WIFI Millionaire by Matt Lloyd – Another Scam?

WIFI Millionaire is a new system made by Matt Lloyd. Would you like to know if this product is a scam? Read on as I am sharing my full review & opinion.

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What The WiFi Millionaire?

The WIFI Millionaire is another system by Matt Lloyd who is also the creator of Mobe. Before I delve into the WIFI Millionaire, I will introduce Mobe. Mobe is a highly successful company that was established a few years ago. This company has earned Matt Lloyd over $150 million, half of which has been shared with his affiliates. Mobe is essentially a digital marketing business that teaches affiliates how to run an online business. These affiliates then earn money by signing up to Mobe. Even with its challenges, the product is not a scam according to my observation.

With that introduction, let’s go back to the WIFI Millionaire. How is it connected to Mobe? In a few words, it is a supporting sales pitch platform whose aim is to promote the Mobe product. Indeed, it is a video strategy used by Matt and his affiliates to promote the Mobe opportunity.

There are a couple of other products in the market that are similar to it. These include Online Profits Breakthrough as well as 21 Step Millionaire coach. Both of them also promote the Mobe product. The key observation I have made is that the WIFI Millionaire is actually an official sales funnel supported by Mobe.

This is not the case with the other two, however. In fact, they come off as scams to me because they have used questionable data that generally puts Mobe in a bad light. Most of the claims made by the two companies never add up and there is no way of following up on anything, unfortunately.

How does the WIFI Millionaire Work?

As I have mentioned before, the WIFI Millionaire is a supporting sales product whose objective is to help Mobe get more traffic. Basically, Mobe offers products of high value which its affiliates promote and earn commissions on. As opposed to other kinds of business sales systems, products on offer at Mobe are actually quite expensive in monetary terms. This means that each sale attracts a substantial level of commission. Affiliates who buy these products and later resell them thus make some good cash at the end of the day.

Mobe offers the training required to sell its products to its affiliates. A Mobe affiliate is thus not involved in the sale of opportunities of low cost. Indeed, the opportunities for sale at Mobe are live events organized by Matt Lloyd which happen many times each year. Affiliates attend such events based on their level in the system as there are people at different levels.
I have watched a number of videos by Matt Lloyd. In one of the videos, he gives an explicit overview of what his business entails. He compared his model to franchising, although he noted that it was quite different to franchising especially on the cost side. His model is basically way less costly than franchising and also offers a lot more profit. The advantage of the model is that it is a verifiable venture which helps business-people make money reselling products legitimately.

Is WIFI Millionaire A Scam?

The WIFI Millionaire is definitely not a scam from where I stand. There are many checks that present this system as legit. I am quite aware that contrary opinions may exist on the internet, but it all really comes down to your own perspective of the multi-level marketing industry. Matt Lloyd has not explicitly officially presented his business as MLM, but the structure of the business helps us categorise the business as such. In short thus, for those familiar with similar businesses, this review acts as a fair representation of facts about the company.

The WIFI Millionaire – Final Thoughts

WIFI Millionaire is a unique product that has attracted a lot of attention. Would I recommend the WIFI Millionaire? Not exactly.

I personally believe there’s a better solution for you to make money.

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Digital Income Method – Scam or Real System?

Today I’m impartially reviewing Digital Income Method, Mack Mills’ latest system, with the view of establishing if it indeed works or it is yet another scam system.

Read on for the full details and my informed opinion on the system.

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What Digital Income Method Entails

After taking a closer look at this platform, I soon realized it’s not a scam; Mack is himself a legitimate person who has been the leading earner in several companies. Digital Income Method is essentially a sales platform designed to promote Digital Altitude. Mack has successfully developed and launched several such systems in the recent past, and proceeded to market different opportunities that thousands of people successfully.

A short while ago, Mack created the Daily Income Method for a MCA, the company which has performed very well, and people are already witnessing success with it. Unfortunately, most of the firms in the marketing field do not have what it takes to make sales system that can effectively market their goods and opportunity. Even those who try hard still fail miserably, and that is, precisely, where Mack excels. He has managed to venture, create systems and come up with able teams.

So, How Does The System Work?

Simple! Other than the system promoting the products and the business opportunity, it provides a platform so as to promote the products. It operates in the same way as Mack’s Daily Income Method in that you can use it to market Digital Altitude (instead of MCA). You gain entry into the Members area, where you have access to some marketing items like lead capture pages as well as his sales page, thus allowing you to make sales fast. Additionally, you get access to various other marketing resources that will subsequently help you drive traffic and hence make sales. Regarding systems of its kinds, Digital Income Method is excellent, and converts extremely well.

Earlier on, Mack developed another sales system, which did extremely well, for Digital Altitude, before revamping it, which explains the origin of name Digital Income Method. Having built a big team in the business, Mack appears to be making a making a comeback for the second time, plus he’s allowing affiliates to recommend his sales video and earn commissions on it.

The Meaning of Digital Altitude

Digital Altitude refers to the firm/business opportunity Mack’s Digital Income Method markets. Since its launch about one year ago (in 2016), the company which provides an opportunity to generate income by reselling its products has grown remarkably fast. It allows you to resell and earn as high as 60 percent commissions three levels deep.

Is the System in any way a scam?

No! Mack has been a prominent producer in the industry for very many years and has even emerged as the top earner in every company he has ever worked. Consequently, the system he develops indeed works. I even personally promoted several of his opportunities previously and made a lot of money with his unique sales presentations.

Besides, Digital Altitude, the company behind the sales system is not a scam. Even the few people who label it scam on the internet are promoting rival companies. The overwhelmingly positive reviews come from affiliates and hence represent the real picture. So, in my considered opinion, Digital Altitude isn’t a scam; it’s, however, worth noting that the system is a high-ticket opportunity meaning it can, possibly, cost you a fortune particularly if you want to earn commissions on all the products.

Pros and Cons

• Tried-and-tested system; Mack has previously developed other proven systems successfully.

• Automated selling system; the system does the intricate part for you

• Minimal startup costs; it doesn’t cost you a fortune to get started

• Several income streams

• High-quality sales material (which cost him 5-figures to create)

• Ability to earn huge commissions


Honestly, it is hard to identify any obvious negatives. However, for this review to have a balanced appearance, below are my the cons I have come up with.

• Limited marketing resources; novices may struggle to attain quality leads/traffic.

• Marketing system is not free; probably not quite a negative but several systems cost nothing with the system

• Limited training; it suits most people who have enough experience online

• Digital Altitude is a high-ticket company


Clearly Mack’s sales video works and can help you make more sales of Digital Altitude. I would recommend it however I have something else that I personally feel can help you make more money.

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EZ Money Team Scam – Another Big Scam!

EZ Money Team is an online income opportunity targeting people who want to make quick money easily through the internet. It claims to offer people more income and a happier living by working online.

Well today I’m taking a closer look and sharing my honest opinion.

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What makes EZ Money Team a scam?

The system is made up of cheats and liars who can lure unsuspecting individuals into spending their money with empty promises of getting rich quickly. It’s your typical “get rich quick” scam in my opinion and very similar to others I’ve exposed like Massive Internet Profits and Home Earning System.

Fake Testimonials

To start with, EZ Money Team has a bunch of fake testimonials which if you are not careful can mislead you into believing in it. They are full of hired individuals with fake photos that give their experience and account information that are too good to be true. A popular testimonial that will come across is that of Sarah who is a mother of three and has achieved so much with EZ Money Team. However, the photo of Sarah is the first thing to get you questioning since it’s actually a stock photo!

EZ Money Team Sales Video

Take a deep look on the sales video which claims to explain to you how to work with EZ Money system. If you pay good attention; the video does not give any important information that can help you venture into this money making business. The video only encourages you to purchase the system for as low as $49 which may not seem a bad deal considering the amount of money you are going to make in a few weeks.


Another thing that raises eyebrows is the endorsement from big companies which if you have a good knowledge about them; it is completely impossible for them to endorse a money making system.

EZ Money Team Links/Services

The system is linked with other services which are well known scams or provide poor services. The first link that EZMoney Team directs you to register for is a ClickSure account. Surely, what will I need the account for; considering it’s an affiliate network well known for scams. As if that’s not enough, you will also be required to register for Coolhandle account. This website building and hosting company is also well known for its poor services and several people have launched complains about it. These should be enough to help you have a second thought about the system.

Extra Purchases / Up-Sells

From a deeper perspective, you find out that EZ Money is only meant to feel the pockets of its owners and not you. Your purchase does not just end at the initial $49 that you pay to access the system; on the contrary, you need to carry out other purchases to fully operate the business and these are not explained in the video.


ClickBetter Payment

EZ Money system is sold via ClickBetter. This could be good news since you can have your money refunded back to you if you change your mind within 60 days of purchasing the training and many recommended accounts. The bad news is that any payment process run by ClickBetter raises eyebrows because money scams choose this payment process.

EZ Money Team – Fake Owner

Jeffrey Hart, the person behind the training videos is a fake. If you do a research about this person you will come up with nothing. You will however find the name Oscar Oritz which could be the real name but why is he using an alias?

EZ Money Team Conclusion

If you really want to make money online, don’t fall for enticing words like get rich quick or websites that make ridiculous claims without any proof or real testimonials. Earning decent money online like any other income opportunity requires patience and hard work.

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Global Affiliate Zone – Scam or Genuine System?

I was looking at the Global Affiliate Zone (known also as GAZ) and I was wondering is this a platform that is going to help me to increase my income online or it is just another scam? After checking this site thoroughly, I’ve decided to share my full review.

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Overview of the Global Affiliate Zone

GAZ is an online dedicated training program, that can help you learn how you can generate an online income. It comes with a list of great features, like training courses and webinars, that focus on giving you the best online marketing ‘tools’ to boost the performance of your company and has the most successful results.

When you subscribe to this online training platform, you get the chance to learn the most effective ways, in order to be able to start making online good profits as soon as possible.

For example, through this program, you can be taught various internet marketing strategies that can help you increase the traffic on your website. You can actually do this by running ads to several social platforms, like Facebook or Twitter. The program is designed in every detail, so you can easily learn all the strategies and how you can implement it as soon as possible.

What I think of Global Affiliate Zone

Even though many people have a negative reaction to these kind of online programs, my first reaction was a positive one; I recognized from the beginning some of the guys that were involved with the program. So, I already knew that these people had already made some incredible results online, but I had to get a better look at GAZ myself. It’s certainly similar to another program that I am a part of called AWOL Academy.

So, I checked it in every detail, in order to understand the program better and what it had to offer me. One of the first things I concluded is that the program was designed in the most detailed way and I could really learn how I could start my own business online and what I had to do in order to be profitable.

Making money online can be easy, but you need to know the right way to do it. If you have all the appropriate information, as well as all the right ‘tools’, you can definitely start generating a good online income.

More specifically, this program gives you all the rights ‘tools’ you need; you don’t have to try to figure out how to do it yourself. The only thing you have to do is to join the program and you will be able to set and run your business in the most successful way.

Amazing ‘tools’ you can get by joining a free training webinar:
– Tutorial videos

– How to run successful Fb ads

– Live training

– How to boost your business

– A special sales team to help you all the way

– Personal coaching

Is it a Scam?

After checking this site thoroughly, I don’t believe it’s a scam. After all, I know how to review a site and how to understand if an online platform is a scam or not. The Global Affiliate Zone is definitely not a scam. Instead it’s a genuine program, that offers great online solutions to its members.

Keep in mind, though, that it’s not a magic site, where by pressing just a button you can generate amazing amounts of money and be successful in just one second. It’s a well structured online platform, that offers you reasonable results. So, if you are looking to find ways to gain online traffic for your business and to acquire more customers, you definitely found the best program.

Just follow the live training course and you’ll soon going to have a successful and profitable business, or alternatively check out my recommendation…

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Big Profit System – Scam Rumours True?

You may be wondering what the Big Profit System is so here’s my review sharing all the details. It is a brand new company that has only been made available to people in the last couple of months. In this review, we will tell you more about this company. You can then decide for yourself whether the company is worth doing business with or not.

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A Summary Of The Big Profit System

During the working week, I received an email from an advertiser. This advertiser was advertising the Big Profit System to those who received their email. This advertiser is very well known. They are known for advertising a wide range of different programs. Since I had not heard of The Big Profit System before, I made a conscious decision to find out more about it.

The more I found out this, I soon realized that it was a very high ticket program designed for making money on the internet. I have come across many similar programs to the Big Profit System throughout my lifetime. I have also participated in many of them too.
45 Minute Paydays and Online Profits Breakthrough are just two examples of high ticket programs out there. They have both become incredibly popular. These two particular programs require users to purchase their products. Most of their products are quite expensive. Perhaps too expensive to be able to sell them yourself. Such programs have been given negative feedback because it was discovered they were in fact, pyramid schemes. I can totally understand why users would come to this conclusion about them. In fact, there are a few of these programs that have been shut down for good.
So what is the difference between these programs and The Big Profit System? The products are what makes all the difference between these programs. You may be wondering whether the products are even real or not.

Or whether users are just purchasing them to sell them themselves in order to get more money. If users are only purchasing them to sell them themselves, then be aware that this is where the problem lies. This of course, is just my own personal view after some time within this industry.

What Comes With The Big Profit System?

Before you get anything from this company, you will be required to sign up with them. Know that when you sign up with them, you will be signing up to join a business opportunity. This means that you will be re-selling their system and earning money through them. There will be products within the opportunity. Such products will teach you about advertising in general. In truth, The Big Profit System is simply an MLM style business.

When you sign up with them, you will learn how you can earn money as an affiliate. But only if you advertise their business for them.

I have no problems with this way of doing things. I have done it many times in the past and have been very successful with it. However, I am well aware of people who complain because they would prefer to see real products and services from the business.

The Big Profit System is simply an advertising system that will teach you about generating traffic.

The Big Profit System – Their Compensation Plan

How then, does one earn money through this company? As I was researching this company, I came across their compensation plan. It was as I thought. It simply is there to attract more people and to lure them into purchasing their products. The amount of money you get through them will be dependent on the type of products you have purchased.

For example: The program offers a variety of different memberships levels. These will range anywhere from five hundred dollars through to ten thousand dollars. If you are in the five hundred dollar membership, then you will not be able to get money through the ten thousand dollar sales.

However, if you manage to get another person to join the company, and who purchases the ten thousand dollar membership level, then what you earn will be given the sponsor you have chosen.
This is how many of these companies work. In all honesty, you must be qualified in order to get to the high levels if you wish to earn more money. After all, most of the money you have earned will have come from the more expensive products you have purchased.
Some time ago, I decided to join a company but I was not at the levels that required qualifications. I had to give any sales I had made to my sponsors. This was not fun at all. It is not something I want to do ever again. My advise is that, if you cannot afford to do this, then it is not worth it. You will have a hard time earning money from them.

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Tai Lopez – Why He’s NOT A Scam!

You must have come across Tai Lopez on his very famous ad on YouTube “Here is My Garage” or even on one of the many other ads that he posted on Facebook, and are now wondering whether the rumours of him being a scammer are true.

Well, I personally do not believe that to be true, and today, I am going to explain to you why.

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Tai Lopez- Revealed

Tai with his Ferrari, Aventador & Rolls!

Before I provide my opinion on Tai Lopez, if you want to know more about his program on Social Media Marketing, you can read my review of it here.

So, what is the deal with Tai Lopez and his ads and videos? People may have the idea that just because he tries to sell courses which teach you to get success in business and life, he is trying to scam you! However, if you watch his videos on YouTube, you will find that almost all his videos offer so much for FREE! Sometimes, he does promote his webinars, but on most occasions, it is pure content that he is sharing with you. He shares his experiences and thoughts with you through his videos, and once in a while, pitches a webinar that he may be conducting in the near future. How is that a scam?

Moreover, you can see from his videos that he has connection with a list of celebrities that also includes billionaire Mark Cuban. Now, such big people would not really associate themselves with a scammer, would they?

There have also been rumours that the house featured in Tai’s videos is a rented property in Beverly Hill. Who cares? Does it really matter if that house is his or a rented property? Besides, a property like that would easily have a rental tag of $50K per month, if not more! So, even if he is renting it, he has got some serious cash to simply rent a property like that to make videos. But even then, how it makes him a scammer is beyond me as plenty of people rent properties. Even one of my favourite business people Grant Cardone who has over $500 million in Real Estate recommends renting as he rents where he lives and buys for investing!

Unraveling Tai’s Business model

So, let’s try to understand Tai’s business model. There are people who believe that Tai never describes his current business as much he does other offline businesses. Well, the video you watch of him is his business. Tai has become a brand in the entrepreneurship world where he offers several coaching programs that will help you achieve success in a number of areas in life. Be it business or social media and even a healthy lifestyle, Tai has a way!

He also has affiliations with a number of popular people and organizations whom he promotes from time to time. However, he mostly does the promotion of his own products and services through his webinars.

My opinion on Tai Lopez

In my opinion, Tai Lopez is a great and he is clearly an expert in the art of internet and social media marketing more than he is some kind of business guru! Whether you like his ideas and products or not, you have got to give it up for this guy for he sure knows how to market his products. He has become a huge success story on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram among others through his extensive marketing capabilities.

It is certainly not easy to do what he has done with his channels on these platforms, especially considering the fact that he is in the industry of development of business, lifestyle or personality.

Conclusion- Tai Lopez is NOT a scammer

If there is anyone who thinks that Tai is a scammer, then he or she clearly has no understanding of how his business model works, and probably have not opted for any of the courses that he offers. He has followers in millions, and it even includes a number of celebrities, and you cannot to do that by scamming your way through. He is one of those unfortunate ones to be considered a scammer simply because he works in an industry full of them. However, it would only take a person to go through his free videos on YouTube to understand that he offers plenty of value simply for free!

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45 Minute Paydays Review – BS Scam?

45 Minute Paydays is the system in question and who wouldn’t want to make some serious income and only have to spend 45 minutes a day to do so?

This is exactly what this site claims is possible if you follow their methods
Are you skeptical? You should be and I’m about to expose the real truth about this system.

First things first…

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Fortunately, I’ve taken the time to delve into the ins and outs of 45 Minute Paydays. Here’s what I’ve been able to find out. Read through this review, and then decide whether 45 Minute Paydays is worth your time (or not).

What Is 45 Minute Paydays?

In a nutshell, 45 Minute Paydays is a website that promotes MOBE (My Online Business Empire). Granted, there are a lot of sites out there that promote MOBE, but whereas a lot of them are scams (the scam site “Online Profits Breakthrough” being one notable example), 45 Minute Payday doesn’t have any hidden ‘bait and switch’ tactics.

So What’s MOBE Exactly?

MOBE is a direct selling site created by an Australian entrepreneur named Matt Lloyd. Lloyd started the site around 4 years ago in his parent’s basement, and in just a little over 4 years time he was able to grow it into one of the biggest and most successful sites of its kind.

People make money online with MOBE by first buying their products (training materials on digital marketing) and then reselling them for commissions (up to 50 percent in some cases). It is true that some people are making loads of cash online with MOBE (tens of thousands of dollars in some cases), but in order for this to be the case one also has to invest quite a bit of time. 45 Minute Paydays -by virtue of the website’s very name- would have you believe that with the right insight and methodology you can make MOBE make money for you in less time than it takes to watch an episode of “The Walking Dead”.

So Is 45 Minute Paydays A Scam Or Not?

To be fair, this site is a lot better than a lot of the other sites that promote MOBE. Frankly, a lot of the MOBE money making sites are flat out dishonest, with completely unrealistic claims as to potential earnings and completely bogus user “testimonials”.
45 Minute Paydays does offer valuable insight into MOBE. Nonetheless, don’t expect to be raking in the big bucks if you’re only willing or able to spend 45 minutes a day. Thus, although this site is not an outright scam, there is a catch at the end of the day.

How Does It Work?

For starters, 45 Minute Paydays requires that you sign up for MOBE and do the 21 step training program that all MOBE members have to complete. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; although you may not end up making a ton of money selling MOBE’s digital marketing training package, in the process of doing this course you’ll end up learning quite a bit about affiliate online marketing—maybe even enough to strike out on your own and have some success.
For instance, MOBE is all about selling “high ticket items” over “low ticket” alternatives, and this is sound advice. So take the MOBE training course, but do be aware that if you want to make money with MOBE then you”re likely going to have to invest thousands of dollars up front (yet another catch).

The Last Word

So here’s my verdict: although 45 minute Paydays is not a scam, it’s still not going to deliver you with the claimed results! You may learn a thing or two about digital marketing in the process of using it, but it is NOT a surefire money maker in and of itself when all is said and done.
Frankly, there are a lot more methods out there that can lead to huge payoffs, and you don’t need to invest the large sums up front that MOBE requires.

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Easy Marketers Club Scam – Avoid BS System!

Recently, I came across this new program, the Easy Marketers Club, which made claims that it would help you generate an income of over $600 a day.

Such claims do make you stop to think, can they be legitimate? So, I have gone through the system, and here is my honest opinion of what I feel this system is.

Before I start…

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Easy Marketers Club – What is it about?

So, when I landed on their website and watched their video, the message “SCAM!” clearly leapt out of the screen. The website as well as their video has all the ingredients of those Get-Rich-Quick schemes that promise much, but offer very little to its customers. The very first thing that strikes out is their claim that you can start making $600+ a day starting immediately. Well, even for a seasoned and experienced campaigner will take years to start making that kind of money on a regular basis. Even if you are one of those people who are smarter than the others and can achieve a lot in a short span of time, well, “Right away” is a little too short span of time!

I have found this system quite similar to the recently launched scam programs like Online Profits Breakthrough. Programs like these offer people hopes of earning a quick buck when in reality, you are far from making that kind of money as it takes a real system plus genuine hard work.

One of the major identifying aspects of the Easy Marketers Club is that they use fake endorsements and testimonials to promote their scams. These endorsements appear fairly genuine to the naked eye, but with a basic level enquiry, you will find that these are nothing but fake. The Easy Marketers Club makes claims that they have featured on a list of reputed magazines and tabloids that include Forbes, Time, and The Washington Post to name a few. Sounds too good to be true for a company that has only recently been launched! People fall for this scam easily after looking at those big names.

Using the names of such big brands is not an entirely wrong thing to do, but only if the company has actually featured on the pages of such esteemed magazines and tabloids. Simply using their names and logos to promote a fraudulent program is just another illegal practice that you must steer clear from.

So, how does Easy Marketers Club scam really work?

So basically, this program is promoted by affiliate marketers, who do it simply to earn commissions. The promotions are mostly done through emails. So when you see the ad in an email, you click on the ad that takes you to the landing page of the website. On the website, you will find all the preposterous claims about you making large sums of money daily, and then there will be a column where you can sign up. You will need to pay $97 upfront at the time of registering, after which, you will be taken through a number of up-sells that will promise you more ways to make money and get you to pay more. There are many companies that indulge in up-selling. However, the only difference is that the up-sells you pay for here will not bring you any value.

So, by the time you are through with the registration, you will have already paid a few hundreds of dollars in hopes to start making $600+ every day. That’s when the reality hits you! There is no way this program can help you make even a small fraction of that money. All you are left with is a lot of disappointment and anger along with a bunch of programs that is of no use to you in any way.

So, my opinion would be to steer clear from the Easy Marketers Club scam as this is just another of those earn-the-quick-buck frauds that is out there simply to steal your money.

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Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Review

Welcome to my review of Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program which is one of Tai Lopez’s new programs for making money while you travel.

I’m going to share the details about Tai’s program so you know exactly what it’s all about, but first things first check out my recommendation…

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Who Is Tai Lopez?

So rather than jump straight into the review of Tai’s program let’s talk a little about Tai Lopez so you know whether he’s legit. He is someone that certainly has a lot of haters but that’s natural. It’s estimated Tai Lopez has reached around 30% of people online. That is a pretty crazy number and let’s face it there are a lot of idiots in the world so it’s no surprise he has haters.

The bottom line is nobody who “is anybody” is actually hating on Tai. The guy’s been featured by big companies like Entrepreneur and Forbes. He’s even hung out with celebrities and billionaires like Mark Cuban.

Tai’s an expert in my opinion. And I think his lifestyle, income and the sheer amount of people he’s reached on social media proves that. His Traveling CEO Program teaches you how to make money from things like social media and really who better to learn from that him? He’s reached millions of people and makes a fortune from it. It’s estimated he makes the most money from social media after the Kardashians. That is just nuts!

Here’s some of the stats he’s achieved:

  • 635M minutes watched on his YouTube videos
  • $21.7M in social media marketing testing
  • One of the top 15 TedX talks of all time
  • His YouTube videos are used by college professors to teach marketing

Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program – Overview

So what do you actually get when you decide to join the Traveling CEO program? I’ve been checking out the details on the program and it’s broken down into 4 core months.

Month 1 – The Battle Plan

You’ll learn the basics of making money while traveling. The first month is about adopting the mindset of a Traveling CEO. It’s a month long because it’ll take some time for your mind to reset from all the misguided things you learned about money in school.

Month 2 – Travel Secrets

The next month is about sharing the things you wished you knew sooner about travel. You’ll discover tips for how to travel like a pro instead of an amateur who wastes time while on vacation.

Month 3 – How To Become A Traveling CEO

Once you have adopted the mindset and know the traveling secrets you’ll discover how to apply the Traveling CEO lifestyle to any business. Tai will show you things like how to manage people, how to network, and how to do all the things most CEO’s do – while you travel the world.

Month 4 – How To Subcontract The Hard Work

The 4-month program wraps up with scaling your Traveling CEO business by getting other people to do the work for you. You’ll learn how to get contracts from business owners, while you’re traveling, and outsource the work to freelancers or subcontractors. The beauty of doing this is you can literally get paid to network.

Traveling CEO Program – Thoughts…

As you can see the program is pretty detailed and it’s broken down into 4 core months. Theres tons of support and you even get bonuses for joining too. You get a 4-month guarantee, access to a private community, 1 year unrestricted access to the program (in case you need more than 4 months) and a personal concierge group. It’s a pretty cool program that’s for sure.

Is The Traveling CEO A Scam?

Definitely not. I have reviewed many systems over the past few months like Copy My Websites and I can easily spot scams. The Traveling CEO is certainly not a scam.

Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

I honestly think Tai’s programs are awesome so if you want to buy it go ahead. Alternatively  check out my recommendation for making money below.

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Duplicate Dave Review – A MLM Scam?

Is Duplicate Dave a legit program or is it another MLM scam? I’ve been checking it out to learn more about it and now I’m sharing my review below to give you all the details.

Before I start…

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Duplicate Dave – By Dave Sharpe

Dave Sharpe is the man behind Duplicate Dave but who the heck is this guy and can you really trust him? In my opinion yes you can trust him and the reason I say that is because this guy has a good track record.

He was behind a company called Empower Network which grew into a huge MLM company a few years ago but unfortunately Dave had to leave the company due to health reasons.

Empower is pretty much dead now and I believe a large part of that is because Dave Sharpe was no longer involved in the company. It was ran by “the 2 Daves” and in my opinion Dave Sharpe was the best (no offence to the other Dave) and it was a real shame when he left.

So anyway getting back to Duplicate Dave. Over the past couple of years after getting over his health issues Dave has built up a brand called legendary marketer offering consulting and coaching. He’s helped many people to start successful businesses and helped them grow existing businesses. The guy knows what he’s doing and now he’s decided to help others on a bigger scale with his Duplicate Dave program.

Duplicate Dave – What Is It?

Have a guess at what Duplicate Dave is yet? Let me tell you. It’s literally a duplicate of Dave’s business. He’s taken his entire business involving his best products, sales funnels and his sales team (who close sales for him) and he’s allowing other people to use it to make money.

Duplicate Dave allows you to take a shortcut to making money so instead of figuring it all out on your own you simply make money using Dave’s already proven systems that have brought in millions in the past few years.

Dave has done it all and Duplicate Dave is your chance to shortcut your success and start making money much quicker.

Duplicate Dave Scam Rumours?

There’s a few blogs out there claiming that Duplicate Dave is a scam but I want you to forget about these joke blogs because they are not legitimate. Anyone telling you that Duplicate Dave is a scam is clearly trying to sell you something else using a bait and switch tactic.

I’ve reviewed many systems recently and Duplicate Dave is not a scam. An example of an obvious scam is Home Earning System.

Duplicate Dave Conclusion

This system known as Duplicate Dave is definitely not a scam. That being said I won’t be recommending it because I’m not personally involved with it. Dave’s a good guy though so I’m confident that its not a scam.

Before you leave…

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