs I rate Freelance Marketing Secrets & AWOL Academy as my no.1 recommendation for anyone who is looking to make an income online.

My personal results? Over 100k since February!

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Freelance Marketing Secrets – What Is It?

After visiting the Freelance Marketing Secrets website you’re probably wondering what it is and whether it’s a scam. Well first off let me tell you that it’s 100% NOT a scam.

I have reviewed many programs online (100’s in fact) and many of those have turned out to be a scam however after going through the entire Freelance Marketing Secrets e-book, the free webinar and AWOL Academy (Keala’s program) I can tell you it’s the best program I’ve ever seen.

Please don’t think this is a biased review because it’s really not. I got involved with Keala a few months back after a friend of mine told me to check his program out. The truth is I had started this blog to give my honest opinion on various programs but I needed a program I could recommend to others.

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A program that actually told the truth and wasn’t just another BS MLM scheme or some get rich quick program. My friend reached out to me on Skype and shared the free e-book with me. He was blown away by the amount of training and the quality of training that they were giving away for free.

To be honest I was skeptical. I figured this was another one of those MLM programs that offers huge returns but in reality nobody really makes money because the products are outdated, the methods don’t really work and in reality only the top people in the program are making money.

What I found with Freelance Marketing Secrets was a complete breath of fresh air and like nothing I had ever seen before.

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The different with Freelance Marketing Secrets?

They were putting the CUSTOMER first!

So many of these programs exist solely to make AFFILIATES of the program rich. This is what literally 99% of other programs out there do however when it comes to Freelance Marketing Secrets and AWOL Academy (which is the membership that Keala created) it’s the customer who is number 1.

This immediately made me interested to recommend it on this very blog because I needed something I could recommend to my subscribers and blog readers that was genuine.

Well Freelance Marketing Secrets took the spot of no.1 recommendation for making money online and I honestly don’t see anything taking it’s place anytime soon because it’s ultimately the best thing out there right now.

Is Freelance Marketing Secrets For You?

If you fit any of the following then YES it’s for you:

  • You want to make money online
  • You’re looking for something real
  • You’ve tried and failed to make money before
  • You’ve NEVER tried to make money before
  • You’re a newbie
  • You’re advanced

What I’m basically saying is that it doesn’t matter whether you are brand new to making money online or whether you’ve failed before, or maybe you’ve had a little success but you want to go to the next level.

Get Started With Freelance Marketing Secrets Here

I’ve been around making money online for years but even I was able to gain a lot of benefit by becoming a member. And if you are brand new to making money then Freelance Marketing Secrets is perfect for you because it means you will get genuine training from the get go without getting scammed and failing like so many others do because the first program they find is terrible.

My Results With Freelance Marketing Secrets

I got started applying the principles that they teach back in February and by the 11th of July 2017 (I day I won’t forget) I hit $100k in earnings. Pretty amazing considering it took me just less than 5 months to hit 6-figures.

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Is Freelance Marketing Secrets A Scam?

I need to put this here since it’s a question that many people ask but quite clearly based on my results of earning 100k in 5 months and the fact that I have reviewed literally 100’s of other programs I can tell you that it’s definitely NOT a scam.

Plus it’s my no.1 recommendation, so I’m not exactly going to recommend a scam to all my subscribers and readers:

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700 Profit Club Scam – Avoid BS System!

I’ve just been taking a look at the 700 Profit Club and I’m shocked by this system, it’s nothing more than a cheap scam. I’ve put this review together and I’m sharing the full details below, keep reading to learn the real truth about the 700 Profit Club scam system.

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700 Profit Club Review

After taking a closer look at the 700 Profit Club there is no doubt in my mind, it’s a complete scam. From the hyped up sales video, to the price tag, it’s a joke. This system won’t make you money, in fact it’s just another hosting scam. These types of scams were huge a few years ago, the scammers who are behind many get rich quick systems would create a website and a video telling you that they are willing to give you their amazing system for free, all their money making websites are yours, all you need to do is sign up to their hosting, so that your new websites that they give you can be hosted. So you sign up, but the hosting is ridiculously expensive, far more expensive than usual hosting.

That’s exactly how this scam works, just take a look for yourself below:

As you can see the amount to pay is nearly $250. For some hosting! You see what they do is they try and charge you annually for hosting, in fact I was asked to pay a 36 month plan upfront, so 3 years of hosting in 1 go which is just ridiculous. The problem with this is that many people accessing this website are new to making money online and new to websites and hosting, they won’t actually understand that hosting is actually very cheap, maybe that’s you? You see, hosting is one of the cheapest tools you can pay for online. Sure if you are running a huge website this could cost you a lot of money, but the majority of websites (even big blogs) can run on hosting that only costs a few bucks per month, and you DON’T need to pay for it upfront. Look at any big hosting company like BlueHost or HostGator, these are legitimate cheap hosting companies, unlike the BS being offered with 700 profit club.

700 Profit Club – BS Scam

I’m really against these kind of BS scam systems. The fact is the 700 Profit Club preys on people who just want to make some extra money. Everyday 1,000’s of people come online searching for ways to make money so that they can improve their life. Many of these people are desperate and systems like this just take advantage, they look to provide a get rich quick method for a few bucks, but the truth is they never work. In my experience online reviewing 100’s of systems I am yet to come across a genuine “get rich quick” system because no such thing exists and if it did we would all be millionaires. Don’t get me wrong, you can make money online and there are legitimate systems, but all of them require some kind of work or investment to make it happen, there is no such thing as a magic push button system as 700 Profit Club claims.

Truth About 700 Profit Club

Want to know the real truth about this system? The person behind this system makes money by selling you the dream. They make up some BS crap about how they have the magic system for you and you just need to buy into it. It doesn’t matter what the system is called, 700 Profit Club is simply the latest scam out there, but when this dies off they will create another one, and then they will sell that, they are selling you the dream of making money, whilst they are the ones actually making money from the money you spend accessing this BS crap.

Conclusion = Avoid 700 Profit Club

700 Profit Club is nothing more than a biz op scam. I highly recommend you stop wasting your time with this system and move on.

If you invest money, you will only end up losing it and won’t make a penny from this system.

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