EthConnect Scam? Review Exposes Truth!

Welcome to my review of EthConnect!

EthConnect is a brand new opportunity in the cryptocurrency space who’s big brother is BitConnect.

Today I’m sharing my honest EthConnect review giving you the truth.

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EthConnect Review

EthConnect is brand new and currently in ICO stage but you can bet it’s going to grow big pretty soon just like it’s older brother BitConnect. The question on everyone’s minds is whether EthConnect is a scam.

I’ve been exposing scams left, right and centre lately. The most recent ICO scam I have exposed is BitPetite which I do not recommend.

ethconnect review

What is EthConnect?

The underlying clarification for what Ethconnect is on their site is somewhat indistinct. It says “Simply like Ethereum, we will concentrate on building up a blockchain time bank, which can be the place to store money related administrations, comparing to the present correspondences of banks.”

It merits remembering this has been deciphered from Japanese, so a few things seem to have been lost in interpretation.

It goes ahead to state that clients will have the capacity to keep up their security while obviously all exchanges being recorded on the blockchain as ordinary with different blockchains.

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What’s more, they say that exchanges in Ethconnect can be speeded up by paying a higher charge.

Ethconnect intends to take the Bitconnect stage precisely given the data on their site.

They intend to take after the four mainstays of the Bitconnect framework, those being:

1. Loaning

2. Exchanging

3. Staking

4. Mining

How about we investigate how each of those functions and how you can conceivably benefit from them:

EthConnect Loaning

This is the piece of the Bitconnect stage that produces the most intrigue and may likewise be with Ethconnect as well. They are offering marginally higher potential comes back from their loaning plan, saying you will have the capacity to acquire up to 45% contrasted with 40% with Bitconnect.

ethconnect reviews

The loaning venture program is fundamentally the same as Bitconnect’s, with a similar speculation sections and rewards for contributing higher sums.

However, the loaning time frames are different, with Ethconnect’s in effect impressively shorter, at from 179 days for a venture of amongst $100 and $1,000 (contrasted with 299 days for Bitconnect) and 89 days for a speculation of amongst $10,010 and $100,000 (contrasted with 120 days for Bitconnect).


It is presumably reasonable for expect that they will have their trade accessible on the stage that will enable you to purchase and pitch ECH and endeavor to benefit from the value developments. As they have implied, however, how well you do on this will depend essentially on your aptitudes as a dealer.


Again there isn’t much data on how this will function, but it would appear to be reasonable for expect they will duplicate an indistinguishable approach from Bitconnect and enable you to hold Ethconnect while additionally picking up intrigue while you do.

EthConnect Mining

The White Paper states “We give POW calculations so individuals can mine with the measure of the coin we allow.” Beyond that, we are not given substantially more in the method for detail, but if it duplicates the Bitconnect at that point, there will be the alternative of solo mining or pool mining.

Who’s Behind Ethconnect?

A vital inquiry when you are taking a gander at ICOs is who is behind the venture. Is it true that they are legitimate individuals with set up track records of achievement? It is safe to say that they are doing reputation face to face to advance their ICO?

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Taking a gander at Ethconnect, it is difficult to get subtle elements of who is behind it. There is nothing we could discover on their site or in the White Paper.

There is an address for some place in Japan however with a connection to the google outline that is at any rate something.

One critical inquiry is whether this is being produced by similar individuals behind Bitconnect, but that doesn’t seem to be the

In the meantime, it isn’t clear who is behind Bitconnect, so
it isn’t unfeasible this could be the situation. However, if it was the
situation we could expect more data and advancement to have risen out of
Bitconnect about it, and we haven’t seen any, so it looks impossible.

In spite of the fact that from one perspective it could be
viewed as stressing that there is no effectively identifiable data about the
proprietors of Ethconnect, then again that has not prevented Bitconnect from
being a colossal achievement.

Conclusion – Ethconnect ICO

The sensational accomplishment of Bitconnect – which has
seen its coins develop from around $0.15 per coin in its initial days to over
$200 per coin now has unmistakably prompted a lot of energy about whether
Ethconnect can match the accomplishment.

Is it possible? Of course but you need to consider the risks. Even today I still consider BitConnect to be very high risk and could collapse at any time to be quite honest and EthConnect will be no different.

You can invest here and make money but you shouldn’t do it blindly and don’t risk money that you can’t afford to lose.

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Bitpetite Scam? Read My Honest Review!

Are the Bitpetite scam rumours true or is this a genuine way to make money?

Bitpetite is growing extremely fast but can you really trust it? Today I’m sharing my honest review and giving you all the details.

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My Real Review Of Bitpetite

So let me share my honest experience with Bitpetite and you’ll start to understand why I believe that Bitpetite is not worth your time.

Bitpetite is growing really fast right now and literally 1,000’s of new members are joining each day but I won’t be one of them for a few reasons which I will be sharing today on this page.

Bitpetite certainly looks like a legitimate website but I honestly believe that it’s all smoke and mirrors to hide the real business going on here. It’s easy to look at a website and say that it looks legitimate so it must be.

The reality is often very different and you only need to look at the likes of my online dream biz which has a legitimate website but is a poor scam that’s already taken the money of 1000’s of people.

How Bitpetite Actually Works

When you visit their website via a referral link from an affiliate you end up on a website that talks about money transfers and when you scroll down you will actually see the “business opportunity” where you are guaranteed a percentage return based on how much Bitcoin you invest.

bitpetite ponzi scheme

Hopefully you can see the image above okay but let me explain the figures here so you get an idea of what exactly is going on.

In this example you’d need to invest 1 Bitcoin which currently costs around $6,000 (slightly less at the time of writing this). When you invest 1 Bitcoin into Bitpetite they will guarantee you 4.5% daily interest.

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That means that you have a daily net income of $259.85 for investing 1 Bitcoin and doing absolutely nothing but sitting back and collecting your money.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

Of course it does and that’s the reason that people get sucked into it. In this example from a single investment of $6k you are earning $1400 a week and will have made your money back in no time at all.

How exactly is this realistic?

Bitpetite claims that they run a money transfer business and that the returns you make are simply from their business and you are getting a cut of the profits however it seems pretty unlikely given the high % returns.

To me this looks like a typical ponzi scheme no different to other ones that have been around for a long time but the main difference is that instead of investing fiat money (such as USD) you are investing Bitcoin.

This makes the opportunity extremely dangerous because Bitcoin is untraceable which means the owner of the Bitpetite website could easily run off with millions worth of Bitcoin that can never be traced!

Don’t get me wrong…

I personally love Bitcoin and I am a big advocate for cryptocurrencies. I am invested in a number of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin however I am NOT involved in any opportunities like Bitpetite as I don’t trust them.

Bitpetite – Proof It’s Dangerous?

So you might be thinking at the moment I have just talked a lot of theory and not really shared any proof of why it could be a scam so let me do that now and explain exactly why I don’t trust it.

So the first reasons are obvious and I already mentioned them. The % returns are not realistic and are extremely similar to the returns offered by ponzi schemes that ALWAYS end up collapsing (plus they are illegal).

The main reason?

I have been invited by a few people to join Bitpetite who have all been involved in similar schemes before that lasted about 2 years before collapsing and people lost a lot of money, many their life savings.

One of those companies was My Advertising Pays and the company basically claimed that it would pay you daily % returns and share the profits of the company back with investors.

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You would sign up, buy advertising packs and you would earn a % return each day that you could use to buy more ad packs and grow your daily income. Many people invested their life savings into this program and lost it all.

The top earners in this company made millions from My Advertising Pays and now they are involved in Bitpetite, promoting it hard and making the same claims of guaranteed income.

Does that guarantee it’s a scam?

No it doesn’t however it doesn’t exactly fill you with much confidence does it? After all people trusted these well known marketers and ended up losing a lot of money when the program collapsed.

The same will end up happening in Bitpetite but it could potentially be worse when it happens for the simple reason that Bitpetite does not need payment processors.

With other ponzi schemes there has always been a way to trace money (albeit it difficult) because payments would normally be made through some kind of payment processor which leaves a digital paper trail.

With these Bitcoin ponzi schemes (and Bitcoin MLM programs) there is literally no trace of income because Bitcoin by it’s nature is untraceable and like I already mentioned the owner of the Bitpetite program could quite easily shut it down and run off with your money never to be seen again.

Bitpetite Conclusion – Avoid

I’m obviously not recommending Bitpetite because I don’t believe it’s a trustworthy opportunity.

Realistically you “could” make a lot of money with Bitpetite but if you do you will be one of the lucky ones. It’s just a matter of time until this website shuts down and leaves a lot of people wishing they never got involved!

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iCoin Market Review – Another Scam?

iCoin Market is a new cryptocurrency opportunity that I’m reviewing today. I just got done reviewing a very similar opportunity known as iCoin Pro so it’s interesting that this one that looks near on identical has popped up.

Anyway I’m sharing all the details below and my full review and giving you my honest thoughts and opinion regarding this new opportunity.

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What Is iCoin Market All About?

It’s strange that I am writing a review as I literally just gone done on a similar named opportunity. It makes me wonder whether these opportunities are linked or whether they are separate and 2 different people just had the same idea. Anyway iCoin Market is essentially an opportunity built around cryptocurrency and to make money you just need to sign up and deposit some money and the kind people at iCoin Market will invest it for you.

I don’t know whether it’s false scarcity or whether it’s real but iCoin Market claims that it will only be open for the next 30 days or so. Basically it’s in a pre-launch phase now and you need to get in and then when they launch they will close the doors and it will be over. If you didn’t join during that period then you will have missed out and you won’t be able to get in.

I’ve seen a few people promoting this opportunity and my guess is that basically they will pile a few 1,000 people into their downline, hope that these people go and invest money, and then they will earn money on them too. Chances are that they will earn money in the form of cryptocurrencies because that’s basically how all of these new opportunities are working. You refer people much like you would in an MLM program and then you get paid in say bitcoin for example since that’s the most popular cryptocurrency.

Is iCoin Market A Scam?

Honestly I don’t know. I mean it looks an awful lot like a ponzi scheme to me. How do we know that the money going into this is actually being invested into cryptocurrency to make the returns and that your % returns aren’t simply coming from new investors joining. I guess we don’t really know and it’s far too early to judge whether this is the case or not.

Since iCoin Market literally just launched, or well just went into pre-launch because it hasn’t even officially launched yet so there is no clear way to know what is happening and whether this is a legitimate opportunity or just another scam but let me give you my honest opinion.

Are you a professional MLM recruiter? In other words can you join and opportunity and make a fortune by recruiting others? If you’re like most people then I would assume the answer is no.

And that basically leads me onto my point which is, unless you are a pro at recruiting others you might as well just invest in cryptocurrency direct and learn how it works, what you should invest in and go from there.

It’s still an extremely new market, there are no real “experts” to be quite honest and if you do your research right and pick the right coins then you can make money. Investing in something like iCoin Market in my honest opinion seems a little risky because who knows what the results will be. Literally these guys could invest your money into some dodgy coins and you could lose all the money you put in. And there is literally no way for them to know if that will happen or not because it’s so new, literally nobody knows.

I have friends involved in cryptocurrency who have 6-figures in the marketplace and have made plenty but even they don’t really know, they are riding a wave right now and anything could happen.

iCoin Market – Conclusion

I’m not going to recommend iCoin Market because to be honest I see it as a lottery. Do you really want to leave how much money you can make up to chance.

Personally I’d rather be in control and I recommend you do the same. So if you want to learn how to build a real, sustainable and CONTROLLABLE income online then check out my no.1 recommendation below…

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iCoin Pro Review – Another Scam?

ICoin Pro is a new opportunity built around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that I’m taking a closer look at today to learn more about and decide whether it’s just another scam jumping on the bandwagon of crypto or whether there is something real here that can help you make money.

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iCoin Pro – Honest Review

So here it is my honest review of iCoin Pro and I am sure it won’t be the last review I do on cryptocurrency MLM’s because there are many of these opportunities popping up right now clearly they are all jumping on the bandwagon surrounding all the cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin and others like ethereum.

Basically over the past few months cryptocurrencies have been in a huge bull market and basically lots of people have been making money plus bitcoin is starting to become more mainstream and accepted by the masses. So naturally MLM’s have been created to jump on the hype.

My Opinion Of iCoin Pro / Crypto

So let me give you my general opinion when it comes to iCoin Pro and cryptocurrencies in general. I am actually investing in them myself because I do see a future here and I think people are going to move more and more into it, so personally I am buying into certain coins for long term investments in the hope that one day I will look at my account and see some rather large gains.

To be honest it’s a bit of a lottery though. Right now there’s a huge bull market and basically everyone is making money. You have to make some serious mistakes or basically just sell at the wrong time in order not to make money.

The new opportunity iCoin Pro has jumped on the hype and created an opportunity where you can make money and actually get paid in bitcoin. This is pretty cool because bitcoin has definitely got a long term potential so to be paid in something that can actually grow over time is great.

Some speculators believe a single bitcoin could be worth 1 million USD in the next 10-20 years. And these are not any old speculators by the way, these are multi-millionaires and billionaires behind some of the most successful online companies so there is some basis to the argument. I certainly hope that bitcoin is worth that much in 10-20 years because I will become a very wealthy man from it without really doing anything (a bonus for sure).

How To Make Money With iCoin Pro

So how do you actually make money with iCoin Pro? So the first thing you need to do is actually join whoever told you about it. When you do that you actually need to spend some money and then you can earn more money by referring other people. Think of it as your typical MLM however instead of selling some random health products or whatever you are recruiting people who will be buying into coins like you.

This is essentially how you can make money here. It’s certainly not for everyone and to be honest, you’ll probably have more success by actually investing in cryptocurrencies direct if you actually do your research and research some good long term coins.

Is iCoin Pro A Scam?

I don’t really believe that iCoin Pro is a scam. I believe the company is jumping on the bandwagon and hype surrounding the cryptocurrency world and if crypto wasn’t getting so big the company probably wouldn’t have even come about. That being said I do think the claims of you making easy money from it are not exactly true, and it will take more than they claim to make cash. Also if you want to invest in crypto you can do your research and go through a legitimate broker to the market and do things that way.

This gives you much better protection in my opinion because you go through a proper broker where only you can log into your account, and there are many authentications. Plus you can store your cryptocurrencies offline if you want to so that they are safe and secure from being hacked.

iCoin Pro – Conclusion

After taking a closer look at iCoin Pro I don’t believe it’s a complete scam however I still won’t be recommending it. Ultimately if you want to invest in cryptocurrency then you can do that direct.

If you simply want a money making opportunity then I believe there are better options out there for you to make money, like my no.1 recommendation that you can check out at the link below…

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