$500 Cash Club Scam – Must Avoid!

$500 Cash Club is a scam that I keep hearing about. It seems that it just won’t go away so today I’ve decided to share this review and give you all the details so you know exactly why you need to avoid it.

Before I start…

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$500 Cash Club – What Is It?

So what on earth is the $500 Cash Club, and can you really trust this scam? The answer is a big fat no and if you continue to go ahead and sign up you will definitely be at risk of losing a lot of money. Plus you won’t see any success because the guys behind this system just want to steal your money.

These guys do not care at all about your success. I have exposed similar systems like Complete Profit Code. There is nothing good to come from signing up so I hope you read this full review and get all the details.

After actually doing my research into the $500 Cash Code it became very clear that I had dealt with this before. This is actually a website that promotes the Mobe business opportunity. Everything I review lately seems to come back to this business.

But what is Mobe all about? Mobe is a company that teaches digital marketing but it’s basically a business opportunity and it’s high ticket too (that means it’s expensive). Mobe itself is not a scam, because they do actually offer real products and training plus they have many success stories.

However the problem I have is that Mobe continues to be promoted via their affiliates through extremely scammy websites like $500 Cash Club. These websites make stupid claims like how you can make $500 just for watching the video and they guarantee that. Well actually they don’t guarantee that, because in order to get that “$500 guaranteed money” you need to sign up to Mobe, spend 10’s of $1,000’s and complete 21 steps.

If you do all of that and don’t make money they will give you $500 back. How generous of them right? Not exactly because by this point you will have already spent over $10k, so $500 isn’t going to help you very much.

It’s just a really unethical way of marketing the system. To be honest Mobe make this pretty clear in their own sales presentations however the unethical affiliates behind sales presentations like $500 Cash Club twist it in order to make it seem like you are literally going to get $500 for watching the video.

What Is Mobe All About?

This is not going to be a review of Mobe since I have already done that in other posts. I want to discuss more about $500 Cash Club since this is the website that is at the front of all this here and the one you came to learn about. I will give a brief overview though so you can understand more about Mobe and Matt Lloyd the creator.

The company teaches digital marketing and do this via events. That means that when you sign up you will be offered a number of products which are actually events you will have to go to in person where you will learn. It’s a concept that a few of these kind of companies have done.

To be honest, the problem is that it’s a business opportunity and the products seem to only exist to make the business “legit”. Are these products really something that people want to buy who are not interested in the business opportunity side of things? I doubt it to be honest.

If you decide to sign up, you will be pushed into buying all the products because you can only earn the high commissions of around 50% if you actually own the products. If you don’t own them you won’t make money, so it’s what is known in the industry as a “pay to play” business opportunity.

Are there people making lots of money? Sure there are, however these people are going to make money in whatever company they join. They are the pros when it comes to affiliate marketing. How many newbies actually make money is another thing altogether, I am sure there are some success stories though, ultimately it all depends on how much action you take.

Mobe- Just Another Scam?

I don’t believe Mobe is a complete scam, however I do believe that many of the websites pushing Mobe are scam websites. For instance the $500 Cash Club which flat out lies to you in order to get you to sign up to Mobe.

How about a legitimate and honest sales presentation or even a webinar? That is one of the reason I stopped promoting these kind of companies because there are so many lies and hyped up claims it’s pathetic.

$500 Cash Club – Honest Conclusion

I’m not recommending it. It lies to you in order to get you to join Mobe. If you want to learn more about Mobe then do your research, and then decide for yourself whether it’s a company you want to join.

But don’t let the $500 Cash Club website fool you into joining. It will only end with disappointment. Alternatively if you are sick of scams and you want to see my no.1 recommendation for making money…

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