Aspire Today – Scam Exposed? [Real Review]

Is Aspire Today just another scam?

Or can this system really help you to make money as it claims?

I’ve been taking a closer look at Aspire Today to learn more about it and now I’m sharing my honest and real review.

Before I start…

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What is Aspire Today all about?

When I heard about Aspire Today I quickly new what this program was about and that’s because I’ve actually been a part of this program before. This new website Aspire Today is simply the name of a website that promotes a company called Digital Altitude.

The company Digital Altitude is a business opportunity launched in early 2016 by Michael Force. In the past 18 months they have attracted some of the top affiliates in the internet marketing space and have generated millions in revenue with many affiliates going on to make multiple 5,6 and even 7 figures for the top ones!

Digital Altitude has been promoted via a few different websites already and Aspire Today is simply the latest “official” website to promote it. In the past few months I’ve seen a number of different websites from third parties that promote the opportunity like the Daily Income Method.

There are a number of similar opportunities to Aspire Today that I have reviewed recently like Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle and Lifestyle Now. These are similar business opportunity programs that claim they can help you make money however when you join although you certainly CAN make money, you will be required to buy a lot of products simply so you can resell them.

This kind of business is known as a “pay to play” program. In other words if you don’t actually buy the products that the company sells yourself you can’t earn commissions on them. This means that if you want to make the most money you actually need to buy and own the products.

The problem with this in my experience is that you create a company full of people who own the products simply so they can resell them, not because they actually WANT those products (like in the “real” world).

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My Real Review of Aspire Today

I am no longer an active affiliate of Aspire Today (Digital Altitude) however I did promote the business opportunity as an affiliate back in 2016 for around 7-8 months during which time I made over $50,000.

I was invited to become an affiliate by a marketing budding of mine and since a previous company I was involved with had turned to crap thanks to some poor ownership/management decisions I figured I had nothing to lose by joining up and becoming an affiliate of Digital Altitude / Aspire Today.

The company in my experience is your typical “business opportunity” program similar to others I have reviewed (as stated above). You sign up, buy the products and then you can resell them. People who you refer are joining because they want to make money. The products they buy which are digital training products and also events (the high ticket products) will teach them how to make money with digital marketing, and they will have the opportunity to become affiliates of the company and make money reselling the products.

Here are the positives and negatives of the company based on my experience.


The Positives

You can make a lot of money as an affiliate of digital altitude / aspire today which is obviously a huge positive. This is due to the fact that this is a high ticket opportunity (which means it’s expensive). So when you refer people who buy the products you will earn large commissions.

Another plus point is that Aspire Today (Digital Altitude) employs a number of coaches who’s job it is to coach your new members (referrals) and also encourage them to work through the steps and buy the products.

This helps your conversions because the coaches actually call up all your new members and they push you through the training. This hands on approach helps your members and makes them more likely to buy.

It’s also important to note that when you join, you will be assigned a coach too who will help you get started AND help to sell you into the higher priced products. The coaches are helpful but they are also sales people.

The Negatives

There are a few negatives in my experience. Aspire Today (Digital Altitude) is a new company being only around 18 months old and has experienced some growing pains. The good news is they seem to have passed through these.

Another negative is that this is a high ticket (pay to play) opportunity which means that one it’s expensive to get started. It will actually cost you 5-figures to own all of the products and if you are not prepared to do this or simply can’t afford to then you will not be able to make very much money.

With a program like this, the majority of your commissions come from the higher priced products. So if you only buy the low priced products meaning you are only able to earn commissions on these then you won’t make a lot of money because if any higher priced products are sold you will lose those commissions to your sponsor who referred you (or the next person who qualifies above you).

Another negative is that you can get started for just $1 which kind of lures you into thinking that this is a cheap opportunity when it’s definitely not cheap. I am certainly not someone who actually believes a business opportunity should be cheap, because honestly nobody is getting rich for $1 but this could potentially be a negative as some may think it’s misleading (I personally don’t but that’s my opinion).

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Is Aspire Today A Scam?

There are a lot of reviews websites that will call Aspire Today a scam. Some believe it’s a scam because of the fact that it’s a high ticket program. Others simply state it’s a scam because they want to sell you something else. Even my no.1 recommendation AWOL Academy has been labelled a scam by some bloggers (who simply want to promote their own program) despite me rating it my no.1 recommendation out of the 100’s I have reviewed. That tells you the honesty of some of these so called “honest reviews”.

In my experience I don’t believe that Aspire Today (Digital Altitude) is a scam however I think it’s important that you know what you are getting into before you actually jump into it, and with this program you need to be aware that you will need to spend a lot of money if you want to actually make money here.

Do I recommend Aspire Today?

Unfortunately I won’t be recommending Aspire Today.

As I mentioned I used to be an affiliate of this company however I’ve decided to move away from these kind of business opportunities because I feel that there are better solutions for making money, especially for newbies.

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